Taking Our Voices To Congress
Oct 17, 2012

In the midst of a presidential election, we realize that every vote can send an important message to help guide our elected officials.  In fact, that is why many Americans will go to the polls on Election Day.  To participate in this national election and ensure their voices are heard.  Yet, how many people regularly participate in our government every other day of the year?

Every Child By Two Ambassador, Amanda Peet and several Shot@Life Champions meet with Congressman Henry Waxman to discuss global vaccine access.

Regardless of whether your chosen candidate is elected, each of us should strive to participate in the government process by communicating directly with our elected representatives.  That is why I am so proud of the Shot@Life advocates who take the time to give their passion for global vaccines a voice.
In Standing Up for Childhood in Los Angeles, Kimberly Sutton writes about a special advocacy training session she attended in Los Angeles last week in conjunction with Every Child By Two Ambassador Amanda Peet and several other dedicated Shot@Life Champions.
She explains,

“This session focused on something that tends to surprise most people — how truly easy advocacy is. I think most people understand how important it is to take their voice to Congress, but not how easy it can be to do it.”

After the training, this group of determined advocates met with Congressman Henry Waxman and Senator Barbara Boxer.  They wanted to make sure these elected officials knew how importance global vaccine access is in helping to ensure that every child has a healthy shot at life. Their personal committment to meet with both the Congressman and the Senator demonstrates the way in which person can actively participate in the  government process – a process that has very real consequences for children both here and abroad.
If you would like to ensure your voice is heard, initiate a meeting with your member of Congress using these Shot@Life tools.  They include tips on everything from how to request a meeting with your member of Congress, what to say on the call and what you may want to include in a letter.  There is even a sample script to help you prepare talking points for an in-person meeting, as well as a one-page document that you can leave behind with key facts.
So why not give it a try?  Consider it a learning experience as much as an exercise in advocacy.  You can plan to bring your friends, neighbors and even your kids with you.  You’ll not only be helping your children learn to help others, but you will be showing them that their voice matters.
Both Every Child By Two and Shot@Life continue to encourage people to speak out in favor of global vaccines because every child deserves a chance to be heard.

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