HPV Vaccine is All About Cancer Prevention
Jan 24, 2013

In recognition of Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, Dr. Lara Zibners* has contributed this guest post on the importance of HPV vaccination for both girls and boys.

DrZibnersLast year I went on a cycling weekend out in California with four other women, all of us doctors. We were there to celebrate my dear friend’s recovery from breast cancer. Of course there was the usual debauchery– feather boas included– that takes place when 5 middle-aged women have left their husbands in charge of the children. But there was still a sense of sobriety, knowing why we were all there and wishing that “chemo” and “reconstructive surgery” weren’t the frequent topics of conversation that they were. And with cancer on our minds, this group of five female physicians soon found ourselves talking about—what else?—genital warts.
The OB-Gyn in the group waxed poetically about how excited she was to immunize her patients against HPV—the human papillomavirus. It’s long been known that HPV is responsible for nearly all cases of cervical cancer in women. HPV is a nasty little virus that spreads from skin-to-skin, person-to-person. Often this occurs during sexual contact but can also be passed from mother to child. Many people infected with HPV don’t even realize it, meaning they continue to pass the infection to others. Hence the some 6 million people infected every year with HPV.  And while HPV causes unsightly genital warts, that’s not what bothers physicians about it. What bothers us is that HPV causes cancer. And cancer, to put it bluntly, sucks.
Good news is there’s a vaccine that can protect us from the most common strains of HPV that cause cancer. It is currently recommended that girls between the ages of 11 and 12 receive 3 doses of the vaccine. As of 2011, this was extended to include the routine vaccination of boys. Naturally this caused a stir, since HPV is usually blamed for causing cervical cancer. And a boy isn’t supposed to have a cervix. So what was this? An act of chivalry? A sort of “holding the door” open so cancer wouldn’t whack a girl in the head?
No, the recommendation to immunize boys against HPV wasn’t just to protect their future sexual partners from cervical cancer. About 12,000 women a year are diagnosed in the US with cervical cancer and about 4,000 die annually from the disease. So, yes, immunizing males would have a significant impact on these numbers. But that’s not the point. The point is that about 7,000 males are also diagnosed every year with an HPV-related cancer, because HPV is a known cause of penile, anal, and oropharyngeal (mouth and throat) cancers in men.
So why subject a child to a series of shots when his mind is still hopefully on Nintendo and not on more, um, adult past times? Because for this vaccine to work, we need to protect children before their first sexual encounter. After is too late for far too many of our young people. And—just sit down, I know what you are going to say—even if he waits until he’s a grown man to engage in these, um, past times, getting the shot at age 11 or 12 means a better antibody response than seen in adults. Which means greater protection. Which means less cancer.
Look, I know this is a difficult vaccine for people on many, many levels. Even those who completely believe in the science of vaccination sometimes hesitate when asked to immunize their pure and innocent angel against a disease that is so strongly related to sexual activity. I get that. But the fact is that children do grow up. And they do have sex. And as a mother if I know that vaccinating my children when they are still my little babies will give them the best chance at avoiding cancer when they are adults, then I will.
Because like I said, cancer is no joke. I’ve watched too many lives that were touched by, or destroyed by, this disease. Both as a physician and a loved-one. As have my crazy boa-wearing friends. Which meant that the voices of two pediatricians and two internal medicine doctors soon jumped in, singing the praises of a vaccine that may one day save our own children’s lives.

For additional information, please reference the following resources:
HPV Vaccine – Questions & Answers
HPV Vaccine for Preteens and Teens
CDC Feature, Are Your Kids Protected from HPV-related Cancers?
Factsheet  – HPV vaccine for preteens and teens
Press Briefing (2011), ACIP recommends all 11-12 year-old males get vaccinated against HPV

* Dr. Lara Zibners graduated cum laude from the Ohio State University School of Medicine. She completed both a residency in pediatrics and a fellowship in pediatric emergency medicine at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, and is currently board certified in both general pediatrics and pediatric emergency medicine. As the author of the award-winning “If Your Kid Eats This Book, Everything Will Still Be Okay,” and the hilarious blog we love at www.drzibners.com, she has been an avid and very public supporter of vaccination. When not speaking, writing or doctoring, Dr. Zibners does her best to mother two toddlers and a middle-aged husband, all of whom are fully vaccinated.

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91 responses to “HPV Vaccine is All About Cancer Prevention”

  1. River Beast says:

    “About 12,000 women a year are diagnosed in the US with cervical cancer and about 4,000 die annually from the disease.”
    At what age do these 12,000 women generally get diagnosed?

  2. Lawrence says:

    @River – does it really matter? Since if you get the vaccine, they wouldn’t be getting Cervical Cancer (related to HPV) in the first place……

  3. You do have the right to say no to vaccines.

  4. Lawrence says:

    @Chris – but why would you, given their exemplary safety record & efficacy over the years?

