Even the Unvaccinated are Protected by HPV Vaccine
Jul 10, 2012

A new study published in Pediatrics is getting a lot of media attention today.  CBS News, HealthDay News, The Inquisitr and Examinir.com, are among the many news outlets that have been reporting about the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine.
The results of the study show that the HPV vaccine has been effective at reducing the number of infections that people are getting, while also protecting those people who haven’t been vaccinated.  The study abstract concludes that

“four years after licensing of the quadrivalent HPV vaccine, there was a substantial decrease in vaccine-type HPV prevalence and evidence of herd protection”.

The abstract specifically states that

“the prevalence rate for vaccine-type HPV decreased substantially from 31.7%–13.4% and the decrease in vaccine-type HPV not only occurred among vaccinated (31.8%–9.9%) but also among the unvaccinated (30.2%–15.4%)”.

Since vaccine critics often question the validity of “herd immunity”, it’s encouraging that this study was able to illustrate the reduction of disease, not only in the vaccinated population, but also among the unvaccinated.  The simple suggestion is that if we can protect a critical portion of the community from ever contracting these particular strains of HPV covered by the vaccine, than we can effectively reduce the overall transmission of these viruses and reduce the incidence of infection even among those who remain unvaccinated.  This is especially good news since the vaccine has had less than optimal uptake since it was first recommended to pre-teen girls several years ago.
In evaluating the disappointing vaccination rates, many believe that there have been a number of possible reasons.

  • Some have claimed that parents may be less agreeable to vaccinating for HPV (as opposed to other diseases) because it requires genital contact for transmission.  The argument some parents make is that they are uncomfortable with vaccination their children because they believe than in doing so they are somehow communicating consent for their young children to engage in sexual behavior that they feel is inappropriate at their age.  Certainly the age recommendations, chosen to ensure that children receive the full series of three vaccines before their first sexual encounter, may be an obstacle for some parents.
  • Additionally, some have criticized health care providers for not being more diligent in offering the vaccine to preteens and discussing the benefits fully with parents.
  • Still others suggest that parents – concerned about the safety of the vaccine as a result of widely distributed, yet unsubstantiated claims of injury – are extremely emotional, nervous and less likely to agree to vaccinate their children.

Whatever the reasons that are impacting these parental decisions, public health officials continue to try to address parental concerns with solid scientific evidence, and this recent study simply helps to demonstrate the effectiveness of this vaccine.
The fact remains that approximately 20 million Americans are currently infected with HPV and about 6 million people becoming newly infected each year. HPV is so common that at least 50% of sexually active men and women get it at some point in their lives.  In the U.S. alone, this results in about 1% of sexually active adults getting genital warts, almost 12,000 women getting HPV-associated cervical cancer and thousands of other women getting HPV-associated vulvar and vaginal cancer.
And now, with the HPV vaccine recommendations recently extending to young males, there is a concentrated effort to also prevent thousands of men from eventually getting HPV-associated penile, anal and throat cancers. 
The study abstract concludes with an interesting note which explains that the nonvaccine-type HPV was noted to increase among the study participants from 60.7%–75.9% during the observation period.  While it is suggested that this information be further analyzed, I felt that it seemed to suggest that the vaccine was effective in reducing the vaccine-type HPV, while also demonstrating that  sexual relations will continue to spread those viruses that are not covered by the vaccine at this point in time. Perhaps this will not only help validate the effectiveness of the current HPV vaccine, but also encourage and support development of an even better vaccine that can effectively cover more viruses.
Until that day comes, we can be grateful that the current HPV vaccine covers the most common viruses and that those who do vaccinate will be helping to prevent further spread of this disease, even among those who choose not to be vaccinated.

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71 responses to “Even the Unvaccinated are Protected by HPV Vaccine”

  1. Lara Lohne says:

    I have children who fall into the age range of needing to receive this vaccine. I don’t know whether or not they are being given it though. Even though their father and I have joint physical custody, he and his wife moved them to a different state without my knowledge or consent and there is little that I can, or could have done, about it simply due to lack of funds to hire a lawyer and no room for them to live with me at the same time, or I would have offered that had I known.
    It scares me to think they may not be getting this vaccine, particularly because I know how strictly religious my ex’s family is, and even though his wife doesn’t attend any services claims to be Catholic and adheres to their beliefs. Having had older children come before them, I am at least able to look at the situation with a sense of reality; if given the leave to do so, they will engage in sexual activities, even before they are emotionally ready (my ex told our oldest he didn’t care if what she did in that regard as long as she used protection, which was the same thing his mother said to him). I worry that my children won’t be protected, or that they may also find themselves with partners who are also unprotected, since generally asking someone’s vaccine status isn’t brought up prior to contact, just as HIV status isn’t asked either.
    I am striving to be able to bring my younger children back to live with me, because they don’t like it where they are, away from all their friends and family they’ve ever known with no big city activities to participate in (they moved into an extremely rural and population-spare area) and they are lonely and bored and feel unloved as well. Until then I can only hope my ex and his wife will put their personal biases aside, not listen to the extreme points of view and denialism of their parents and think about what is in the best interest of our children and make sure they are vaccinated. When the day comes that they become sexually active, they need more protection then just from unwanted pregnancy, yet that seems to be the only protection some people take into account.
    Of course I also have my 5 year old son who is mildly to moderately autistic. I don’t know if he will ever have the social skills to be able to date, one can hope and have faith, but that time is still long off as things currently stand. He’s the cutest little boy now with big blue eyes, thick long curly lashes and a dimple that would melt anyone’s heart. He will only grow to be more attractive (if his father is any indicator) and I worry of him being taken advantage of, used, abused, all of that that goes along with having a child of special needs. Is it tempting fate to have him get the vaccine series, when he comes of age, just in case these things do happen, he will at least be protected by that, or is it being unrealistically optimistic to get him vaccinated in the hopes he might gain the social skills for dating (he has to be reminded even now to say hi and bye to people)? I suppose, just like with all the other vaccines, it is better to be safe then sorry, regardless of how his social skills develop. But also safe in case some evil being out there does take advantage of him and doesn’t happen to have the same protection herself, or himself. I don’t know if these things are taken into account when vaccinating special needs children. Well, I think I’ve rambled enough now.

