Andrew Wakefield Has Never Been, and Never Will Be, Exonerated
Aug 05, 2016

journalsEvery Child By Two is pleased to launch another article in their series featuring guest writer Joel A. Harrison, PhD, MPH, a retired epidemiologist who has worked in the areas of preventive medicine, infectious diseases, medical outcomes research,
and evidence-based clinical practice guidelines. Dr. Harrison volunteers his time to provide in-depth and expert analysis of articles which ultimately make false claims about the safety of vaccines.  

Today we will feature Dr. Harrison’s latest paper Andrew Wakefield Has Never Been Exonerated: Justice Mitting’s Decision in the John Walker-Smith Case 

The executive summary is posted here on Shot of Prevention with links to the full article on the Every Child By Two website.

Andrew Wakefield is a prominent figure among those who fear that vaccines cause more harm than good. When the UK’s General Medical Council (GMC) revoked his medical license, as well as the license of Professor John Walker-Smith, a co-author on Wakefield’s 1998 paper, his supporters saw the decision as a political move to silence his criticism of vaccine safety and his claims that vaccines, the MMR in particular, played a causal role in the rise of autism and other childhood disabilities. Both Wakefield and Walker-Smith appealed the GMC decision; but Wakefield discontinued his appeal.

On March 7, 2012, Mr. Justice Mitting of the UK’s High Court of Justice published the Court’s decision in the Professor John Walker-Smith case, overturning the GMC decision. It did not take long for anti-vaccination websites to post articles referring to the Court’s decision, emphasizing that Walker-Smith and, by implication, Wakefield, had been exonerated.

This paper will show that Justice Mitting’s decision in no way exonerated Wakefield,

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that even with regard to John Walker-Smith, the decision was based on a procedural error, not factual innocence. In addition, despite what antivaccinationists have written, Justice Mitting’s decision also made clear that he considered the research showing no relationship between the MMR vaccine and autism to be established science.

In conclusion, it is clear that Andrew Wakefield has not, and given the overwhelming evidence, will NEVER BE EXONERATED…..Read this  absolutely fascinating article in full by clicking here.


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4 responses to “Andrew Wakefield Has Never Been, and Never Will Be, Exonerated”

  1. reissd says:

    It’s amazing that after all he has done, Wakefield supporters are still so anxious to believe in him they latch onto anything, however weak, to justify him.

    Thank you to Dr. Harrison for doing this careful work to debunk this claim.

  2. Thank you. Wakefield started the false vaccine autism link and it astounds me that people hold on to his scams. Wakefield is the cause of autistic hate. Of course celebrities starting with Jenny McCarthy made him into something he’s never been.
    The only thing Wakefield cares about is money and fame. I’m disgusted with the ableist attitude he continues to to spread.

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  4. […] Andrew Wakefield Has Never Been, and Never Will Be, Exonerated […]

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