Amanda Peet Champions Vaccines To Turn Moments Into Milestones
Aug 05, 2013

Amanda Peet, is an actor, mother, and Every Child by Two Vaccine Ambassador to the UN Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign which educates, connects and empowers the championing of vaccines as one of the most cost effective ways to save the lives of children in the world’s hardest to reach places.   Today, Amanda Peet contributes this guest post as part of Blogust, an initiative including 31 bloggers who will each devote one day of the month of August to write about moments that matter. For every comment on this post and the 30 other posts, Walgreens will donate a vaccine (up to 50,000 vaccines).

Actor, mother and Every Child By Two Vaccine Ambassador Amanda Peet joins the Shot@Life campaign to advocate for global vaccine access and help mothers in developing countries protect their children from deadly diseases with life-saving vaccines. (Photo by Diane Bondareff for UN Foundation)

Actor, mother and Every Child By Two Vaccine Ambassador Amanda Peet joins the Shot@Life campaign to advocate for global vaccine access and help mothers in developing countries protect their children from deadly diseases with life-saving vaccines. (Photo by Diane Bondareff for UN Foundation)

When our daughter Frankie turned 5, it felt like suddenly a window opened up to her future. We were flooded with thoughts of how her personality would start to unfold as she grew older, and of who she could become. At 5 we started to get a glimpse of who that person will be.
Our daughter has an active imagination and is very observant. Once, when she was about 3 years old, we were looking out our window in New York, and some of the skyscrapers down on Wall Street were poking through the low clouds. Gazing out the window, Frankie exclaimed, “The buildings have beards!”
It’s becoming clear she will have an adventurous personality, especially when it comes to food — already eating mussels, fish eggs and gnawing away on chicken bones just like her father and grandmothers. She is not only adventurous when trying new foods, but she also enjoys traveling to new places with her active parents. All of this could change, and most likely will, as Frankie continues to grow into a teenager and eventually a young woman.
Our kids, Frankie and Molly, have a world of opportunity available to them. Like all parents, we don’t know what those opportunities will be. We are so lucky that our kids will have choices: the choice to follow their dreams and the choice to shape their own milestones. In many parts of the world, the lack of vaccinations means kids don’t have the choice or the opportunity to reach as many milestones.
A child reaching the age of 5 is a significant health milestone in much of the world; it means that the child has a much greater chance of surviving to adulthood. Today, we are in Africa along with members of the Shot@Life team to observe UNICEF’s vaccinations teams at work. We hope to help provide parents and children around the world a chance to experience as many milestones as possible. Because moments matter. And comments count.

blogust-blog-post-logoA child dies every 20 seconds from a vaccine-preventable disease. We can change this reality and help save kids’ lives!  Sign up here for a daily email so you can quickly and easily comment every day during Blogust.  Stay connected with Shot@Life at, join the campaign on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.  Thanks in advance for your comments and be sure to encourage your friends to get involved as well.

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297 responses to “Amanda Peet Champions Vaccines To Turn Moments Into Milestones”

  1. Elizabeth Faber says:

    What a great celebrity!

  2. Shannon says:

    Yay for vaccines 🙂

  3. thanks for being a positive and encouraging role model for vaccines -Jenny McCarthy could learn alot from you!!

  4. This year, 7 million children will die before they turn 5 years old. These deaths are largely preventable. As I sit here, recuperating from my son’s 5th birthday party we held yesterday, it saddens me to think that a population as massive of New York City will never have the opportunity to celebrate their 5 fifth birthday. They’ll never have an opportunity to steal a lick of a Mets Baseball themed cake or decide to turn the pool party into a dance party.
    As Amanda stated, we as parents in developed countries are so lucky to have the access and availability to life-saving vaccines. I’m glad to do my part and contribute a easy comment that can help provide an immunization to a child to keep them safe from a vaccine-preventable disease. More vaccines means more healthy kids, and more healthy kids mean more happy birthdays.

  5. Todd W. says:

    I am always impressed by the altruistic urge to help others that underpins vaccination campaigns. It isn’t just about what’s good for oneself, but about those around you, protecting those who cannot protect themselves. Kudos to Ms. Peet and the Shot@Life campaign.

  6. Rachel says:

    The Internet is a wonderful thing- and powerful too. So glad to see pro-vaccine, pro-science, pro-family information to counter all the baloney that others post.

  7. Vaccines save lives! What a great cause.

  8. Kim Fondren says:

    Vaccination saves more than one life.

  9. Stacy says:

    That is so awesome that they are doing that! Wonderful news!

