The "One Injection" Remedy for the Flu from ZDoggMD
Dec 07, 2012

I started National Influenza Vaccination Week (NIVW) off with a little humor on Monday with Rick’s Rant.  And now look where it has led me.zdoggmd

Today I’m concluding a week’s worth of flu-related posts with the wildly entertaining, never-to-be-outdone, ZDoggMD.

Yes, known throughout the land (or throughout the hippest of the kids in the U.S. medical community anyway), ZDoggMD is a soon-to-be legend for his humorous attempts at musical parodies.  But rest assured, he is no newbie to the immunization scene.  No splash in the pan.   No.  He has attacked many vaccine related issues in his highly questionable past.  But be forewarned.  With his elaborate wigs and mildly inappropriate lyrics, I suspect he may be a long-lost relative of Weird Al Yankovic.  However, I must reassure you that he is considerably more attractive than Al (you can thank me later Z) and immensely more knowledgeable.  Especially in regard to all the accurate medical stuff.
As the mother of five daughters – two of which are mildly obsessed with the immensely popular English-Irish boy band One Direction, and all of which are singers and musicians themselves – I anticipate that this video by ZDoggMD will be an inspiration (at least to my kids).  And since my children have already gotten their flu shots, it’s more likely that this video will inspire them to create some parodies of their own.  Before long I’ll probably be scratching my head, wondering how to respond to their bizarre desire to “be just like ZDoggMD” when they grow up.  I guess my first bit of advice will be to shave their heads and get a medical degree.

So here is the clever ZDoggMD, with “One Injection”, a video parody of the One Direction song “What Makes You Beautiful”, singing about the importance of flu vaccination, while also taking a jab at a few of those unfounded flu myths.

As we wrap up National Influenza Vaccination Week, think about what you can do to encourage others to get their flu vaccine.
OK.  Maybe you’re not as creative and talented as ZDoggMD.  But don’t fret. 
All we ask is that you share the information that we’ve provided this week and suggest that people get their flu vaccine this year and every year.  Thanks again, and here’s hoping you stay flu free!

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