Nurses Help Bring Immunity to Our Communities
May 08, 2014

It’s National Nurses Week and the theme for this year is

“Nurses: Leading the Way.”ANA-NNW2014-Logo


Whether nurses are employed in private practices, health clinics, hospitals or schools, they will always be on the frontlines of healthcare.  And when it comes to immunization issues, nurses are often the ones leading the way.  They are not only tasked with helping to educate patients about the risks and benefits of vaccines, but they also assume the difficult job of administering vaccines and providing care for those who are suffering with vaccine preventable diseases.

Since we rely so heavily on nurses in their role of vaccine educators, we must also be committed to providing them with the tools they need to ensure their success.  That is why Every Child By Two, in partnership with the American Nurses Association, has created an innovative educational webinar that focuses on practical knowledge about vaccines and vaccine safety, and provides skills to increase immunization competency and improve on patient communication skills.   The Bringing Immunity to Every Community – eLearning Course was developed for the nurse in any role or specialty and covers the following: 


  • Impact of vaccines on society
  • How the nursing profession is vital to the promotion of immunizations
  • Benefits of vaccination to nurses (and healthcare workers)
  • Vaccine safety and adverse event reporting
  • Common questions and vaccine myths
  • Risk communication methods to reduce concerns and increase vaccine acceptance

One of the highlights of this interactive and engaging webinar are the nurse-panel presentations and patient-nurse video vignettes which feature nurse educators Mary Beth Koslap-Petraco, DNP, PNP-BC, CPNP and Katie Brewer, MSN, RN, – two nurses who are passionate about the importance of vaccination.  Best of all, the course is currently approved for 2.5 contact hours of nursing continuing education credit through November 30, 2014.  If you’re a nurse, or you know a nurse, who could benefit from this training, be sure to register for the course here.

As we recognize and applaud the nurses who embrace their role as immunization educators, please join us in congratulating Melody Butler, founder of Nurses Who Vaccinate, as she prepares to give a personal presentations to the International Council of Nurses during a live webcast on May 12th.  Melody will discuss the key role that nurses play in vaccination decision-making and we invite you to listen in on her presentation through the official Connecting Nurses link on May 12th at 3pm CET.


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One response to “Nurses Help Bring Immunity to Our Communities”

  1. Melody RN says:

    The course, bringing Immunity to Every Community, is a great online tool to help nurses re-orient themselves to science behind vaccines, the diseases they prevent and how to be a strong vaccine advocate. All areas of nursing can benefit from the webinar- vaccines are not just for pediatric patients. This course was a particular asset for me personally as it introduced me to the CASE Method (a framework to conversation with vaccine hesitant parents). I utilize the CASE method whenever appropriate and have had positive results. In fact, as the post mentioned, I’ll be discussing the CASE method during my presentation on International Nurses Day to International Council of Nurses 3pm CET (9am EDT). Everyone will have an opportunity to watch, even if those outside of the healthcare field, and a chance to ask questions. If you participate, be sure to say that Vaccinate Your Baby/Shot of Prevention sent you!

    Thank you for your support!
    Melody- Founder of Nurses Who Vaccinate

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