  5. River Beast says:

    Do you think the vaccine will still be effective by the time they are in their 40’s?
    Doesn’t make sense to me.

  6. Lawrence says:

    @River Beast – given research thus far, we have no reason to believe the vaccine would not still be effective & giving the vaccine in the early teen years means that young women will be, at minimum, protected during the years in which they might be most active, sexually, and most likely to be to exposed to HPV.

  7. River Beast says:

    Yes, but they don’t get the cancer in those years do they….so what are you protecting them from? I highly doubt the vaccine would still be effective when needed most, which is in maybe their 30’s or 40’s.

  8. @Lawrence
    That sounds like a punch line to a bad joke.

  9. Gray Falcon says:

    @Beast & Haynees: We could speculate all day, but without evidence, we can’t go anywhere. So if you don’t have any evidence to present, please quit wasting our time and leave.

  10. Lawrence says:

    @River – you have no idea how HPV causes cervical Cancer, do you? You catch the virus in your teens or early twenties & down the road, it manifests as Cancer…prevent the individual from catching the virus & the Cancer never develops….is that really so hard to comprehend?
    Once an individual has HPV & lesions begin to form (later in life), it is already too late to prevent it.
    @Chris – and what is so hard to understand? The decades of safety studies or perhaps the precipitous drop in Vaccine-preventable diseases? How about the rigorous vaccine surveillance programs to track and study adverse events – which has shown that, in the vast majority of all cases, vaccines have few serious side-effects – some vaccines to the point where no serious side effects have ever been reported?
    How hard is that to comprehend?

  11. Lawrence says:

    Let’s see – mild potential side-effects vs. 4000 women dying every year…..wow, love to see the reasoning that the anti-vax people use to justify their positions.

  12. River Beast says:

    I guess the vaccine hasn’t been around long enough for any long term safety studies.
    Let’s see – risks and side effects to young girls…..4000 WOMEN dying every year with no proof that the vaccine will still be effective and help anyway.
    What to do, what to do….NOT give it to my young daughter,

  13. […] at it again! Here’s today’s Shot of Prevention post featuring yours truly. Ever wondered why boys should get the HPV vaccine? Read […]

  14. novalox says:

    @river beast
    [citation needed]

  15. Lawrence says:

    @River – yes, because drug treatments just get approved willy-nilly in this country….actually, there is upwards of a ten year long process just to get a treatment through the standard regulatory process, not to mention the work that was done before submitted to the FDA.
    Perhaps you should let your daughter make the decision for herself, since it is her body & her chance of getting cervical cancer down the line.

  16. River Beast says:

    novalox, citation needed for the long term study.

  17. River Beast says:

    Lawrence, glad you are so trusting with your health. I’ve got some property to show you.

  18. Lawrence says:

    @river – so no evidence or citations yet?

  19. Lawrence says:

    @river – sure, I would, of course do my due diligence and investigate the property using reputable sources before making any decisions of course….
    So, what sources do you use for medical decisions?

  20. River Beast says:

    How about a long term safety study on the vaccine? Does that work when making medical decisions Lawrence?

  21. Lawrence says:

    @river – first, show us your sources and citations that show it isn’t safe.
    You posed the original question about safety, so show us your sources.

  22. Lara Lohne says:

    When I had my own cervical cancer scare about 4 months ago, I went online to learn the stories of other women who had been diagnosed. Some were in their 30s and 40s, but some were also as young as 22 – 25 and had not yet begun their families. Cancer does not have an age limit, and a person can be exposed to HPV and it can lie dormant in their system for up to 15 years. The operative word there being CAN, which is quite different then will. Here’s the real kicker, the women now that are developing cervical cancer (at least the ones who are my age) didn’t have the option of a vaccine to prevent it. Every single one of them said that if they had the ability to get the vaccine before they were exposed to HPV, they would have.
    @River Beast, it is your choice what you do to your child, just keep in mind that some children grow up to really resent the choices their parents made for them when, if they had been given accurate and timely data about it, they would have chosen the complete opposite themselves. I can attest to that myself.

  23. River Beast says:

    Lawrence, you don’t make any sense. I originally posed the question because I want to know if it is safe over the long term. I don’t have to prove it is not safe. If you want me to inject my daughter with a vaccine, then it is up to you or the vaccine manufacturer to prove to me it is safe. What kind of logic are you using Lawrence? You asked what me what sources I use for medical decisions and I told you, a long term safety study would suffice. I assume there isn’t one or you would post it.
    Lara, my daughters are 5 and 2 and don’t you worry about them. They will have all the information they need to make the decisions they want when the time comes.