  10. Stacy says:

    And yes, Jenny McCarthy could learn a lot from people like Amanda Peet!

  11. catherinajtv says:

    We are so privileged to take the health and survival (to 5 and beyond) of our children for granted. Thank you Amanda Peet for your insightful post and thank you Walgreen’s for saving 50000 lives!

  12. Dorit says:

    We are lucky that our children are protected against vaccine preventable diseases and much more likely to reach adulthood than a hundred years or more ago. I loved the description of Frankie’s exploits, and for the excellent cause of bringing the protection of vaccines to other children. Thank you!

  13. Beth says:

    Thanks Wallgreens for supporting such an important cause and passing along such great info to people who NEED it.

  14. Lori says:

    Thank you for your continued work for Public Health and the promotion of happy, healthy kids through vaccines.

  15. thommillermd says:

    Hooray for doing the right thing!

  16. Sakura says:

    Happy to have Walgreens donate a vaccination because of my comment!

  17. Lacy Bauer says:

    It is sad that we have gained such distance from the diseases these vaccines prevent to have forgotten the horror of contracting them. The resurgence of vaccine-preventable illness is terrifying, and so short-sighted. Hopefully people will come to their senses soon. Thank you for spreading health!

  18. Lynette says:

    Vaccinate! Vaccinate! Vaccinate!

  19. Gretchen says:

    It is wonderful that Amanda Peet is such a great advocate for vaccination!

  20. Lori says:

    Thanks Amanda Peet for being a vaccine advocate!

  21. Emily says:

    Thank you for helping to give this opportunity to be vaccinated!

  22. Jacquelinny Eileen says:

    Thank you so much for using your celebrity pull to pull in the right direction. My son is a pertussis survivor. Vaccines save lives.

  23. Thanks Amanda for speaking up for kids and vaccines. Safe travels in Africa.

  24. Pat says:

    As a pediatric nurse who saw children suffer from vaccine preventable diseases, we need to promote vaccines across the lifespan.
    Medicine and science have given us the tools to prevent these terrible diseases.
    Thanks Amanda, thanks Walgreens

  25. Kaycee says:

    Way to go Amanda Peet!

  26. michelle says:

    Thank God for the work you do!!

  27. Meg Annunaki says:

    So happy to be a part of 50,000 vaccines!

  28. Thank you so much for your advocacy Amanda Peet, and thank you Walgreens for your generosity.
    I am old enough to have had measles, mumps, and rubella, as the vaccines were not available in my childhood.

  29. Alison says:

    That’s great!!! Thank you!!

  30. Sarah Patrich says:


  31. Shannon bailey says:

    Go Amanda! Happy to help kids around the world get vaccines that will save their lives. Thanks, Walgreens!

  32. jess says:

    yay, vaccines!

  33. J. L. Bonnar says:

    If, as is said, a comment will lead to a child getting the vaccinations he or she needs, I’m only too happy to leave a comment. I pray for the day when the last preventable disease goes the way of smallpox. Bless you for what you are doing.

  34. Sue G says:


  35. Lisa says:

    Grateful for people like her, who use their powerful place in society for such good causes!

  36. Saul Hymes says:

    So great to see somebody in the public eye taking a pro-vaccine stance! As a pediatrician and an infectious disease physician in particular I am a huge proponent of vaccines, especially in the developing world where many of these diseases still run rampant. Vaccines can enable us to see polio eradicated in the next decade, or to see diarrheal death from rotavirus plummet. Great post, great cause. Lets keep this work going.

  37. Stephanie says:

    Amanda Peet is wonderful, and thank you, Walgreens!

  38. helenrizzo says:

    Thank you for all you do!

  39. Susan says:

    Thank you! It’s so refreshing to have a positive voice for vaccines. It’s an opportunity we are very lucky to have in the US – one I hope families here will continue to avail themselves of as we continue to try to expand access in other nations.

  40. JenR says:

    Hooray for vaccines and here is to many more Happy Birthdays!!

  41. Thank you for your advocacy! We appreciate your efforts to help make vaccines accessible to all children.

  42. Donna says:

    Thank you, Amanda, for doing what you can to help give children another birthday!

  43. What a fantastic post. Thank you Amanda, for your work in fighting for the health of children!

  44. Dunfree Biggs says:

    Yay for a celebrity who uses science to advocate!

  45. Thank you Amanda Peet for your caring and help in saving children lives, by using you voice and audience to advocate for vaccines. As a former nurse in a developing country I know personally that children die from easy preventable diseases with a vaccine.

