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Vaccine Apps for Your Apple or Android

If you were fortunate enough to get a new smartphone or tablet this holiday season, here are a few vaccine related apps to add to your device.          

vec-app-iphoneVaccines on the Go: What You Should Know

The Vaccine Education Center at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (VEC) has always been an excellent resource for scientifically accurate information about vaccines.  Now, with the creation of Vaccines on the Go: What You Should Knowbusy parents can access important information about the science, safety and importance of vaccines, wherever and whenever they need it.

This free mobile app for Apple or Android devices provides extensive details about vaccines, the diseases they prevent, and common vaccine safety concerns such as autism, thimerosal and the number of vaccines on the schedule.  The app also addresses the various types of vaccines that are available, how they’re made, and includes links to the recommended immunization schedules for children, teens and adults.  Users have the ability to access an extensive library of videos, Q&A sheets and booklets that utilize engaging graphics that help depict disease characteristics, such as levels of contagiousness and typical disease timelines.

There is even a useful function that allows parents to develop a list of questions and save them with other notes they would like to discuss with their doctor.  If they prefer to get their questions answered right away, they can utilize the app to send a direct email to the Vaccine Education Center for follow-up.

And of course, no app would be complete without a few items of entertainment and this app delivers the fun with vaccine related games such as hangman, match and memory.

Download the Vaccines On the Go App for Apple Devices Here

Download the Vaccines On the Go App for Android Devices Here

Solve the Outbreak

solvetheoutbreak_355pxIf you are teacher, student, parent or science lover looking for a fun and interactive game, try downloading a clever iPad app from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) called “Solve the Outbreak”.  In this game, players receives clues and analyze data in order to solve infectious disease cases and save lives.  With a total of twelve different outbreaks, this free app let’s you become a member of the Epidemic Intelligence Service where you will have the opportunity to climb the ranks from Trainee to the ultimate title of Disease Detective.  Along the way you’ll have to decide – do you quarantine the village, talk to people who are sick or ask for more lab results? Act fast and you can save a whole town, state, or even a country. Come up with the wrong answers and, well…you can always try again!

cdcappscreenshot1By engaging in this game, players not only learn about diseases, but they gain appreciation for the CDC’s real-life Disease Detectives who work 24/7 on the front lines of public health helping to investigate and isolate new outbreaks that occur day after day.

With the budgetary cuts we’re seeing in both education and public health, this app is a fascinating way to demonstrate epidemiology at work and possibly encourage students to pursue a career in the sciences.  So why not see if you have the creativity and ingenuity it takes to be a Disease DetectiveDownload the app for here and share it with others in your life.  You can even post your scores on Facebook or Twitter and challenge your friends to do better!

Download Solve the Outbreak App Here 

These are just two of the most recently updated vaccine related apps that are available for download.  Check out the Immunization Action Coalition website for a list of other immunization apps that are geared to healthcare providers and their patients.

  1. January 2, 2014 at 6:04 pm

    Hi! We’d *love* it if you’d consider expanding this or doing an additional post about our free vaccination tracking tool, BeImmunized! http://www.beimmunized.com. Compliant with CDC schedules and we’re releasing new updates regularly these days. Feel free to email me sarah [at] pelesend [dot] com if you have any additional questions!


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