Summer May Be Over But Billboard Sightings Continue
Sep 06, 2012

This past summer I spent a great deal of time in the car with the children, exploring different cities and seeing new sights.  When we travel to new areas, we seem to be a bit more observant and so it’s interesting to see what catches our attention….like the changing landscape, the interesting bumper stickers and the passing billboards.

Like many of you, our family was hoping to spot some of the Vaccinate Your Baby/Vaccinate Your Family billboards that are scattered across the nation.  During the past few months, it has been wonderful to hear the excitement from our readers who recognized these important immunization reminders near their home or workplace, or while traveling on vacation.

Brenda was the first to respond to our contest.  She saw the Not Vaccinated?  No Kisses! billboard on I-75 in northern Florida.
Jessie wrote us about a billboard on 168S at the Hanbury Rd exit in Chesapeake VA.
Laura and Vivian both saw billboards in Austin, Texas – the Get the Facts billboard at Dessau Rd/Hwy 685 and another along Hwy 183.
There have been several sightings in CA.  Pam spotted one near Oak Park, CA right near her son’s pediatrician at UC Davis Hospital, and Catherine informed us of one on Hwy 160 near Sacramento just before Richards Blvd., and then another at Auburn & Greenback.

Katie spotted one on 65N just outside of Lafayette, IN while Bethany, Kathleen and Kayla all contacted us about various billboards in South Bend, IN.
Kayla explained,

“Seeing this ad made my day when I first saw it!”

Kathleen wrote us saying,

“LOVE it!! I made sure all my family was vaccinated when number 3 arrived in 2010 and I got mine in the hospital post delivery!”

When Jennifer spotted a sign on Memorial Dr. in Chicopee, MA she told us,

“It’s great to see, but I wish that it had been put up earlier. My friend’s son Brady passed away from pertussis just a couple of weeks before this billboard was put up. 🙁 So sad! We are happy to be getting the word out about how important it is for adults to get their boosters!”

Leila lives in MA, but saw the signs on I-5 while vacationing in OR, while Bobbie spotted one on a trip to Daytona, FL.

There have also been several mentions of billboards in NC.  Sara saw one in Raleigh, NC on New Bern Ave., right near where she used to work. Charlotte saw the same one that my children and I have noticed on I-95 N in NC by Rocky Mount.  There is even one in a small coastal town in NC on Hwy 17 N.

Jennifer saw the billboard on the south side of Janesville, WI, while Amy saw it on Hwy 19-41 in Griffin, GA and Adrienne spotted one on Rt. 8N in Bridgeport CT.
Now, as we wrap up our Summer Sightings Sweepstakes, we congratulate our winner, Erika who not only saw multiple billboards in San Antonio, TX off I-35, but who also managed to send us several pictures.  She explained,

“There are a few others around the city, and I have seen them in different parts of town.  Even our local health department is promoting vaccines with their own messages on billboards around the city. It is very exciting to see all the advocacy in my area, especially from Vaccinate Your Baby!”

Erika certainly understands the importance of these messages, as she has a son, Benjamin who suffers from a heart defect.  It is imperative that Benjamin be protected against vaccine preventable diseases since even a mild illness could be very dangerous to him.  Erika not only ensures that Benjamin is fully vaccinated, but she also encourages others to be immunized as well.

Hopefully, the Vaccinate Your Baby/Vaccinate Your Family billboards will not only help encourage more people to be vaccinated, but will help people understand that by immunizing ourselves, we are helping to reduce the overall incidence of disease within a community.  This good public health practices will help protect infant children too young to be vaccinated, as well as those members of our community who are medically fragile, like Benjamin.

As our contest winner, Erika will receive a $25 Amazon gift card as a token of our appreciation.  Though we can’t mention each person who submitted an entry, we do want to thank everyone who took the time to let us know where they spotted these billboards.

We hope you will continue to keep an eye out for more Vaccinate Your Baby /Vaccinate Your Family billboards and bus shelters in your town.  New signs are going up all the time and we would still love to hear from you when you see one.  Just email us at with the location and we’ll mention it on our Vaccinate Your Family Facebook page.

We appreciate all your interest and enthusiasm as we work to get these immunization messages out all across the country, each and every day. 

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