  46. Lena says:

    Don’t wait, vaccinate!

  47. Trevor Ramsey says:

    It’s wonderful to see Ms. Peet take up this cause. We need more people like her in the world, and less of the Jenny McCarthys.

  48. Seana Graham says:

    I love the work that you are taking the time out of your busy life to do, Amanda.

  49. Thank you so much for the great work that you do promoting vaccines.

  50. jessie says:

    Thank you!

  51. Erica says:

    One more reason to love Walgreens, LOL!

  52. Karin Podolski says:

    Way to go, Amanda and Walgreen’s!

  53. Pamela Roberts says:

    It is important that adults remember to receive boosters too. This will help protect them, as well as children.

  54. Costner says:

    ABC should be paying attention – educated and involved parents want these discussions to happen, but they want them to be supported by fact and science. This is what Amanda Peet brings to the table, and although she might not be as colorful or controversial as a former Playmate who believes vaccines caused the autism her son never had, she would do a much better job of explaining the facts.

  55. Patricia La Brie says:

    Thanks for lending a post to help a child!

  56. Good work Amanda and Walgreens!

  57. Thanks Amanda. Thanks walgreens

  58. Dave says:

    Hopefully this is real, if so, good job.

  59. Ty-Leigh says:

    Thank you!! 🙂

  60. Sophie says:

    Vaccinations save lives!

  61. David Schilling says:

    Nicely done.

  62. Sobia says:

    this is wonderful! Thank you for posting this!

  63. Bee says:

    Commenting so another kid gets a shot. This initiative is awesome.

  64. Chris Segura says:

    amanda peet rocks. so much smarter, prettier and lovelier than girls named jenny mccarthy. dont’ get me started on acting skills.

  65. Lizzy says:

    What an amazing thing to do!

  66. Chris Segura says:

    thanks to walgreen’s, too.

  67. Rebekka says:

    Thank you for your advocacy! Vaccination is one of science’s greatest gifts.

  68. wendy desrochers says:


  69. Katrina says:


  70. Amelia says:

    Vaccines are so important. Every child should be given the most science has to offer to provide a healthy childhood and long life.

  71. Jetcityjewel says:

    Fantastic vaccination is safe and saves lives happy to comment and support this effort!

  72. E. Magill says:

    I’m glad somebody’s using their celebrity for good, and I’m happy to add a comment if it means one more vaccine.

  73. Kylie says:

    Great initiative, well done to all involved.

  74. Richard Smiley says:

    Vaccines offer everyone a chance to reach their fullest potential. Thanks Amanda for your fine post and Shot@Life for the work you do!

  75. Cheryl Busman says:

    Vaccines save lives. Thank you for doing this!

  76. vaccines save lives, thank you!!!!
    seeing a child die of a vaccine-preventable disease (as I have), will scar you forever

  77. Scott says:

    Vaxs, a very good thing.

  78. Amy says:

    Wonderful! I feel so grateful to live in a place with vaccines readily available. Fantastic post!

  79. varia k says:

    No child should suffer or die from a preventable disease! Thank you for this campaign and for spreading the right message to the community (and the world!) Hi from Australia.

  80. Carolyn Bursle says:

    Thankyou Amanda for your efforts in such an important cause.

  81. Martin says:

    Thank you for this.

  82. Lawrence says:

    Excellent stuff!!!

  83. Rose says:

    What an amazing idea!

  84. Brooke says:

    Great cause! Good job, Walgreens

  85. Jessica says:

    Vaccines save lives!

  86. Terri says:

    Vaccines are priority number one for me as a pediatrician. Thanks to all that agree!

  87. Allthetoes says:

    Let’s see if I can bait a comment avalanche. Vaccines cause autisms, just like seat belts.

  88. Mary S says:

    This is great!

  89. Sarah says:

    Fantastic initiative. Thanks Amanda and Walgreens!

  90. Anne T says:

    Keep championing the vaccinations. Gotta protect ALL children.

  91. Limaree says:

    We need more people like Amanda, this is such a positive thing to be doing.

  92. pj hare says:

    Thank you for being such a strong voice for vacines.

  93. Meleese Pollock says:

    Thank you Amanda and Walgreens. As a child of the polio era, I’ve seen how vaccines have eradicated diseases. Some of them, prior to vaccines have had devastating and sometimes permanent effects in my own family.

  94. SUSAN PLOWDEN says:

    Our country needs more immunization advocates like Amanda Peet to help counter all the misinformation out there. A big thank you to Amanda and Walgreens.

