Get Involved to Ensure Strong Immunization Policies
Jan 16, 2013

It’s a new year and legislators around the country are preparing legislation that affects all of us.

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ecbt_logo_color (72dpi)By signing up on Vaccinate Your Baby’s “Get Involved” page, you will receive timely alerts from Every Child By Two on a variety of immunization related issues. Whether it is to share the results of a significant safety study, connect you with journalists who want to hear your perspective, inform you of new immunization recommendations, or address specific legislation, Every Child By Two is a critical resource that is poised to provide you with vital updates.
Here are just a few examples of immunization related actions that are currently being discussed and debated all across the country:

 • A new state Senator in South Dakota, Jeff Monroe, R-Pierre, is planning to introduce legislation in early 2013 which will make it easier for parents to opt out of vaccination requirements for religious reasons. (You can read some recent news coverage at ArgusLeader and UPI.)
• Arizona state lawmakers Senator Nancy Barto (R-Phoenix) and Representative Debbie Lesko (R-Glendale) have recently drafted bills that will no longer require vaccinations as a licensing condition to be a foster parent in the state. (This has been covered recently by the Associated Press.) Currently, parents who do not vaccinate their own children are barred from adopting or fostering kids in Arizona’s child-welfare system, but there is pressure from some to change this.
• In Oregon, where school immunization exemption rates are high, there is discussion regarding support for a modification of the current exemption policies. Similar to laws passed in the past few years in Washington and California, Oregon is looking to require education on the dangers of vaccine preventable diseases prior to exemption.
• On a national level, The Institute of Medicine (IOM) just released a detailed report that evaluates the safety of the childhood immunization schedule.

By adding your name to the growing advocacy list, Every Child By Two will keep you informed about national and state specific policy issues that affect the health and well-being of your children and your community. They will even suggest specific ways in which you can support timely immunizations.
Together, we can ensure that we do everything possible to protect our children and our communities from vaccine preventable diseases. Don’t delay, join the growing list of advocates by signing up today.

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40 responses to “Get Involved to Ensure Strong Immunization Policies”

  1. Adina says:

    Are you saying that you want to support legislation that would do its best to force parents to vaccinate, no matter how well-informed they are or how strongly they believe that the shots would be more likely to harm their children than protect them? Parents, remember that you can take a religious or philosophical exemption in every state but Mississippi and West Virginia, and many parents are fighting to get these exemptions enacted into law there as well.

  2. Lawrence says:

    @Adina – I would love to see vaccines mandated as part of good public health policies (with exemptions for those that cannot, for medical reasons) get vaccinated. Unfortunately, that isn’t going to happen.
    The best we can do is push for programs and initiatives (and laws) that get good information in the hands of parents, so they make the right decision based on facts and Science, not anti-vaccine crank websites on the Internet.
    California was a good start – though Governor Brown wimped out at the end, but we need to keep up the good fight and keep debunking all of the bad information that is out there.

  3. Gray Falcon says:

    I find it fascinating that “how strongly they believe” is something people this should carry legal weight. There are people who strongly believe that black magic is responsible for their ailments. Should we go around burning witches for their sake?

  4. Lawrence says:

    Um, I apologize for the bad ) there – the “get vaccinated” should have been part of the bracketed sentence.

  5. Chris Jones says:

    Gray Falcon, luckily, we still are somewhat free here in the US. Every person has a right to their own beliefs and especially to decide what they will and won’t inject into their bodies. Just because you think you know better than somebody else doesn’t mean you can force them to get vaccinated. I would love to pass a law that some people should not be able to have children, but that doesn’t make it right.

  6. lilady says:

    @ Chris Jones: You are entitled to have your “own beliefs”, but you are not entitled to your “own facts”, when it comes to science.
    You are also “entitled” to home school your children and “entitled” to chose a private school where anti-vaccine parents send their children.
    Why don’t you read the IOM Report that Christina linked to?
    I’m pro-vaccine, pro-science and proud of it.

