Got Questions? It’s OK to Ask
Jun 05, 2013

OKtoAsklogoWe all have questions and concerns when it comes to immunizations for our children.   That’s the premise behind the Vermont Department of Health’s bold new immunization campaign It’s OK to Ask.

In a state that once boasted some of the healthiest kids in the nation, falling immunization rates, rising school vaccine exemption rates, and a recent epidemic of pertussis in the state of Vermont are all reminders that when it comes to public health we must remain vigilant.  In a recent interview, Nancy Erikson, Communication Director of the Vermont Department of Health explains that the goal of this new campaign is to transform parental hesitance into confidence. She goes on to explain that the It’s OK To Ask campaign addresses the most common questions about vaccines in hopes of empowering people to make the best immunization decisions they can for themselves and their families.

The website, launched just a few months ago, not only offers detailed information about vaccines and the diseases they help prevent, it also includes an engaging “Ask an Expert” section which connects users to a special panel of Vermont doctors and nurses who have volunteered to address individual immunization questions received through the site.  Other highlights of the website include videos of Vermont parents discussing popular immunization topics with Burlington-based Dr. Hagan, and an innovative timeline created in collaboration with the, which reflects on 300 years of immunization milestones in the fight against dangerous and deadly diseases.  Since this site was created by the Vermont Department of Health, there is plenty of state history that has been integrated into the timeline, as well as state specific information for Vermont residents on topics such as vaccine legislation and school requirements.

While it’s encouraging to see the Vermont Department of Health making such a significant effort to provide  accurate information to their residents, you don’t have to live in Vermont to benefit from this inviting forum.  As just another of the many excellent immunization resources that we have found on the internet, this comprehensive website will help to support positive immunization attitudes all across the country.

Please take a moment to visit the site, share it with your friends and family, and join in your support of the campaign on Facebook and Twitter.  If just one parent decides to vaccinate their children based on information they receive on the It’s OK To Ask site, than that’s just one more life changed as a result of this campaign.

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