  95. Abbie Ruisch says:

    Thank you for being a champion for vaccines Amanda.

  96. Quokka says:

    Every little bit helps – thnk you Amanda and Walgreens

  97. Ken Reibel says:

    I look forward to Amanda’s appearance on The View! 😉

  98. Thank you, Amanda and Walgreens! Woot! Woot! Too many children die everyday, people in this country are ignorant in that fact, they poo-poo the very thing, vaccines, that would save these children, they are clueless about real disease. They should be thankful they haven’t seen these same diseases other countries continue to fight because they don’t have the ready access to live saving vaccines like we do in this country.

  99. novalox says:

    Thank you so much!

  100. margaret says:

    Anyone who has traveled to the developing world understands that the need for vaccines is very real–thank you for helping share this message

  101. Tara says:

    Thank you Amanda, thank you Walgreens! The threat of these diseases is real, and vaccines are truly life-saving. What a great cause.

  102. Amy says:

    Here’s to one more vaccine 🙂

  103. Ramona Anderson says:

    As a child (born in the 60’s) I remember the stories of keeping kids home from pools due to polio. My uncle had polio and limped all of his life, as well as having breathing issues. Many family members had vaccine-preventable diseases because back then, they weren’t preventable! The ONLY reason we have so few cases now is because of high vaccine rates here. Every child deserves the right to get vaccinated.

  104. Tonya says:

    Thank you for doing this! <3 RIP Kaliah <3

  105. Brit says:

    We are so lucky to have vaccines to protect ourselves and our children!

  106. Belinda says:

    Comment for a vaccine donation. Great idea.

  107. Brenda says:

    Thank you Amanda Peet and Walgreens!

  108. Helen Palmer says:

    Thank goodness for some sanity! Amanda Peet and Walgreens, you’re my heros!!! Stay healthy! Get vaccinated!

  109. Laurie Stoker says:

    Thank you for speaking out on this important subject! And thank you Walgreens!

  110. Rod Craven says:

    Vaccines are the things that keep the world disease free and stop the chances of us dying of something that some people think is trivial. The more people that vaccinate, the less we are going to be affected by polio, measles, diphtheria, rubella, tetanus, whooping cough… you get the picture. Do the right thing and have your shots, becuase if you don’t, you could end up with something far worse or possibly dead.

  111. Cathy L says:

    So happy that with a partnership between Lane Community College ESL Dept and Lane County Public Health with help from our student nurses association we were able to immunize 120 adults without insurance to protect their children/grandchildren/community from pertussis. It’s about kids AND the people who care for them.

  112. Rod Craven says:

    And you know what would be the greatest thing of all? If Erwin Alber, Meryl Dorey and the rest of the antivaxers saw the light and got onto the program as well. If they could actually do some good for a change instead of the evil they spread, then maybe more people would vaccinate.

  113. Ann Burlingham says:


  114. Noble Baker says:

    Vaccines save lives! Thanks, Amanda!

  115. Dr Dave Hawkes says:

    Thank you for using your celebrity to push to making the world a better place.

  116. franksan says:

    Please inoculate Jenny McCarthy with the truth. Thank you very much.

  117. Jeanine says:

    As someone who still has side effects from a now preventable disease thanks to vaxs, thanks for spreading the truth about the importance to the world.

  118. Damia says:

    Yay vaccines!!!!

  119. David says:

    Thanks for doing this!

  120. Kylie says:

    Well done you!

  121. Katie says:

    Way to go vaccine advocates!

  122. Sarah Washington says:

    Thank you for advocating!

  123. Elderhaven says:

    This is fantastic. Love. It.

  124. Sarah Hancock says:

    Finally we hear from a celebrity who is well educated on vaccines and the huge positive effect they have on ensuring our children not only survive but strive forward into life. Because its not just living or dying we should think about but also if they do survive what quality of life & what restrictions will they have to live with due to these diseases.
    This programm sounds great, well done!

  125. Heidi says:

    Be wise and immunise!

  126. Startling and important information and advocacy here. This statistic really makes it all so clear: “A child dies every 20 seconds from a vaccine-preventable disease.” Thank you, Amanda Peet, for demonstrating celebrities can be pro-science working for the greater good. 🙂

  127. MargaretRC says:

    What a lovely contrast to Jenny McCarthy. Amanda Peet is saving lives while Ms McCarthy is taking them!

  128. Fantastic work! Nice to hear of the good being done for a change, instead of the harm!

  129. dingo199 says:

    Way to go, vax people!