  7. Lawrence says:

    @CJ – you do know what standard policies were back in the day (pre-vaccine) to deal with disease outbreaks, right? People were forcibly confined to their homes & in some cases, arrested and quarantined against their will, in the name of the public good.
    Luckily for us today, we don’t need to worry about that – we have vaccines that allow us to contain, control, and end vaccine-preventable outbreaks. So, in a way, vaccines now allow us more freedom than we had in the past.

  8. Chris Jones says:

    Lilady, it’s not a science issue, it’s a personal choice issue. I’m anti-vaccine, pro science, and proud of it!
    Lawrence, I have no issues with staying home when sick or being quarantined if necessary. I would expect that from people who are sick, vaccinated or not.

  9. lilady says:

    Personal choice, you say?
    You are anti-vaccine and pro-science? That’s an oxymoron.
    “Lawrence, I have no issues with staying home when sick or being quarantined if necessary. I would expect that from people who are sick, vaccinated or not.”
    I presume you have a “special skill” to be able to detect that you and your vector children are infected with a vaccine-preventable disease before symptoms appear…during the “Communicable Period”.

  10. lilady says:

    Comment in moderation (linking to this website) for “Contagious Period/Communicable Period” of vaccine-preventable diseases.
    I presume Chris Jones has a very special skill to detect when she and her vector children are asymptomatic, yet able to infect other people.

  11. Lawrence says:

    @CJ – you have a weird view of “freedom” then – if you think its perfectly fine for the government to institute strict, involuntary quarantines whenever the feel like it…..

  12. Chris Jones says:

    “I presume Chris Jones has a very special skill to detect when she and her vector children are asymptomatic, yet able to infect other people.”
    This has nothing to do with what we are talking about. Besides, you can be vaccinated and be asymptomatic and spread disease too. Not follwoing your point?
    I never said that. Thank you for trying to misrepresent me though.

  13. Lawrence says:

    @CJ – and I quote “Lawrence, I have no issues with staying home when sick or being quarantined if necessary.”
    A quarantine is an abridgement of personal freedom for the common good – seems like vaccines are a much more “free” way to go, don’t you CJ?

  14. Gray Falcon says:

    @CJ- This is very much a science issue. C

    Chris Jones :
    Gray Falcon, luckily, we still are somewhat free here in the US. Every person has a right to their own beliefs and especially to decide what they will and won’t inject into their bodies. Just because you think you know better than somebody else doesn’t mean you can force them to get vaccinated. I would love to pass a law that some people should not be able to have children, but that doesn’t make it right.

    If I personally believe you are a sorcerer, does that give me the right to execute you for black magic?

  15. Lara Lohne says:

    I believe the idea behind these laws is not to force anyone to vaccinate their children, but to require they speak to a medical professional regarding vaccines and VPD dangers prior to them signing the exemption. This is about proper education, not Google U knowledge. Nobody should have a problem with getting complete and accurate information, and then still being allowed to make whatever choice they wish to make.
    Personally, having grown up in an anti-vaccine family and missing a lot of school due to out breaks of measles throughout my childhood and being unvaccinated, if it were my choice (which it wasn’t, because I was the child) not to mention the catching the diseases themselves, I would have opted for vaccines. Granted most parents don’t take their child’s desires into consideration when making decisions for them, because heck, they’re a child. But sometimes, children can have a lot of wisdom, and can see things differently then we can, especially if we have any personal biases.
    This is not an attack on your freedom to not vaccinate, this is about the over all health of everyone. After all, laws are not just for a certain set of individuals, they are meant for everyone, typically a protective measure for everyone. This particular law only affects a certain set of people, who are vastly in the minority, because they choose to do something, or rather not to do something, that can have potentially deadly consequences for everyone else in the community. So you complain about your right to choose being tampered with, what about my right to not have to worry about getting sick? I still am mostly unvaccinated, simply because most vaccines that are routine for children, even when I was a child, are not routine for adults and I can’t afford to pay for them myself. It’s a two edged sword you are attempting to wield there. It isn’t about you, so get over yourself. It’s about everyone, and what is best for everyone, and by far vaccination is better then not.