  24. novalox says:

    Still no citations? You brought the assertion up first, it’s up to you to provide a basis for your assertion.,

  25. lilady says:

    rb: Learn how to use PubMed for citations to back up your fact-free and citation-free statements about HPV vaccines.
    PubMed line listing of 145 studies of HPV vaccines duration. The latest studies demonstrate their is no waning immunity after 8.5 years post immunization.

  26. River Beast says:

    novalox….no, you are trying to sell me, remember? If you want to convince me too inject my kids with this vaccine, than YOU need too prove it is safe over the long run.
    I guess nobody can supply the long term study, so it speaks for itself.
    Lawrence, as I said before, you are very trusting with your health if you are willing to do this without a long term safety study.
    Good luck!

  27. lilady says:

    Tsk Tsk River, you really are a slow learner. PubMed line listing of 124 HPV vaccine safety studies:
    Start reading River and then come back with some citations of your own.

    • Lara Lohne says:

      River Beast :
      Lara, my daughters are 5 and 2 and don’t you worry about them. They will have all the information they need to make the decisions they want when the time comes.

      As a member of society, it’s partially my duty to worry about your daughters, (and would be irresponsible of me, or anyone else not to), particularly since it sounds as though you don’t immunize them. That being the case, it is up to others in the community to keep vaccine preventable diseases at bay to protect your daughters. Don’t worry, all my children are fully immunized to help decrease the chance that an infectious disease will spread around and infect your daughters.

  28. Chris says:

    Le sigh. Efficacy and Safety of Prophylactic Vaccines against Cervical HPV Infection and Diseases among Women: A Systematic Review & Meta-Analysis and Human Papillomavirus-Related Disease in Men: Not Just a Women’s Issue.
    Dear River Beast, learn how to search PubMed. That was only two studies I found with the search terms of “hpv vaccine efficacy”, and restricting it to reviews that had “free full text available.” There are 32 other studies found with that criteria.

  29. Lawrence says:

    @river – since I was out for most of last night, I was unable to provide the links you asked for, but I see that others have done what I was going to do – go to PubMed & find the wide variety of studies that have been done.

  30. Dr. S says:

    Cancer is the medical community’s boogey man…HPV RARELY turns into anything deadly.
    Certainly vax like Guardisil will help ( NOT )…It is one of the most deadly vaccines and does not work. But it does cause serious neurological problems.
    SANEVAX.com is a good spot to start.
    Then HPV given to boys, well sure that’s 1/2 the market for a group that does not need it.
    but hey CDC says flu shots dont work, but still promote them.

  31. drcub1908 says:

    145,000 vaccine deaths and counting….
    thank you vaccine makers..
    oh but tell me they “save” lives..
    what was the name of the bubonic plague or yellow fever vaccine? Oh wait there is not one.

  32. drcub1908 says:

    my kids….11,9,5 never had a vaccine.
    never used an antibiotic..
    most healthiest kids!!!!!
    get the book on numerous cases of UN-vax kids compared to their siblings who got poked and became ill..
    so easy to understand…if you stop being SHEEPLE

  33. Lawrence says:

    @DrS /Drcub1908 – once again, you’re violating the various commenting policies on this blog. Not to mention that Natural News & SanVax aren’t even close to being reliable sources of information for anything, much less vaccines.
    Since you’re a Chiropractor / Sports Medicine Shill, I guess I have to forgive your general ignorance about biology, immunology, and Cancer in general.

  34. drcub1908 says:

    As a member of society, it’s partially my duty to worry about your daughters, (and would be irresponsible of me, or anyone else not to), particularly since it sounds as though you don’t immunize them. That being the case, it is up to others in the community to keep vaccine preventable diseases at bay to protect your daughters. Don’t worry, all my children are fully immunized to help decrease the chance that an infectious disease will spread around and infect your daughters.
    WOW what an uneducated person yo must be….
    vaccines LOWER immunity not raise it.
    vaccines do not protect, they harm.
    If people in this world were so concerned with others health, then you cant smoke anywhere as 2nd hand smoke is dangerous.
    you could never text and drive, you can never drink and drive.
    you are so concerned about others, when you medicate with antibiotics for a virus, or even a minimal bacterial infection, you are creating SUPERBUGS, that affect us.
    Your kids are fully vaccinated, do you ever look at the ingredients an say, I would like some of those in my body please.
    Do you ever realize that since we have plumbing for our waste and we wash our hands, ( NO PURELL )…that we are healthier.
    I mean…why do kids get all these shots, so as an adult, I am immune to polio,dpt, tetanus ?
    good thing there are boosters….why do you need them..
    I find it so hard to believe that people are actually that brain dead and stupid…that life is just take a pill or get a shot and be PROTECTED…
    My kids dominate over all of your vax’d kids..
    there is an AIDS and CANCER vaccine coming….so get in line you stupid ignorant sheep