  2. adriana says:

    If you want to be taken seriously, how about
    1. Include links that actually work
    2. Proof read what you write for typos and grammar!!

  3. Chris says:

    adriana, which links do not work? Now, ignoring the pedantic grammar advice, what in particular is wrong with the study? Please be specific.

  4. Chris says:

    Ah, it is to the Pediatrics Epub link, well here is the PubMed abstract:
    Adriana, I hope you do not correct your children’s errors in such a brash manner. Usually it works better to politely note which link is broken, and asking them to fix them.

  5. Wow, my child has “herd immunity” to a SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED disease? How the crap does that work? Seriously, Pediatrics, if you want to be taken seriously, don’t be retarded.

  6. Chris says:

    Jennifer, your children will grow up. And it happens quite quickly. Do not be fooled into thinking that you can keep the world away from your children, even if they are only in middle school, and definitely not if they are in high school. All you can do is model the behavior you expect from them.
    Also, do you admonish your children by telling to not be “retarded”?

  7. You might want to research all the deaths from the HPV vaccine. The possibility that my kids will grow up and have sex does not prove that the vaccine works or that it is safe. If that’s the bulk of your argument for getting vaccinated, then you may want to educate yourself. Also, please tell me how herd immunity works for a sexually transmitted disease? Of course, you can’t because herd immunity is a theory applied to cattle…not humans, and disease…not vaccines.

  8. Chris says:

    What research? VAERS? No, I’ve read what you must read and understand before using that self-selected survey. I know it is unsubstantiated raw data. I prefer reading the actual scientific literature. Perhaps you can point me to the title, journal and date of the PubMed indexed paper with the relevant evidence that either of the available HPV vaccines are not safe.
    Herd immunity works for sexually transmitted disease because several people have more than one sex partner. That is how those diseases are transmitted. It does not matter that you do not like the term “herd”, but you sound like you would not care for the term “community immunity” either.
    I hope you figure out how to make sure each and every one of your children marry someone who has no sexually transmitted diseases. I just don’t know how I would guarantee that for my kids. Do you plan on hiring private investigators for each of their love interests? My twenty-one year old son is about to go on a kite-flying date with what should be his fourth or fifth girlfriend. I don’t think I could afford to do that many background checks.

  9. Lawrence says:

    @jennifer – wow, idiot-much? If you can remove transmission vectors of a disease, you start removing it from the population altogether….hence, the more people are vaccinated, the less likely the disease will spread (lacking hosts it can successfully infect).
    So, you’d be against an AIDS vaccine too?
    What an idiot…..

  10. lilady says:

    It would be nice if Jennifer didn’t use this blog to spam her business.
    So tell me Jennifer, aside from your *credentials* and your talents as a crocheter and soap-maker from Idaho, why should we believe anything you say.
    As the parent of child who died eight years ago and who was developmentally disabled, I take great offense at your ignorance and your labeling of people with intellectual impairments as “retards”.
    Too, too bad that you have educational deficits…and too, too bad that you are full of yourself and “full of it”.

  11. I didn’t use my business to spam anything. This site automatically used my blog. I see a lot of talk from you guys but I challenge any of you to prove with an unbiased source that vaccines work. You can’t do it, because there aren’t any. I simply choose to do what IS proven, and that is to strengthen the immune system that God gave me. Simple as that.