  130. Jill Bailey says:

    I’ve always been a fan of Amanda Peet; I love that she’s a great person as well as a great actress!

  131. The known effect of a vaccine is to produce antibodies to protect from illness and in the USA more than 90 per cent of people do get their vaccines and close to 100 per cent get at least one vaccine.
    People have social education and work reasons to get vaccines in USA making it an activity that is similar to paying taxes. You have to do it.
    Jenny mentioned above is getting millions of open HATE MAIL ATTACKS too many here too list all.
    Why did her child fall ill AFTER vaccines? Yes she was a perfect mother and wanted the invaluable antibodies to protect her child and rightly or wrongly blames the timing to cause from vaccines.
    History tells us of countless removed vaccines and countless removed ingredients from vaccines which hardly indicates 100 per cent safety.
    By the time problems with vaccines are found it is too late for the families like Jenny and the automatic compensation fund becomes an 18 year dedicated study of the vaccine art by Jenny to hopefully make vaccines a science and 100 per cent safe not just 99.99 per cent safe.

  132. ivo says:

    Great job!

  133. Christy says:

    Amanda Peet is one of my heroes!

  134. danlwarren says:

    Thanks for doing this!

  135. Teresa Iglesias says:

    Keep those babies healthy and prevent avoidable epidemics!

  136. carmela epright says:

    Thank you!

  137. Carly C says:

    Awesome! Keep up the good work!

  138. poop3000 says:

    beautiful. thank you for speaking up in support of real knowledge, apparently not always a hot topic in hollywood.

  139. Kristen Johnson says:

    It is so refreshing to read this celebrity perspective on supporting vaccines!

  140. FreyjaW says:

    Too many people forget that the reason vaccines are created is that even with vaccine side effects, vaccines are better and safer than the diseases they are designed to prevent. They forget the diseases killed.

  141. Thank you for doing this!

  142. nujj says:

    Thank you!! Vaccines save lives!

  143. Alexa says:

    Thank you for advocating for the health of children!

  144. John says:

    Vaccines save lives. Protect yourself; protect your children; protect your community.

  145. Mona says:

    Another reason to like Amanda Peet. Don’t wait; vaccinate.

  146. Pamela Jenkins says:

    So great to see a celeb use her popularity for a great and so important cause

  147. Colin C says:

    Vaccines for the win!

  148. Brian says:

    Amanda Peet is now my favorite celeb.

  149. thirdwarning says:

    Thank you, Amanda Peet, and all those who help save the lives of children.
    In the time it took to sign in and post here, several children died. Let’s keep working to change that.

  150. Jenn D says:

    Great post! We are so lucky to have such good access to vaccines in North America.

  151. Cate says:

    Thank you Amanda Peet for embracing real science and using your celebrity status to help children.

  152. Nathan says:

    Always a fan of your work and your advocacy. Thank you Amanda!

  153. Stephen Conner says:

    Thank you Amanda and Walgreens.

  154. Jennifer says:

    It’s great that Amanda is taking the time to help promote childhood vaccinations here in the U.S. and abroad.

  155. Elaine says:

    What a great initiative!

  156. […] wiping polio from the face of the earth, in fact we are 99% of the way there…I hope you will join Every Child By Two in doing what we can to help reach the final goal.  Stay tuned as I bring you along on my […]

  157. Rob says:

    Matthew 25: 39-40
    When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’
    40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

  158. Thank you very much for your dedication. As a polio survivor, who lost her twin brother Frankie to a polio epidemic in 1953, I am thankful that eradication of polio is near. Our globe cannot afford a resurgence of a disease that is so easily prevented. Walgreen’s contributions are welcome as well!

  159. Darwy says:

    This is a wonderful initiative undertaken by Walgreens and Amanda!

  160. Abbie Ruisch says:

    Thank you Walgreens!

  161. Abbie Ruisch says:

    Thank you Amanda!

  162. Vaccines save lives! What a great cause!!

  163. Caitlin says:

    Thank you Walgreens! I am a new mom and a nurse practitioner. I am frustrated by the miss information out there about vaccines. They do such good for so many people.

  164. Luis says:

    Keep the great effort on getting needed vaccines to children!

  165. I work in public health and see first hand just how important vaccines are!

  166. Andy says:

    I really hope this gets more publicity than the crap the antivax people put out there

  167. Clara says:

    Yay vaccines 😀

  168. Clara says:

    Yay vaccines 😀
    and twice yay!

  169. Helen Rizzo says:

    I will keep posting for more vaccines!! Go Vaccines!!