  16. Hello, HB1139 is coming your way, please support it.
    Kat –
    The bill now has a number – HB 1139. There is an opportunity between now and 2:00 today for additional House members to sign on as co-sponsors. This is the only window of opportunity for your supporters of the bill who live in Washington State to contact their own House members and ask them to “pinkslip” the bill.
    For this bill to pass, we need 50 votes in the House, 25 in the Senate and the signature of the governor.
    Mary Helen
    Copy of Bill:
    Christopher Blake 360-786-7392
    House Health Care Committee
    December 12, 2012 (9:45 AM)
    AN ACT Relating to —; and adding a new section to chapter 70.05 RCW.
    NEW SECTION. Sec. 1. A new section is added to chapter 43.70 RCW to read as follows:
    (1) By January 1, 2014, the department shall establish guidance for local health jurisdictions to consider while developing community health alert notification plans. The guidance shall assist local health jurisdictions with the adoption of community health alert notification plans by addressing components of the plan including the:
    (a) Methods for monitoring the incidence of notifiable conditions within the local health jurisdiction and determining when the incidence of notifiable conditions exceeds the rate that would be expected within the particular jurisdiction; and
    (b) Manner and content for informing the public within the local health jurisdiction’s territory as notifiable conditions exceed the rate that would be expected. The department shall identify factors to consider when determining the appropriate level of public notification such as the risk to the public from the notifiable condition, the duration of the higher incidence of the notifiable condition, the extent of the increased incidence, the cost-effectiveness of various options, and the balancing of the need to keep the public informed without creating either undue concern or diminished receptivity to severe public health risks.
    (2) In developing the guidelines, the department shall establish a temporary work group of public health officials, representatives of local media establishments, and the public.
    (3) For purposes of this section,
    (a) “Local health jurisdiction” means a county board of health organized under chapter 70.05 RCW, a health district organized under chapter 70.46 RCW, or a combined city and county health department organized under chapter 70.08 RCW.
    (b) “Notifiable condition” means a disease or condition that the state board of health has determined to be of public health importance and must be reported to either the local health officer or the department.
    NEW SECTION. Sec. 2. A new section is added to chapter 70.05 RCW to read as follows:
    (1) By July 1, 2014, each local board of health shall adopt a community health alert notification plan that establishes the method by which the local health department, health district, or combined city and county health department shall keep the public who reside in its jurisdiction informed of variations in the incidence of notifiable conditions that exceed the rate that would be expected. The plan shall address the elements identified in section 1 and shall give consideration to the guidance established by the department.
    (2) The plan shall be made available to the public on the web site of each local health department.
    — END —

  17. I am sorry, but anything that FORCES me to let the parenting of my child leave my hands is not okay in my book. My children are MINE. They are NOT yours or the US governments. I make the decisions for MY family. YOU make them for YOURS.

  18. Chris says:

    Then you are quite welcome to keep them out of public schools. And for that, we thank you.

  19. ezeiglerwriter says:

    To assume that people only use Google for education is insulting. It is the mentality of: I know what is best for you, and you have nothing to say about it, because you are too stupid. I am far from stupid. I am an educated adult, and I do not need my government telling me what I have to inject into my children’s bodies. I do not need to speak to a Pharma backed doctor (again) about my informed decision to no longer vaccinate my children, but thanks for telling me that I need to be forced to do something that I have already done.

  20. ezeiglerwriter says:

    Gee Chris what are you so worrued about? Your precious Jonnie is vaccinated. Is he not protected? Yes, insert big eye roll here. I would venture a guess that a majority of aduts are not up to date on their vaccinations. You are probably exposed to them every day. Vaccines are a fallacy, They do not have live-long immunity properties. Are you up-to-date? I bet not. You better hide. You might infect one of the people that are vaccinated. Oh wait….