    • Lara Lohne says:

      If vaccines lower immunity, explain to me, please, why my siblings and I were unvaccinated and my own children were vaccinated, but it was my siblings and I that were sick all the time, not my own children, other then chicken pox in my older 4 prior to the vaccine being available, and a couple of short lived (thanks to antibiotics) bout with bacterial infections? Why were the unimmunized children the ones that were sick?
      If vaccines harm rather then protect, why is it that so many millions, perhaps billions of children have received vaccines over the course of vaccine history and been just fine and were also spared having to suffer through the diseases that the vaccinations they received protected them against?
      And for the record, you can’t smoke in most places in many states, anymore, driving drunk is illegal and a person can suffer extreme penalties from being caught behind the wheel while intoxicated, there are laws against using a cell phone in any way while driving, without a hands free/Bluetooth device. I don’t know where you live but I’ve not ever actually been given antibiotics for a virus, I’ve been told antibiotics can’t help, which I already knew. Laws are in place, yet there are some irresponsible people that choose to break those laws. It is those people who you should be ranting to, not people who are protecting your children, and others by doing their part to keep vaccine preventable diseases at bay, by getting vaccinated and having their children vaccinated.
      We are healthier from plumbing and hand washing because human waste is no longer in the streets and sidewalks for us to step in and track around everywhere we go (that was done btw, prior to vaccines, yet did not decrease the incidence of vaccine preventable diseases.) You need to learn the difference between fewer deaths versus fewer cases. They are quite different therefore really should not be confused or compared to each other. The death rate from disease dropped because of better medical treatment, but it was not until vaccinations were introduced and wide spread that the incidence of cases of disease dropped, and dropped dramatically.
      Your kids don’t dominate over anyone, just as you don’t dominate over me. My mom tried to brain wash me with that thinking, that I was better, more pure, then everyone else in the world who was receiving vaccinations. It is 100% bull pucky and you should be ashamed of yourself, because you are promoting prejudices in your own children, and no child grew into a healthy and well adjusted adult with that kind of thinking. Tell me, do your children also always walk on the sidewalk and never play in the dirt?

  35. drcub1908 says:

    and please dont talk about safety and tests.
    Donald Rumsfeld is the guy that pushed NutraSweet thru after it was rejected so many times..and millions of dollars….it was going thru regardless of the health risks…

  36. Lawrence says:

    @Drcub1908 – your ignorance is showing. Care to include any real citations for your beliefs? Because NaturalNews & SaneVax just aren’t going to cut it – the rantings and ravings of conspiracy theorists aren’t real Science, and you should know that….oh wait, you’re a Chiropractor…..
    God forbid we develop a vaccine for AIDS or Cancer, right? I mean, who would want to be protected against those diseases? (just a note for the sarcasm intended)
    I’d love to hear your explanation (besides vaccines) for the 95 – 100% reduction in incidence of Vaccine Preventable diseases (and of course, the full elimination of Smallpox & almost eradication of Polio – oh yeah, I’ll throw Rinderpest into the mix as well).
    And remember, many vaccine-preventable diseases are airborne, so your “sanitation” argument isn’t going to fly, we also know the difference between mortality & incidence, so don’t pull that card either, and the “renaming” of diseases has been thoroughly debunked as well – so besides that, please give us your explanation……
    Otherwise, please take your rants somewhere else – we deal with facts and evidence around here & you’re provided exactly none up to this point.

  37. Chris says:

    Dr. S, you don’t even know how vaccines are administered, and have made several other blunders in your rants. You are exactly the type of person I would not want anywhere near my daughter.

  38. novalox says:

    Scokpuppeting again, ds, since you cannot back up your points with actual citations? You also do know that ad hominems, sockpuppeting, and general insults speaks a lot about your character and the lack of rationality behind your beliefs.
    So, still no citations. The lack of them, tells a lot about your character and your willingness to stay ignorant of actual science and the real world.
    So, if you want to actually consider yoyur viewpoints, then [citation needed].

  39. River Beast says:

    Lilady, why are you insulting me when you cannot provide a long term safety study? You now want me to do the research and find a study? Maybe it is you who is the slow learner?
    Lara, you have assumed wrong, why don’t you take your condescending, arrogant attitude elsewhere.
    Chris, more arrogance, why should I learn to search PubMed? I thought you were going to provide a long term safety study?
    Lawrence, yes, if you can find a long term safety study that would be excellent.

  40. River Beast says:

    novalox, what is the citation you are requesting? Tell me again what I said and/or am trying to prove? Character? You have none.
    Can anybody provide a long term safety study? No!!?? Well than don’t expect me to be injecting my children with the vaccine. I would be a bad parent if I did, not knowing if it was safe long term for them.

