Employers Are Playing an Important Role in Flu, COVID Vaccinations
Oct 14, 2021

Covid vaccine safetyEmployers can play an important role in protecting their employees and communities from flu and COVID-19 this winter. In fact, more businesses are working to help their employees learn about vaccines and receive vaccines. Our friends at the Health Action Alliance have spearheaded much of this work, beginning with COVID-19 vaccines.

Now we’re approaching flu season while still battling COVID. The CDC is concerned this may be a severe flu season. Why? As people unmask and begin to gather again, the chance of spreading diseases like COVID and flu increase. We can all do our part to help stop the spread of flu – and businesses are no exception.

Check out Health Action Alliance’s recommendations for how employers can help protect their employees and communities this fall and winter. Share their article with your own employer to spark a discussion about vaccinations. Own your own business? Then consider which recommendations might make sense for your employees. Together, we can save lives.

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