Your Blog Comments Can Help Save Lives
Jul 31, 2012

What if you could save the life of a child just by commenting on a blog post?
Imagine – if you will – that comments were like currency and that for each comment a donation would be made to provide a child with four essential life saving vaccines.
Well, imagine no more, because Shot@Life is making this vision a reality.
Tomorrow, when Shot@Life launches Blogust, they will begin a 31-day “relay” of blog posts.  Each day, for the entire month of August, there will be an inspiring blog post to read from a variety of the most influential mom and dad bloggers.  Each of these top online voices will write about someone who has given them support or ignited their sense of community.  At the end of each post, there will be a link to the next post in the relay.

But here’s the amazing part. 

For each unique comment on these 31 posts, a $20 donation will be made to Shot@Life.  And that $20 will then immunize a child with four essential life-saving vaccines.
Comments never mattered so much.  And what’s truly inspiring is that you play an important part in this relay because your comments will have a direct impact on the lives of mothers, fathers and children all across the world.  Imagine being able to raise $620 for Shot@Life just by sharing your thoughts on 31 different blog posts.  That’s 31 lives that you can save in one month.
But why stop there?
Share the Blogust posts with your friends, family and Facebook pages to encourage others to comment as well.  Be sure to check on the Blogust schedule so you can be a part of the change.  And let us know what inspires you to help provide life-saving vaccines to children in developing nations.

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One response to “Start the conversation about vaccines with your child TODAY.”

  1. I remember when my Mum started the vaccine conversation with me.

    I was 12 years old and I had some booster shots for many childhood illnesses.

    The year before I had had some chicken pox.

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