  41. Gray Falcon says:

    @Beast- Do you know what “Hypertext” is?

  42. TheOne says:

    If vaccinators would only debate with all honesty, would there be “sockpuppeting”? I think bringing up the sockpuppeting issue every time is nothing but a lame excuse to mask their lack of intergrity.
    It really shows.

  43. River Beast says:

    Gray Flacon, yes I know what it is. Are you going to surprise me and send me a link to a long term safety study?
    What may I ask is sockpuppeting?

  44. Lawrence says:

    @insano troll – welcome back, hopefully you’ll get banned again shortly. Your diligence is noteworthy only because of your obvious desperation.
    @RB – please define “long term” because otherwise, you aren’t clearly articulating what is being asked. Lots of information has been provided, had you bothered to read the information in the links provided above.
    All current information that we have over the time frame the vaccine has been studied, no long-term adverse events have been discovered. So again, please define exactly what you are demanding as proof?

  45. Lawrence says:

    @RB – sock-puppeting is one individual using multiple screen names, either as an attempt to appear to be move people puppeting the same line or to get around previous bans due to breaking of the comment rules of this blog.

  46. TheOne says:

    Tell me, do your children also always walk on the sidewalk and never play in the dirt?

    What do children get when they always play in the dirt? You tell me.

  47. TheOne says:

    @insano troll – welcome back, hopefully you’ll get banned again shortly. Your diligence is noteworthy only because of your obvious desperation

    I guess the desperation is on you side since the SBM days and the only way to silence rationality is to label anyone as sockpuppets.
    Believe me. There is still doubt in your mind that you’re trying to suppress because somehow your knowledge about immunlogy does not fit when applied to vaccination let alone it contradicts. OF course you wouldn’t want to know the truth hence you’re avoiding to engage because it hurst your ego.

  48. TheOne says:

    Lawrence :
    – sock-puppeting is one individual using multiple screen names, either as an attempt to appear to be move people puppeting the same line or to get around previous bans due to breaking of the comment rules of this blog.

    It’s a convenient way used by vaccinators to avoid being exposed as infection promoters and germ denialists.

  49. Lauren @ the VEC says:

    The Vaccine Education Center at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (VEC) also has information about HPV and the HPV vaccine. To hear how other parents came to the decision to get their children immunized, go to http://www.prevent-HPV.org. The web page also contains many questions and answers other parents or patients have asked. We also provide other resources related to HPV and the HPV vaccine:
    “Human papillomavirus: What you should know” (Question and answer sheet):
    English: http://www.chop.edu/export/download/pdfs/articles/vaccine-education-center/hpv.pdf
    Spanish: http://www.chop.edu/export/download/pdfs/articles/vaccine-education-center/hpv-esp.pdf
    Other Webpages:
    A look at each vaccine: HPV vaccine – http://www.chop.edu/service/vaccine-education-center/a-look-at-each-vaccine/hpv-vaccine.html

  50. River Beast says:

    Lawrence, I don’t have a definition for long term. What do you think is reasonable? Tell you what, send me the longest “long term” study that has been done and I will take a look. Is that articulating it enough for you? You said no long-term adverse events had been discovered, how long was that? I am not “demanding” proof. I am asking for evidence, to make the best decision for my family. Why don’t you understand that?

  51. Lawrence says:

    @RB – all of the information you require has already been provided to you, including links to the entire Gardasil / HPV Vaccine research study catalog on PubMed.
    The information you are asking for is very easy to find with a simple search of the available database, and we’ve even made it easy for you to find by providing the appropriate hyperlinks.
    There is no difference in the methodology or process to approve the HPV series of vaccines, plus post-release surveillance and safety studies, as any other vaccine – so unless you have so evidence or citations that shows that these vaccines are, in any way, harmful, then you should provide them to us.
    If not, you are just trolling here & not interested in a serious discussion related to vaccines.
    As to insano-troll above, yet more evidence that is has no grasp of actual reality.

  52. Lawrence says:

    @RB – the wording got a little funky there, sorry. “unless you have some evidence or citations that show these vaccines are, in any way, harmful (and if so, you should have no problem providing them to us here),”
    The rest is generally okay – multi-tasking today…..

  53. River Beast says:

    Lawrence, that’s what I originally thought. They haven’t done a long term studies demonstrating the vaccine’s safety. In that case, I won’t risk giving it to my daughters not knowing what health problems it may cause them in the future.
    Keep up your trusting faith Lawrence, I am not that trustful when it comes to my families helath.