  170. Helen Rizzo says:

    If you keep on posting, they will keep on giving so keep them coming guys!!

  171. Katie says:

    Thanks for speaking out. It’s so nice to see a celebrity supporting science and medicine instead of tearing it down!

  172. I wish they had done this for “likes” instead of comments–easier–but it’s worth posting something totally inane to meet the goal.

  173. Alet Rheeder says:

    Thank you, from Africa!

  174. Rachel says:

    Some of the saddest moments in my career as a pediatrician were taking care of babies and kids in the intensive care unit who were suffering from vaccine-preventable diseases. I broke my heart every time, knowing that they could have been prevented.

  175. Kathryn says:

    My littlest is due for his 12 month shots next week, and I’m so grateful for it!

  176. Pam H. says:

    This is awesome, thank you!

  177. Kim Fondren says:

    Every day I’m glad my kids were vaccinated.

  178. love this!! and love the easiest way to prevent illness other than hand washing. get those shots

  179. Beth Bowles says:

    So many well-meaning people have bought into the vaccines are evil school of thought. It is a pity that their children then become part of the problem….

  180. gretchen carlson says:

    Thank you Amanda and Walgreens!

  181. Jill says:

    Vaccines are so important! Protect your babies

  182. Thank you Ms. Peet! It’s great to see that some celebrities use their public recognition for something worthwhile.

  183. Anita says:

    great cause!

  184. Such a great way to be part of an amazing cause!!!

  185. N Shah, MD says:

    Thank you so much for recognizing how important and truly life saving vaccines are. It’s very refreshing to have a celebrity help clear up lots of the misinformation. As an MD, sadly I have to convince some parents into vaccinating their children, here in the US where they are in abundance and usually free via “Vaccines for Children”. Thanks again!!!

  186. E Smith, MD says:

    Hooray vaccines!

  187. Kimberly says:

    Hurray for vaccines! So great to see a celebrity voice speaking out in favor of vaccines!

  188. The reason children are healthy in the US are because most of them are vaccinated against disease. Great to see a celebrity supporting a worthy cause!

  189. even parents in America are choosing NOT to vaccinate and that is a VERY bad thing not just for their child but EVERY human on the planet. We have to keep getting the word out that every child no matter where they live HAS to be vaccinated. Keep up the good work.

  190. Anne Shirley says:

    Vaccines so misunderstood

  191. Kristen Leadbetter says:

    I only wish that this got as much publicity as the anti-vaccine movement seems to generate. Great initiative!

  192. Claudia Frye says:

    Thank you for continuing the efforts to improve the health of children, those in our communities. Please continue to spread accurate information regarding life-saving, illness – sparing vaccines.

  193. Dorit Reiss says:

    Thank you for doing so much work to help protect children from disease. How is the trip going? (Not sure about the timeline and when you are back).

  194. Chemmomo says:

    Thank you, Amanda and Amy, for literally putting yourselves out there where it matters.
    And thank you, Walgreens, for contributing to a worthy cause

  195. J. L. Bonnar says:

    This is a great way to stop

  196. J. L. Bonnar says:

    The anti vax trolls.

  197. Lawrence says:

    Educate and vaccinate!

  198. Leslie says:

    Keep on vaccinating!!!!!!

  199. Dr DBW says:

    Great idea!

  200. Dr DBW says:

    So, are we up to the 50,000 yet?

  201. Jaclyn says:

    Love Ms Peet! Great actress and humanitarian! Thanks for all of your hard work and devotion to vaccine awareness!

  202. Rod Craven says:

    To vaccinate or catch disease…. No brainer. Vaccinate as it saves lives.

  203. Abbie Ruisch says:

    I’m commenting for the baby I saw die during my family medicine residency of a VPD. Thank you Walgreens and Amanda.

  204. Jay Kanta says:

    This is so obviously a worthwhile movement, to increase vaccinations and make sure that communities and individuals are well protected. Prevention is always better than attempting to cure.

  205. Jennier Glenwhich says:

    omg i love amanda peet. Does anyone know how i can get involved in this great campaign all the time?

  206. Jennier Glenwhich says:

    Every comment counts. So even if i comment all by myself 50000 times? Let’s get commenting people!!!

  207. Jennier Glenwhich says:

    It’s just so great.

  208. Good thing no one knows who Mandy Peet is.

  209. Thanks God no one knows who Mandy Peet is.

  210. thevaccinemachine :
    Thank God no one knows who Mandy Peet is.

