Vaccine Questions Answered The Real Simple Way
Jul 26, 2012

Ever wish you had access to immunization experts who could address your most pressing questions about vaccines?
Well, thanks to REAL SIMPLE magazine, fifteen of the most frequently asked questions about vaccines have been addressed in this new article, to include:

How Do Vaccines Work?
Have Vaccines Eradicated Common Diseases?
How Long Do Vaccines Last?
Do Vaccines Cause Side Effects?
Is There Evidence of a Connection Between Vaccines and Autism?
What Is Thimerosal and Is It Dangerous?
Why Does My Baby Have to Get So Many Vaccines So Early in Her Life?
Do I Need to Worry About “Vaccine Overload”?
Are There Alternative or Selective Vaccine Schedules I Can Follow?
Have There Been Resurgences in Some Diseases Because People Are Opting Not to Vaccinate?
Do All States Require That Children Be Vaccinated Before Entering School?
If Most Children Receive Vaccinations, Do I Need to Vaccinate My Child?
Should a Child With a Cold Receive a Scheduled Vaccination?
Do Teenagers and Adults Need to Be Immunized?
Do Doctors Recommend That Pregnant Women Get Vaccines?

This is a certainly a great piece to bookmark and share.  
While the direct and straight forward answers may not provide an extensive amount of explanation, they do establish the importance of scientifically based evidence and critical evaluation of immunization practices and policies.  These kinds of articles typically provide a good basis for parents who can then go on to have a more detailed discussion with their own health care provider.
Parents may also want to check out the expert video responses in the Q & A section of the Vaccinate Your Baby website found here.  These videos have been developed to help address the concerns most commonly expressed by parents.  Let us know what you think and what other questions you would like the experts to answer in future interviews.

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