  54. Lawrence says:

    @RB – since you can’t describe what you are looking for, how do you know it isn’t in the information provided?
    You can’t provide a definition of “long term,” and you can’t provide any citations as to why you would think the vaccine isn’t safe.
    Luckily, we deal with facts, evidence and Science here – and it is obvious that you’re simply a troll, uninterested in looking at what was provided to you (or what you should have found on your own).

  55. Lawrence says:

    @RB – I’m sure, that if your daughter, in her later years, does succumb to HPV-derived Cervical Cancer, she will be comforted by your adherence to some blurry vision / definition of “safe” in deciding not to utilize the available vaccines.
    It doesn’t take a genius to do some simple math – that if 4000 women die per year of Cervical Cancer, plus 12,000 are diagnosed – that over the last decade, at least 40,000 women have died and another 120,000 have been diagnosed with Cervical Cancer – that’s a mortality rate of 33% – only smallpox (as a vaccine preventable disease) had a worse mortality rate – yet you cling to a completely unsubstantiated belief that either of the HPV vaccines are “not safe?”
    One of us is grounded in reality RB, and I don’t think it is you……

  56. River Beast says:

    Lawrence, why do you insist on insulting me all of the time? I described exactly what I am looking for and you can’t provide it. Just admit you can’t provide it rather than insisting that I don’t know what I want. Again, please provide my a long term study? The longest one you have.
    I never said the vaccine wasn’t safe. You keep wanting me to produce a citation for something I never said. I am asking for a long term study showing the safety of the vaccine.
    If you deal with evidence and facts, then send me what I am asking for. Should be simple.
    Oh…now I am a Troll because I am requesting a long term study?
    I’m sure my daughters in their later years will appreciate that a I didn’t inject something into them not knowing the long term effects.
    Just because women are dying of cervical cancer doesn’t mean I should be injecting my kids without knowing the full health effects on them.
    I guess you are in your own reality Lawrence, because all you can do here is insult me over and over and yet never come up with what I ask and instead of admitting their isn’t a long term study, you choose to insult me some more and make it about me. Good luck with you insecurities Lawrence.

    • Lara Lohne says:

      River Beast,
      Fact 1. You asked for a long term safety study on HPV vaccines. At least four people that I saw provided you with links to various different studies for HPV vaccine and also told you where you can go to get more. Did you even bother to click the links and read the studies?
      Fact 2. When you refused to accept the links to the data you were provided with because you are still claiming nobody can show you a long term safety study, you were asked to clarify, how long do you consider long term? You countered by stating just provide me with the longest term study you have. Have you looked at what you were given already? Did you stop to think that the study you are asking for is done and there waiting for you to find it? You refuse to actually look into it yourself and refuse to clarify your definition of long term.
      Given the facts above, I submit that you are not actually here seeking any information but are using a very common troll tactic known as JAQing off. Google it if you don’t know what that means. Your questions have been answered. Your refusal to read and/or accept that data is nothing against us, nor the vaccines the data is for. That is against you for lacking the common sense to read to gain knowledge and apply that knowledge to your life, because the vaccine is not dangerous, but cervical cancer is. And your daughters will not thank you if they learn later that there was a vaccine for that and you chose not to give it to them. Trust me on that one.

  57. Gray Falcon says:

    River Beast, if you knew what Hypertext is, you would have noticed several people sent you links to the long-term studies you requested. Why do you feel it is acceptable to lie? Why do you think people cannot tell you are lying on a page where they can easily see otherwise?

  58. River Beast says:

    Gray, lie about what exactly? People have sent links, but no long term studies. Please provide. I’ll be waiting.

  59. lilady says:

    Does anyone have a scorecard? I’m thinking that the *doctors* who post here are all sockies of one poster who has been banned here.
    Look at this *gem* from “dr. cub 1908”:
    “and please dont talk about safety and tests.
    Donald Rumsfeld is the guy that pushed NutraSweet thru after it was rejected so many times..and millions of dollars….it was going thru regardless of the health risks…”
    Wow…just wow…that comment is ripped off from rense.com.

  60. Lawrence says:

    @RB – did you not even bother to click on the links to the various long-term safety studies that have been done on the HPV vaccines?

  61. River Beast says:

    I already told I did click on the links and didn’t see anything. Why don’t you just send me one link with one study instead of making me look for it and then arguing wih me about it?

  62. Lawrence says:

    @RB – you obviously didn’t look very hard:
    Four-year follow-up of the immunogenicity and safety of the HPV-16/18 AS04-adjuvanted vaccine when administered to adolescent girls aged 10-14 years.
    Comparative immunogenicity and safety of human papillomavirus (HPV)-16/18 vaccine and HPV-6/11/16/18 vaccine: follow-up from months 12-24 in a Phase III randomized study of
    healthy women aged 18-45 years. (if you think the HPV vaccine is only given to young girls – because it isn’t)

  63. Gray Falcon says:

    River Beast :
    Gray, lie about what exactly? People have sent links, but no long term studies. Please provide. I’ll be waiting.

