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Dec 23, 2018

Hi everyone. Thanks for visiting Vaccinate Your Family’s Shot of Prevention blog. Our mission is to foster an open dialogue on the importance of vaccinations and prevention for the health and wellness of you and your loved ones. I’m encouraged by the increasing emphasis on prevention in our health system, but am continually amazed by the media frenzy and confusion surrounding immunizations.  My decade-plus career as the Executive Director of Every Child By Two (now Vaccinate Your Family) and the experiences I’ve had as a mother of two young boys and foster parent to my teenage niece have led me to see how many questions there are about vaccines in the public domain, and how important it is that we address them candidly and accurately.

When I had my first child in the year 2000, the importance of understanding vaccine safety became of paramount and personal importance to me.  In my role as Executive Director of Every Child By Two, I was fortunate to have the most recent studies and leading medical opinions on vaccine safety at my fingertips.  My atypical access provided the security I needed to comfortably and proudly vaccinate my children.

The lifesaving value of vaccines had always been more of a concept to me until my husband and I witnessed the suffering of our 15-month old son who was hospitalized for influenza before the vaccine was available for young children. Since that time I have met too many families who have lost their children or have children with permanent disabilities because of vaccine-preventable diseases.  I hope that in light of recent outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases, we can bring parents, members of the public and medical experts together to address this issue.

It is my goal to provide these valuable resources on Shot of Prevention so everyone has the same opportunity to make well-informed decisions on such a critical issue.  As lead editor of this blog, I encourage everyone to comment and look forward to actively reading and engaging with you!

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