  211. You’re doing a great service by providing a home to the mental patients and ne’er do wells who populate the vaccine lunacy movement.. Keeps them off the streets and in their basements.

  212. reissd says:

    Well, TVM, one can always google her; unfortunately, there are a lot of things many people don’t know.

  213. reissd says:

    I’m sorry you feel a need to unjustifiably insult the 90%+ of the population which vaccinates, though I do realize the temptation, when the arguments are not on your side, to resort to insults.

    • They vaccinate because they are compelled to by the state. And I do realize when there is no interest in your product, you must resort to threats of force in order to get people to accept them. And I’m sure not one of the kooks on this page ever resort to insults. LOL

      • ChrisKid says:

        There is no compulsory vaccination, anywhere in the U.S. TVM, no matter how much you try to make your point with emotive language. Do you have a real argument?

    • Have some more Koo-AId reissd. Perhaps the simpleminded cannot connect the dots between compulsory education and compulsory vaccination but anyone outside this echo chamber can.

  214. reissd says:

    No state in the U.S. jails or fines people for not vaccinating, so it’s inaccurate to say people are compelled by the state. In most states, you can even get an exemption from school immunization requirements if you fit the criteria. As to no interest – if the majority of the people objected to, for example, school immunization requirements, states would overturn them. They don’t. The vast majority of the population is pro-vaccine.

  215. Chris says:

    Thank you, Mr. Schecter for commenting. With each comment here Walmart donates another vaccine. Your contribution, while a bit strange, is greatly appreciated.

  216. reissd says:

    Compulsory education in the U.S., TVM, leaves parents with a range of options, including private schooling and home schooling. And I want to remind you of my point about exemptions.

  217. reissd says:

    And to remind you, the state does have an obligation to protect the children whose parents did not buy into anti-vaccination misinformation against the higher risk of vaccine preventable diseases that unvaccinated children pose.

  218. reissd, your ignorance is more profound than you led me to believe. Does your tiny mind not apprehend the fact that homeschoolers and those attending private schools are subject to the same insane vaccine laws that afflict those attending school funded with money stolen from the citizenry?

  219. The state has no moral obligation to do such thing. Explain how using violence to take the property of innocent people is a moral obligation

  220. reissd says:

    I’m a little surprised to hear you object to public education, TVM.

  221. reissd says:

    But as far as I know, you are wrong. Private schools may require immunizations, and some do, and others do not. I examined a few statutes and they do not require immunizations for homeschooling. You’re welcome to link to those who do.

  222. Dorit, how is it possible you don’t know compulsory vaccination laws affect private and home-schoolers? Or are you pretending not to know?

    irginia’s homeschoolers are subject to the same vaccination laws as public school children. Proof of vaccination is required upon the request of the division superintendent of your local public school.

  224. Under the California School Immunization Law (California Health and Safety Code, Sections 120325-120375), children are required to receive certain immunizations in order to attend public and private elementary and secondary schools, child care centers, family day care homes, nursery schools, day nurseries and developmental centers.

    NC’s immunization requirements
    apply to “every child present in this

    • reissd says:

      Here’s the actual language for California: “The governing authority shall not unconditionally admit any person as a pupil of any private or public elementary or secondary
      school, child care center, day nursery, nursery school, family day
      care home, or development center, unless, prior to his or her first
      admission to that institution, he or she has been fully immunized.” First, note that this does not include homeschooling – it includes “family day care home”s. Second, it could seem like you can’t attend any of those – unless you know about California’s personal belief exemption (mentioned later in the code), that allows you to so attend without immunizing pretty much because you think immunizing is a bad idea.

  226. reissd says:

    Same for Virginia: “1. The student or his parent or guardian submits a Certificate of Religious Exemption (Form CRE 1), to the admitting official of the school to which the student is seeking admission. Form CRE 1 is an affidavit stating that the administration of immunizing agents conflicts with the student’s religious tenets or practices. The form is available on the Division of Immunization website at; or”

  227. First you seem to be moving the goal posts. The topic was whether laws affected home and private school not if there were exemptions. There should be no laws from which one must gain an exemption. And what if you are not religious? What if you are an atheist? Then you have no exemption. And what if the state does not accept your religious argument. And what if the state hides the fact these exemptions exist by telling you “no shots, no school.”

    • thirdwarning says:

      The topic, Rob, was actually compulsory vaccination, of which there is none, anywhere in the U.S. Laws which pertain solely to school attendance and which also have exemptions do not equal compulsion. What if you are an atheist? Then I guess you’d be doing well to live in one of the twenty states which allow a personal belief exemption.
      What if the state doesn’t tell you about exemptions? Then I guess the responsibility is on you to ‘do your research’.