    • Lara Lohne says:

      ezeiglerwrit, I thought you said you were educated and far from stupid, yet your comments say otherwise. Nobody is attacking you, and yet you are obviously offended and up in arms by the idea that other people in your community feel your right to not vaccinate infringes on their right keep themselves, their children (who may be too young to immunize or immunocompromised) as safe as they can by limiting the potential exposure to vaccine preventable disease, which can only happen through vaccination.
      Can I tell you a secret? Your children are actually not YOURS, just as my children are not MINE. They are not property, they are people. We don’t own them. They are a privilege and a responsibility, not a right or an entitlement.
      And you are using two contradictory statements to make the same point. “They do not have live-long immunity properties.” and “Your precious Jonnie is vaccinated. Is he not protected?” So now your point is going to be discussed rationally and logically and let’s see if you are as educated and far from stupid as you seem to think you are.
      You attempt to say that vaccines don’t work because they don’t provide life long immunity, and yet getting the diseases that the vaccinations can protect against don’t provide life long immunity either. There are many cases of individuals contracting the same disease multiple times. It isn’t so common now simply because of the high rates of vaccinations, therefore a smaller infection pool for the pathogen to be in. Even if full immunity is not achieved, vaccines allow for a less severe infection from the wild pathogen, so vaccinations protect in two ways. They can provide immunity in an individual from the disease, which can be life long with proper boosters, or they can prevent a more serious infection, thus lowering risks of injury and complications from the disease, should full immunity not be reached. The only other way to attempt to achieve any immunity from the disease is to catch it naturally, suffer through it and hope that you are one of the lucky ones that doesn’t come out damaged or dead on the other side.Then several years down the road, you may be lucky enough to go through it all over again. The idea behind vaccinations is to prevent the disease from occurring all together in as many people as possible, to prevent suffering and illness.
      Your second point contradicts this first point, because we know immunity from vaccinations is not life long, and not 100%, that being the case, even if a child or adult is fully vaccinated, there is still a chance that they will catch a vaccine preventable disease should one be found circulating in their community. That is how so many vaccinated individuals have gotten measles during the measles outbreak of the past few years. But by far the greater percentage of infections were found among non vaccinated individuals, and the out breaks always began with a non vaccinated individual who brought it here from over seas. We also know there are people who have medical contraindications to vaccination, people who have had transplants, cancer patients, many who have an autoimmune disorder, and infants that are too young to be vaccinated. People who are around them who are vaccinated have a significantly lower chance of becoming infected, therefore have less risk of passing on a disease to these vulnerable individuals.
      You see, vaccination is not only about the individual getting it, it is about the entire community that each of us live in. It is the best way to ensure the best protection for everyone that we may come into contact with. If I could become fully vaccinated I would, but thanks to my mom and her ideas about western medicine, I didn’t have an option when I was a child. My mom was just like you. I suffered through mumps at 6, fortunately I came out unscathed. My younger sister nearly died from meningitis and came out totally deaf in her right ear. Three of my siblings and I had pertussis at the same time, I was 17. I wasn’t so lucky that time, I have permanent damage to my lungs now and would never be able to survive another bout with it, so you bet your sweet bippy I am going to keep my TDaP boosters up to date.
      If you want to get rid of vaccinations, then encourage everyone to be vaccinated. Once the diseases have no infection pool, they cannot survive and we will no longer have to have the vaccinations. That is the best way to opt out of vaccines, lets get rid of the diseases, then nobody has to worry either way anymore. There is only one way to do that though, and it isn’t through seeking a philosophical exemption from vaccinations for YOUR child.

  21. Chris says:

    My son had a seizure disorder and was denied vaccination from pertussis while he was in elementary school. There are also children with immune disorders, or are going through cancer treatment, etc.
    “They do not have live-long immunity properties.”
    And neither does getting the disease, especially some bacterial diseases like pertussis. If you survive tetanus you can get it again immediately. Also getting mumps does not guarantee permanent immunity (I got it twice in the 1960s, the second time during the 1968 epidemic which meant I was being exposed to the virus so much it overwhelmed that “natural immunity”).
    I am up to date, I suspect you are not. You also believe in the Nirvana Fallacy. Just for that, please keep your child out of the public school. Come on, you want your child being taught by the government. Do you?

  22. novalox says:

    You do know that using the pharma shill gambit as well as ad hominem attacks against posters and their children makes you look very ignorant and foolish.
    @Lara Lohne
    Thank you. That is probably to the point. Of course, anti-vax posters like ezeiglerwriter will just ignore you or think up some insult to denigrate you, but I feel that it is a good explanation.

