Immunization Awareness Begins With Disease Awareness
Jul 30, 2014

Vaccine-Preventable Diseases eBook


It’s common for people to question whether all the vaccines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are really necessary. Thanks to the success of our nation’s childhood immunization program, American children are offered protection from as many as 16 different diseases.

But are these diseases really that dangerous? If we rarely see these diseases in our communities, do we really need to be that concerned about them? And why do we still vaccinate for diseases we rarely see?  

Unfortunately, it’s this line of questioning that providers often come up against when discussing vaccines in the examining room.   If a parent fails to recognize the risks associated with these diseases, they may be more likely to forego life-saving vaccines. Health care professionals want parents to understand that these diseases are dangerous, sometimes deadly, and most definitely still exist. This is why Every Child By Two developed a new resource to help educate people about the dangers of diseases that can be prevented with vaccines.

In response to requests from healthcare providers and public health partners all across the country, Every Child By Two created a new online and interactive Vaccine-Preventable Diseases eBook. This easily accessible tool includes powerful statistics and impactful infographics that highlight the 16 different diseases we immunize against and the vaccines that are used to prevent them. The eBook may be downloaded, printed and distributed – either as a whole or as individual disease pages – so that it can be easily shared among the public via social media.

In support of National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM) which begins August 1st, Every Child By Two is encouraging everyone to help disseminate this new resource. Each week we will feature different disease infographics on the Vaccinate Your Baby Facebook page. We encourage you to “like” the page and share the images via your own Facebook status updates, Tweets, Instagram posts or blog posts.

As our nation continues to experience outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases such as measles and pertussis, we hope you will do your part to help Every Child By Two educate others on the dangers of these diseases and the importance of on-time immunization.

If you are part of an organization that would like to co-brand the Vaccine-Preventable Diseases eBook for local dissemination, please contact Every Child By Two for details on how they would be willing to collaborate at

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