  228. xandy says:

    Vaccine machine, please tell me more… You are a fascinating individual. Yay vaccines!

  229. reissd says:

    As explained, Rob, the topic was whether vaccination in the U.S. is compelled; the evidence suggests it’s not.

  230. novalox says:

    If you really want to see how callous and immoral robert schceter can go, he actually blamed the mother of a child who died of the flu.
    Of course, with every posting that robert schecter posts here, another vaccine will be used to help a child.
    So, keep posting siddy boy. Show the world how little you think of your fellow man and how callous you are to those who have died of a “minor illness”

  231. Lawrence says:

    @Novalox – I’m glad Robert decided to stop by and support this great initiative…every one of his posts equals another donated vaccine. See, this kind of stuff can help!

  232. Gray Falcon says:

    This seems like a good idea.

  233. Jennier Glenwhich says:

    Let’s get more comments!!

  234. Jennier Glenwhich says:

    I really think it isn’t that hard for us all to comment more

  235. Jennier Glenwhich says:

    great post! love

  236. Jennier Glenwhich says:

    This campaign is trying to get to 50000 vaccines. Let’s all do what we can.

  237. Jennilee says:

    Such a great cause!

  238. Lawrence says:

    Again, an awesome concept!

  239. ChrisKid says:

    I still think this is a great idea.

  240. Julian Cole says:

    Set the Date, Vaccinate.

  241. Mary Shillue says:

    This is a great cause. It’s so sad that misinformed parents in the US choose not to vaccinate while in parts of the world parents don’t have access to potentially life saving vaccines. Go Amanda Peet!

  242. Janella says:

    Excellent campaign! Go Amanda!

  243. Janna says:

    Great idea and a great cause!

  244. Denise Dickeson says:

    You are my hero!

  245. laura says:

    Thank you for this- such a great idea!

  246. Jodi says:

    Thanks for doing what you do. If only every mom could understand the risks of leaving your child open to disease. A little education goes a long way!!

  247. Thank you Amanda Peet and Walgreens!

  248. Julie says:

    Save lives! Vaccinate!

  249. Many thanks! Vaccination saves lives!

  250. klg1269 says:

    Awesome campaign and cause!

  251. klg1269 says:

    Awesome cause good for you Amanda

  252. I like that the buildings had beards.

  253. Vaccines save lives, so very important.

  254. Tiffany says:

    Vaccines save lives…period. I wish the parents who refuse them or who “change the vaccine schedule around to only get one shot at a time” could go to other countries where kids die daily from vaccine preventable diseases because they do not have access to vaccines. Makes me sick that parents are making uneducated health decisions for their child who is too young to have a say in their own health and body. In my opionion…not vaccinating is child neglect and parents should be jailed for it…they’re putting their babies lives at risk.

  255. Cin_D says:

    Thank you, Amanda!!

  256. Chris says:

    This is fantastic. Having had a kid taken by ambulance to a hospital due to a now vaccine preventable disease, I fully support illness prevention.
    Vaccines are safe. They are not perfect, but they are better than the diseases.

  257. Ellie says:

    Thank you Amanda Peet, we Pediatricians of the world salute you!

  258. Anna says:

    Wonderful! Vaccines are one of the keystones of public health, it’s so important that every child has access to this protection.

  259. Lawrence says:

    Great to see the comments keep coming! Keep up the great work!!!!

  260. dr ang says:

    great cause! wish this wasn’t such a big issue!

  261. David Berman says:

    Keep up your vaccine advocacy! You are doing a great job! We need leaders like you to continue to advocate for children. As a pediatric infectious disease specialist, I know all too well about the importance of immunization and vaccine-preventable diseases.

  262. Mackenzie Nuss says:

    Vaccines save lives!

  263. Heather says:

    Yay! I love Amanda Peet more for being such a great advocate for this cause.

  264. Maria says:

    Thank you Amanda Peet! It is nice to have a celebrity with a positive and life-saving message for once!

  265. D daniel says:

    Thanks, Walgreens,for you efforts. Thanks to Ms. Peet for her efforts.

  266. xandy says:

    Thanks for the super you give!

  267. Carol M says:

    Nice to see a celebrity who isn’t anti-science and kinda crazy! Thanks for your good work!

  268. dingo199 says:

    Nice seeing Amanda getting her Walgreens vax!

  269. […] Amanda Peet Champions Vaccines To Turn Moments Into Milestones […]

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