  23. Chris says:

    ezeiglerwriter, I assume that you have rules of behavior in your house. For instance I do not allow smoking of anything on my property, guns, no climbing on furniture and throwing things. Your basic common sense rules.
    Though when my son was young I did not allow children who were not vaccinated near him due to his medical issues, including the fact he only got the “DT” and not the “DTP” at a time when our county was having a pertussis epidemic.
    Think of the public schools of having similar house rules. Just like they do not allow parents from smoking in the school hallways, they should not have to allow a child who is more likely to infect others with a disease. They know that not every child gets immunity from the vaccine/disease, and that parents will bring in babies and toddlers who are not old enough to be vaccinated (you do not hire a sitter to pick a kid up from kindergarten when you have a baby!).
    So if you don’t like my house rules, you are not welcome in my house. If you don’t like the school district’s rules, you are more than welcome to find another school. You might like a Waldorf school, they are the ones that seem to have to close due to an outbreak of pertussis or measles. Also your children would not be in danger of learning science or critical thinking.
    (Though, ezeiglerwriter could be one of those persons who does not believe in anyone’s rules. When I worked for the parks department keeping the indoor play center clean I had to deal with some of those. I had to tell one to stop smoking, and a couple more that paying the whole one dollar to be in the play center did not mean I provided babysitting, they had to stay with their children. I was only there to clean up the disorder, with my baby playing nearby or in the backpack. Yeah, there are those, like ezeiglerwriter, who are Ruining It for the Rest of Us.)

  24. Lawrence says:

    New report just out from the IOM on the safety of the current vaccine schedule – should be required reading:

  25. Aiden says:

    Well, as long as you’re upfront about your wishes. I can see it now, soldiers herding families at gunpoint into the town square (stage directions from Bill Gates in Africa) for Reaping Roulette. Mothers sob, children tremble in fear, as the soldiers force them to hand around the loaded pistol. Lawrence trills: May the odds be ever in your favor! as, one at a time, the children put the gun to their heads and pull the trigger. Mothers exchange whispered memories of other Reaping Roulette days, their pleading with Capitol authorities that they’ve already given four of their children to the cause, and all gave their lives, could their remaining children not be spared? But the Capitol insists implacably that Reaping Day is necessary to support the Capitol economy and permit them to maintain order and control in the districts. And another child falls amid gasps of horror, as Lawrence calls out: Congratulations! We salute your support of the worthiest of our causes. As the populace silently holds up their hands in a gesture of quiet support for the famlies, as the spark of revolution leaps from one to another in their fervent resolution to revolt against the tyrannical hand forcing them to this tragic enslavement. The call of the Mockingjay is heard in the background, as the families in the square continue to try to stifle their sobs.

  26. Lawrence says:

    @Aiden – that’s old anti-vaccine hat there…..though the tie in to the Hunger Games is at least somewhat interesting. Of course, in the old days, before vaccines, police and sometimes soldiers were used to enforce quarantines and help attempt to stop the spread of various epidemics in the past – it would be interesting to see how the anti-vaccine crowd would feel with a return of the involuntary quarantine….
    Your attempt to create this dystopian “vaccine” picture just shows how far down the rabbit hole you and your kind have gone. Not to mention the infamous “Thanksgiving” cartoon that made the rounds a few years ago.
    While we argue with Science and evidence on our side, you argue with nothing but emotional appeals & anecdotal (or in the case above – fictional & sensational stories) that do nothing to add to the discussion.
    How about, when you have some real evidence, you come on back – otherwise, please take your ad hominem insults and personal attacks and leave.

  27. Aiden says:

    We carry on the struggle with every means at our disposal, thinly-disguised fiction, facts, studies, epidemiological as well as clinical, philosophical treatises, sociological analyses, comparison to the mind control of religious cults, true-life examples. Our children have been irreparably damaged by vaccines, and we will not stop until every parent in America understands the considerable dangers of vaccination, and makes the decision from a fully-informed position. Real life evidence from our side has been posted here by the truckload, but there’s room for many kinds of evidence in the battle for hearts and minds, as this site well knows.