    Doesn’t a four-year follow-up count as a long-term study? If not, then what does? If you refuse to define your standards, then you can simply dismiss anything as not meeting them.

  64. Lawrence says:

    And a couple more:
    Monitoring the safety of quadrivalent human papillomavirus vaccine: findings from the Vaccine Safety Datalink
    (addresses your question about persistence of the vaccine in older women)
    Persistence of immune response to HPV-16/18 AS04-adjuvanted cervical cancer vaccine in women aged 15-55 years.

  65. Lawrence says:

    @RB – here is a study where the vaccine was measured against administration with other vaccines (at or around the same time) – again, no problems or issues.
    Immunogenicity and safety of human papillomavirus-16/18 AS04-adjuvanted vaccine coadministered with tetanus toxoid, reduced diphtheria toxoid, and acellular pertussis vaccine and/or meningococcal conjugate vaccine to healthy girls 11 to 18 years of age: results from a randomized open trial.
    So, I think we’ve been more than accommodating – given that all of this information was provided to you a couple of days ago, yet you refuse to even look at it. At this point, what is your “point” again?

  66. novalox says:

    River Beast :
    novalox, what is the citation you are requesting? Tell me again what I said and/or am trying to prove? Character? You have none.
    Can anybody provide a long term safety study? No!!?? Well than don’t expect me to be injecting my children with the vaccine. I would be a bad parent if I did, not knowing if it was safe long term for them.

    Yawn, that was a pathetic attempt at insult. But then again, since you have resorted to this, instead of defending your views, instead trying to move the goalposts, we can all assume that you are nothing more than an antivaxxer with no logical basis for your reasoning.
    Of course, judging by your own comments, as well as dodging the questions asked of you and dismissing all of the evidence given you you, you have no character to speak of and instead resort to insults, you cannot defend your actions,
    I’ll be waiting to see what attempt at insult you try to throw at me next time, I’ll be ready to laugh at you.

  67. River Beast says:

    I don’t think enough of you to insult you novalox. You’re not worth an insult, as you have brought nothing to the table but trouble.

  68. River Beast says:

    Gray Falcon, I guess it is too bad for you that I can dismiss a study based on the factors I decide. Seriously, what planet are you from? Of course I can dismiss, it’s my decision and I will decide if I believe a study proves itself to me. Really?

  69. River Beast says:

    Lawrence, 4 years is very minimal, don’t you agree? Also, I like this line, “The vaccine was generally well tolerated. No serious adverse events were considered related to vaccination.”
    So ther were adverse events, but not proven to be contributed to the vaccine?
    I’ll check out the others you sent.

  70. Lawrence says:

    @RB – since you just admitted you have your own set of opinions, regardless of what we give you, whty are you here?

  71. River Beast says:

    Is that what I said Lawrence?

  72. River Beast says:

    I thought I said I could determine if a study met my criteria as safe or not. Who else would make this decison for me?
    You guys are really something else.

  73. Lawrence says:

    @RB – fine. Then why are you here?

  74. River Beast says:

    Rather than have a straight up conversation, you guys twist what is said, make up lies and throw insults. Really unbelievable.
    What I wanted is simple…. a long term study for safety. And of course I would make up my mind about the study in regards to my family.

  75. River Beast says:

    I guess that means you don’t have a study. Should I bother reading the rest you sent or are you wasting my time?

  76. Lawrence says:

    @RB – you really are a piece of work. Multi-year studies were provided to you, but you’ve proven to be nothing more than an odious troll.

  77. Lawrence says:

    @RB – actually, you’ve been wasting our time. Just go away – do whatever you want, because it is painfully obvious that you care little for the actual Science…..

  78. novalox says:

    Again, a pathetic waste of insult, but then again, when dealing with someone who cannot be reasoned with like you, what is there to expect.
    So, try again, with your infantile temper tantrums. I find you amusing for your futile attempts, But please, keep entertaining us, puppet. Show the world how little knowledge of actual science you have.
    I’ll get the popcorn ready for your attempts at insult, and get ready for some good laughs at your expense.

  79. Gray Falcon says:

    River Beast :
    Gray Falcon, I guess it is too bad for you that I can dismiss a study based on the factors I decide. Seriously, what planet are you from? Of course I can dismiss, it’s my decision and I will decide if I believe a study proves itself to me. Really?

    So if I accuse you of say, murder, I can safely dismiss any piece of evidence I want to, without question?

