How do You Spook the Flu?
Nov 06, 2012

Don’t let the dark side win. Get your flu shot!

Many parents still don’t realize that the seasonal flu vaccine is recommended annually for everyone 6 months and older.   To ensure people know that the flu vaccine is the best way to protect families against the flu, Every Child By Two asked their special parent advocates to help “Spook the Flu” last month.
Each parent was asked to share pictures of their own costumed cuties along with a catchy flu related tagline.  You may have noticed some of these photos on our Vaccinate Your Baby Facebook page.  From the “likes” and the comments we received over the past week, it’s obvious that the response was spook-tacular!
We are pleased to announce that the photo with the most “likes” will be awarded a $20 Amazon e-card, compliments of Every Child By Two.  Thanks to our winners, Erica Lemon and her little Darth Vader, the “Spook the Flu” promotion has helped families to realize that they can protect themselves from the flu  with the seasonal influenza vaccine.
Unfortunately, we never know for certain when the “dark side” will appear and the worst of the flu season will be upon us.  Even though the flu season may not peak until January or February, it has also been known to occur as early as October and as late as May.   This is why it’s important that we begin promoting flu vaccinations early in the season, reminding parents to schedule their family vaccinations sooner rather than later.   It’s also important to note that once vaccinated, it takes two weeks for your body to build up immunity against the flu.  Getting vaccinated now will help ensure you are protected when families travel and get together over the upcoming holiday season.
Additionally, with the untimely arrival of Superstorm Sandy in the northeast, those who are not yet vaccinated can only hope that their family will remain healthy during this stressful time while those that vaccinated early are surely relieved to have one less thing to worry about as they try to recover from widespread damages, flooding and power outages.

If you would like to discover ways in which you can help promote the benefits of immunizations and be included in future advocate actions like this year’s “Spook the Flu” contest, then be sure to visit the Vaccinate Your Baby website and click the red “Get Involved” tab in the upper right hand corner.

Each season, misconceptions about the flu and the flu vaccine run rampant. To learn the facts, visit the “Flu: Fact vs. Fiction” page created by Families Fighting Flu and Vaccinate Your Baby.  And to find a flu clinic near you, visit and enter your zip code into the Flu Vaccine Finder.
Be sure this season to spread the word, not the flu!

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