    • Lara Lohne says:

      Aiden :
      We carry on the struggle with every means at our disposal, thinly-disguised fiction, facts, studies, epidemiological as well as clinical, philosophical treatises, sociological analyses, comparison to the mind control of religious cults, true-life examples. Our children have been irreparably damaged by vaccines, and we will not stop until every parent in America understands the considerable dangers of vaccination, and makes the decision from a fully-informed position. Real life evidence from our side has been posted here by the truckload, but there’s room for many kinds of evidence in the battle for hearts and minds, as this site well knows.

      What do you say to the hundreds of millions of vaccine recipients who have real life experience that vaccines are orders of magnitude safer then the diseases they prevent and protect against? What about the hundreds of millions who have real life experience that the diseases cause real harm and death, not the inflated and imagined harm the anti-vaccinationists want us to believe vaccines cause? Emotional appeal, fictional scenarios and fear mongering have no place in a scientific debate. If you cannot provide actual evidence, your position is weak, and gets weaker every day and every time a child or adult gets a vaccine and nothing happens other then they are safe from one more disease.

  28. Lawrence says:

    @Aiden – “evidence,” huh? Not much that I can see – did you read the latest from the IOM?
    An example of real Science at work – not what you guys do at all… about getting educated by something other than GoogleU for a change?

  29. novalox says:

    So, if you are so confident in you beliefs, then post some citations.
    Or are you so enraptured with your fiction that you cannot post facts?
    Because if all you are reduced to is conspiracy-theory mongering, you really don’t have a leg to stand on.

  30. Lawrence says:

    @Aiden – so you admit that you don’t use real Science….good to know and thanks for confirming.

  31. Lawrence says:

    @Novalox – they really don’t, because the Science done put a fork in them over a decade ago….everything since then has been nothing but the floundering of groups of sad individuals who don’t know when to quit.

  32. novalox says:

    Yes, I know, the anti-vax side pretty much has been reduced to posting blatant lies, sockpuppeting in order to make their perceived numbers seem larger than they actually are, and vulgar ad hominems, they pretty much have been invisible to the public eye, which is good, since they actually do cause harm to innocents.
    I do admit, however, that I get an occasional laugh at their pathetic attempts at “argument”, if anything else, just to see how far off they are.
    And why do I get the feeling that aiden and adina are one and the same?

  33. Lawrence says:

    @Novalox – because they probably are?

  34. Lawrence says:

    @Lara – all they have are “stories” because they have no evidence.
    It looks, more and more, like the “vaccine incident” in Chad was nothing more than an anti-government story as part of their on-going instabilities / Civil Strife….yet another “story” but this time it could actually get people killed over there.

  35. Lara Lohne says:

    Lawrence, I know it, you know it, the vast majority of the world knows it too. Their ‘struggle’ is lost. All they are doing now is trying to get that dead horse back up on its feet to carry them to their own imagined victory. And they compare critical thinkers to religious cults? That’s some funny stuff right there!

  36. Lawrence says:

    @Lara – I know I’ve recommended this book before, but I would definitely check out Matt Tabibi’s book, “The Great Derangement.” It details the mindset of the fringe element in this country, why individuals end up rejecting the mainstream and embracing various conspiracy and fringe beliefs – with the common element of knowing “the truth,” which gives their lives some meaning in a world where it is very hard to make a real difference or enact true change.
    By embracing the overarching “truth” it gives them purpose – which is why it is so hard to change their minds or show them that they are wrong, because they’ve made this “truth” a part of themselves and by questioning the “truth” you are questioning their very being.
    That’s a good perspective on why these anti-vaccine folks cling to their beliefs without any evidence to support it.

  37. Sheree powell says:

    People must take the time and understand what this really means

  38. dingo199 says:

    No doubt you think your highly emotive scenario sounds convincing, but it is quite incomplete. Let’s take your example using measles as the disease.
    In the square there are a million kids. If you do not allow one of them get randomly chosen to be permanently brain damaged or die, then 500 of them will be summarily executed, and you will be held to be personally responsible for all those deaths.
    What will you do?
    Now remember, by letting one child die, all the focus and vitriol will be on you, who will be seen as a heartless monster. But none of the 500 who were saved, or their parents, will even know how fortunate they were. None of them will know to go public, fill internet forums with their praise, or appear on Oprah lauding your actions. They will not spend the rest of their lives thinking they are blessed and that you are a saint.

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