  80. Nathan says:

    I too am wondering what “long-term” means to RB, and what indications RB has that the HPV vaccine requires long-term studies before it can be considered safe to use. Lilady has already linked to the 8 1/2 year efficacy and safety data on Cervarix, which has the longest-term data to date.
    I’m curious as to what precedent there would be to indicate that a vaccine is suddenly going to have some bizarre side effect that doesn’t show up at all until 20 years down the line, something that compares to 12,000 cases of cancer and 4,000 deaths a year. Something with a biologically plausible mechanism.
    RB is somehow under the impression that we are trying to sell him on getting the vaccine for his daughter. I doubt anyone here is under the delusion that any amount of data would be convincing to RB.

  81. Lawrence says:

    @Nathan – you are correct. The information requested was provided numerous times, but RB is going to probably reject the offered studies for a variety of stupid reasons.
    More than likely, he / she is asking for multi-decade safety studies, which, are impossible, because the vaccines haven’t been around for that long anyway…….

  82. drcub1908 says:

    keep quoting form places that end in .GOV…
    a reliable source…
    the government would never lie to the public for $$$ … never..
    you cannot admit causation – then would equal liability and compensation..

  83. Lawrence says:

    @NotaDoc – do you think your conspiracy-laden rants make you appear credible?

  84. Lawrence says:

    A simple perusal of PubMed shows hundreds, if not thousands of studies from sources other than government regulatory bodies – including international organizations, research & educational institutions & even independent researchers….so the whole conspiracy things? Yeah, not so much.
    And yes, both my wife and I, along with our kids are completely up to date on the recommended schedule – and I can say that none of us have ever been healthier (no allergies, no meds, no nothing).

  85. Chris says:

    Not only does the chiropractor not-a-drcub not know how vaccines are given, he has absolutely no clue anything about the premier index of medical journals as he whines that it ends in “.gov” precisely because it is paid by the taxpayers. So, Chiropractor Cub1908, did you also fail your high school American government class?

  86. Lawrence says:

    @Chris – I am, quite frankly, shocked that these anti-vaccine cranks can’t see how absolutely crazy they appear when writing the rants that they post……I’ve seen side-walk prophets that appear more credible than they do.

  87. sarahjane86 says:

    Cervical cancer is scary and the effects obvious.
    Let me tell you what happens if it doesn’t become cancer.
    I was diagnosed with carcinoma in situ of the cervix. This is a diagnosis rarely used, with CIN 3 being the common diagnosis. CIS is bascially asserting that they know that, if left, it WOULD become cancer.
    I was 22 and had had TWO sexual partners. I needed two different cone biopsy procedures and was urged by the gyn/onc to have a baby as it was not an “if” but a “when” for the return of the abnormal cells for me, which would then mean hysterectomy. He explained that, given the severity of my condition, had I been older or already had children, he would have done a hysterectomy this time around.
    I fell pregnant about 18 months later.
    I was the diagnosed with incompetent cervix and nearly lost her at 23 weeks, when I was 100 effaced and 2cm dilated. With the skills of a baby saving miracle working ob/gyn, we made it to 32+1 weeks.
    She was perfect. But we have our troubles. Yellowing teeth from the lack of maternal calcium prior to 34 weeks. Excema. Contact and anaphylaxis allergies (no, not from vaccines as she was displaying the contact allergies prior to her first vaccine, Hep B given at 3 days, due to a paperwork error and I’d had no vaccines while pregnant). Minor gross motor development delays. Nightmares and night terrors. Constipation. But we are so lucky to have her, I don’t mind.
    With baby v2.0, I went through the same nightmare, hospitalised for 5 weeks. I’ll never forget my baby girl screaming in terror and hiding her face from me when I got home, a virtual stranger.
    We fortunately made it 37+6 weeks, but I required an induction due to the ill effects of having my cervix sutured for so long. Luckily, my son is so amazing, I don’t mind one bit. And thanks to his full term birth, free of all the things that plague his sister.
    But I won’t be thinking twice about giving either of the Gardisil. Even though they are just 2.5 and 15 months, I’d give it to them tomorrow, if they’d let me.
    To save my daughter from standing anxiously and fearfully over an isolette as her tiny son or daughter “screams” in pain as their veins blow out from the flushing of the antibiotic cannula they have in as they race to treat a suspected case of NEC. To prevent her hearing a terrified toddler screaming “No, no! Get your hands off me!” As you try to help them pass the coke can sized poo that will tear the walls of their anus. To prevent the worry, the heartache, the EVERYTHING we’ve been through. To prevent at least some of the risk they have of hearing “I’m sorry, it’s cancer.” I’d do ANYTHING. Including give them a vaccine lacking in long term trials and plagued by dubious and shady, at best, reports of side effects.
    You can risk this for your sons and daughters all you like, but not me. I’ve seen the other side.

    • Lara Lohne says:

      Thank you for sharing your experiences sarahjane86. I’m sorry for the troubles your daughter has. How is your health now?

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