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Here Are the Facts From Maki Naro on The Nib: Vaccines Work

What I appreciate most about vaccine supporters is that they love to share good content.  Before being tagged in a certain tweet last week, I was unfamiliar with The Nib which shares political cartoons and journalistic comics that are both humorous and non-fiction.  But now, thanks to Kristen Stuppy, MD, a mother and pediatrician from Overland Park, KS, I’ve been exposed to an entirely new medium and discovered that critical immunization messages are being shared in exciting and powerful ways.

According to Dr. Stuppy’s Twitter account @pediatricsk, she “wants to share reliable information about the health and welfare of kids and their families”.  And that is exactly what she has done!

But her efforts to educate others regarding immunizations on Twitter is clearly just an extension of the good work she is doing as a pediatrician.  You see, a patient’s father shared this link with her, which she, in turn, shared with me.  That tells me that she must have a very good relationship with her patients’ parents, and that her position on credible immunization information is very clear to them.

I’m always so grateful when people share good immunization content with me.  And it brings me great pleasure to be able to share that content here on Shot of Prevention.  In order to combat the endless stream of vaccine misinformation that is found on the internet today, we will need the ongoing support from doctors like Kristen Stuppy, MD, parents like the anonymous father who shared this cartoon with his child’s pediatrician, and of course, talented people like Maki Naro (@sciencecomic), the cartoonist and Popular Science blogger who created this powerful content.

I hope that you will enjoy the facts as laid out by Maki Naro who declares “Vaccines Work” by highlighting “the risks, the misinformation and the science behind history’s greatest life saver” – VACCINES!

Simply click the image below!

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