The Vaccine Mom Busts Flu Myths
Nov 20, 2019

Vaccinate Your Family is thrilled to welcome Taryn Chapman, the creator of The Vaccine Mom, who will be offering up regular video blogs for Shot of Prevention on a variety of  topics. Taryn is a molecular biologist and medical writer who is on a mission to bring science to the public in relevant and meaningful ways. Read more about Taryn in our About Us section.

I hope you will enjoy this video discussing the importance of timely flu vaccinations for your family! My goal is to help vaccine-hesitant parents make the informed decision to vaccinate. By connecting as a mother and creating meaningful conversations, parents tend to be more open to accepting that vaccines are safe and effective. I’m hopeful that my videos will help more parents choose to vaccinate their families.

Check out my favorite resources on influenza:

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2 responses to “Moms Need Protecting Too”

  1. Katie says:

    What’s the point of this? There is no thimerosal in any routine childhood vaccine. About 20% of the injectable flu vaccine last season had thimerosal, but that is rarely used for kids.

    • VaccinateYourFamily says:

      Correct. Thimerosal was removed from nearly all childhood vaccines (except some flu formulations) roughly 20 years ago. Regardless, because some anti-vaccine activists and websites make claims regarding thimerosal in their messages, some families still have concerns about its use in vaccines. SciMoms wrote this post to address some of the more common questions regarding vaccines and what research says about their safety.

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