The Invisible Threat Is Coming to Our Nation’s Capitol
Apr 22, 2014

Written By Amy Pisani, Executive Director, Every Child By Two

theinvisible_threat_Promo_Button_300x50On May 1st the Invisible Threat will be coming to Washington, D.C……


The Invisible Threat film focuses on understanding the science of vaccinations and the misperceptions leading parents to delay or decline life-saving immunizations. This 40-minute independent documentary, produced by award-winning high school student filmmakers, has earned praise from more than 50 organizations, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, and Every Child By Two, calling the documentary “powerful,”fast-paced,”  “well-balanced,” andimpeccably produced.”




On May 1st at 10am, Every Child By Two and the Immunization Coalition of Washington, DC will host a special event which will serve as the official nationwide launch of the Invisible Threat movement.  Since it is critically important for our elected officials to get the strong message that the public expects sensible, science-driven legislation when it comes to vaccines, we’ve invited them as our special guests.  Now we are counting on you (and your friends, family and colleagues) to call, or email, your members of Congress this week to further encourage their attendance at the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center.

By flooding their offices with calls and emails between now and May 1st we can make it clear that pro-vaccine constituents have a voice, and that we stand firm against vaccine misinformation that is resulting in weakened public health policies, watered-down school vaccination requirements and the resurgence of deadly diseases!

Please take a moment to contact the key legislators on our invitation list to ask them to attend the Invisible Threat film screening and expert panel on May 1 at 10 a.m.  Let them know that this event is important to you because deadly vaccine preventable diseases such as measles, mumps, meningitis, pertussis and influenza continue to threaten your community.  Explain that this student-film aims to uncover the truth about the anti-vaccination groups who seek to dismantle the progress made to combat deadly diseases that used to take the lives of millions of people each year.  Make it clear that as a constituent it is very important to you that your member attend this event so that they can be better prepared to help protect your community from ongoing disease outbreaks that threaten the lives of your family.

The May 1st congressional event will begin with an airing of the film followed by Q&A panel with leading immunization experts, including:

  • Amy Pisani, Executive Director, Every Child By Two
  • Dr. Paul Offit, Chief of Infectious Diseases at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia/Co-inventor of the Rotavirus vaccine
  • Dr. Melinda Wharton, Director, Immunization Services Division, National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases/CDC
  • Frankie Milley, Executive Director, Meningitis Angels
  • Lisa Posard, Producer, Invisible Threat

RSVPs are required as seating is limited –please inquire with if you wish to attend.

For more information on ways that you can become involved with the Invisible Threat movement click here.  You can also “like” the Invisible Threat Facebook page,  follow them on Twitter @InvisThreat and join the filmmakers on an Invisible Threat Twitter chat, Wednesday, April 30th, from 7-8pm, ET.  Follow #InvisibleThreat and help get the word out that the threat is out there and vaccines are our greatest defense.


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10 responses to “The Invisible Threat Is Coming to Our Nation’s Capitol”

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  3. Reblogged this on Beingglutenfree and commented:
    Student film makers made this film with journalistic motivation & integrity, please keep an open mind. We need to get the word out there.

  4. […] was so impressed with this student project that they’ve decided to use it as a tool to help educate the public and our legislators about the risks of vaccine refusal.  To demonstrate the immunization community’s support, […]

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  6. Keven says:

    Hopefully before too long vaccines will be a thing of the past. They’re working on intelegent immune enhancing drugs which allow your immune system to only kick in when it’s getting attacked unlike vaccines which leaves your immune system stuck in overdrive for years causing low grade inflammation leading to chronic deseases, accelerated aging and autoimmune disorders.

  7. novalox says:


    [citation needed] for your assertions, because from what I have seen, there is no evidence to support your claims.

    Also, you do know why people have stopped being vaccinated for smallpox, right?

  8. Chris says:

    Keven: “intelegent immune enhancing drugs which allow your immune system to only kick in when it’s getting attacked”

    That is what vaccines actually do. Something intelligent people already know about.

  9. Talitha says:

    Here is a healthy conference in Paris and debate in May 2014 with warnings :
    The population must have access to vaccines without aluminum adjuvants.

  10. Lawrence says:

    @Talitha – “sanevax” isn’t even close to being a reliable source on anything…..

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