Summer is Here and We’re Singing…About Vaccines!
Jul 17, 2019

Now that summer has arrived, we are enjoying the warm weather, ice cream and outdoor activities with our families. It makes us feel like singing! And here at Vaccinate Your Family, the tunes on our tongues are about — vaccines (what else could it be?).

In a previous blog post, we shared the importance of following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) recommended childhood immunization schedule (also supported by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Family Physicians) to best protect your children from 16 preventable diseases. With all of these vaccines, we know that kids (and parents!) can get nervous about the idea of receiving a shot, and sometimes don’t understand why they even need a vaccination in the first place.

To help explain, former Surgeon General Vivek Murthy teamed up with Elmo in this video below to talk about vaccinations. Elmo’s a little nervous about getting a shot, but Dr. Murthy explains how vaccines work, and why they’re so important for kids’ health. To shake off any nerves, Elmo sings Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” and just like that, the vaccine shot is complete!

To help both you and your kids shake off nerves before back-to-school vaccinations and fall flu shots, here are a few music videos – in addition to the video above with Elmo – that you can watch together. (Please watch the videos first to make sure you feel comfortable sharing them with your children.) They are a lighthearted way of talking about the importance of vaccines for people of all ages.

“My Shot (Vaccine Version)” by Science Rap Academy — particularly good for fans of the musical “Hamilton”.

“Vaccine Road” by Lil Nas Vax (Austin Jordan) — a fun one for country music fans.
“Immunize (Vaccine Anthem)” by ZdoggMD and Dr. Harry — a parody of the Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars song “Billionaire”. (Best for older kids and adults)

“Comeback” by Adrian Darakai — an old-fashioned musical number with all the eradicated diseases singing about their return if we don’t get vaccinated.
And coming soon (lyrics available now)…”Baby Got Vax” by Sir Mix-A-Lot — A musical PSA by Public Health – Seattle & King County. (Best for older kids and adults)

Now that you have got these videos and songs in your head, please schedule your family’s vaccination appointments, and share these videos with family and friends.

For more information and answers to questions you have about vaccines, please visit our Vaccinate Your Family website.

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One response to “Start the conversation about vaccines with your child TODAY.”

  1. I remember when my Mum started the vaccine conversation with me.

    I was 12 years old and I had some booster shots for many childhood illnesses.

    The year before I had had some chicken pox.

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