    • Lara Lohne says:

      I have always had a very strong immune system, from the time I was really little until present. I rarely get sick with even a cold or the flu. However, that didn’t stop me from contracting mumps when I was 6 nor pertussis when I was 17. The pertussis lasted for months and when all was said and done I have permanent lasting damage to my lungs that gives me asthma like symptoms without it actually being classified as asthma. It destroyed my dream of being an Olympic swimmer because it destroyed my lung capacity and made swimming competitively extremely hard, even in B meets. There was no way I could have kept up with A status swimmers, nor become one myself, which is the first requirement to being accepted to the Olympic swim team.
      Not only that, but now when I do get sick, it goes straight to my lungs and I have a lasting cough that persists for weeks, and several times I have ended up with viral pneumonia. All I can do is wait for the virus to run it’s course in those situations. THAT is what my mother’s decision to not vaccinate has left me with. My younger sister who nearly died from meningitis lost total hearing in her right ear, resulting in balance issues for the rest of her life.
      Sure this is all anecdotal and you won’t accept any of it since it’s not science, but you will gladly accept such stories as proof from those who claim vaccine damage even when science refutes those claims. There is no such thing as an unbiased source in your opinion. If it’s pro-vaccines, there are conflicts of interest or the research is tainted in some other way, but if it’s claims made from anti-vaccinists without research to back it up, you accept it gladly and spread it as fact. That, my dear is called hypocrisy. In this particular ‘debate’, you can’t have your cake and eat it too, it’s either one way or the other, not both. If you will not accept the science that shows vaccines work to prevent disease, nor the science that proves the claims made by anti-vaccine groups are not true, and will only accept the stories and claims of those who shout vaccine damage, you should also accept the stories and claims of those who have suffered through disease and ended up damaged by them. Either stories are proof, or they are not. If they work for one argument they should work for both. If they don’t work for both, they shouldn’t work for either. That would just leave what science shows us, and science shows us, time and time again vaccines work to prevent disease.
      Or do you believe that those who suffer, become disabled and die from these diseases are being punished by God for something? God gave them an immune system too, the funny thing about that being, if it isn’t exposed to pathogens, it can’t get stronger, and many natural strains of VPDs actually can weaken the immune system, rather then making it stronger, which is what vaccines do, enabling the person vaccinated to fight off the wild strain without become sick and suffering any adverse affects from the disease. God gave us an intellect and logical minds as well as immune systems. Some have used their intellect to better the lives of humans, and personally, I believe this life has enough to suffer from in it without adding disease back into the mix. Call me crazy but I can’t help but feel you just want humanity to suffer more and die more. That is what will happen if vaccination is no longer wide spread. Look at countries that don’t have vaccines, their stories speak volumes to proof that vaccines work where they are used. Look at the story of small pox, killed thousands until inoculation came into being, and now it’s gone and we don’t even need to be vaccinated against it anymore. I look forward to that day happening for all other VPDs, but that day will never come until there is no population for the viruses to infect and spread through. The only way that can happen is through vaccination.

  12. lilady says:

    @ Jennifer White
    “I see a lot of talk from you guys but I challenge any of you to prove with an unbiased source that vaccines work. You can’t do it, because there aren’t any. I simply choose to do what IS proven, and that is to strengthen the immune system that God gave me. Simple as that.”
    Try to use the *intellect* that your God gave you, Jennifer.

  13. Lawrence says:

    @Jennifer – wow, your god certainly killed quite a number of people with Smallpox, not to mention the Black Plague, plus the innumerable people permanently injured by measles, mumps, rubella, etc…..sorry, but I put my faith in what I can actually see – which is vaccines virtually (and in the case of smallpox, totally) eliminating those diseases from our lives today.
    You stand a very small chance of exposure today for the very reasons that vaccines work. If you had even half a brain in your head & could figure out PubMed – you would find plenty of studies from all over the world,
    Putting in “herd immunity” into PubMed – I get over 1200 hits.
    You are an idiot.

  14. Chris says:


    I see a lot of talk from you guys but I challenge any of you to prove with an unbiased source that vaccines work.

    Why are you changing the subject? It seems that you have not studied much in the way of biology, or even history. From the severe reduction of European population to bubonic plague, and that it is estimated that 90% of the native population of the American continents died from the effects of smallpox, measles and other European diseases (do look the Whitman Massacre). But I will try to show you some data:
    Well, there are several studies out there that show the effects of vaccinating, like Historical Comparisons of Morbidity and Mortality for Vaccine-Preventable Diseases in the United States. Though you probably have something against the employees of the US Federal Government. Even though you may have no problem with the raw data of the VAERS database.
    Do you think that the US Census Bureau is unbiased? If so, please look at the following data and tell us what caused the rate of measles incidence in the USA to go down 90% between 1960 and 1970. Please do not comment on any other decade, nor any other country and do not mention death rates. Answer the question as it was asked.:
    From http://www.census.gov/prod/99pubs/99statab/sec31.pdf
    Year…. Rate per 100000 of measles
    1912 . . . 310.0
    1920 . . . 480.5
    1925 . . . 194.3
    1930 . . . 340.8
    1935 . . . 584.6
    1940 . . . 220.7
    1945 . . . 110.2
    1950 . . . 210.1
    1955 . . . 337.9
    1960 . . . 245.4
    1965 . . . 135.1
    1970 . . . . 23.2
    1975 . . . . 11.3
    1980 . . . . . 5.9
    1985 . . . . . 1.2
    1990 . . . . .11.2
    1991 . . . . . .3.8
    1992 . . . . . .0.9
    1993 . . . . . .0.1
    1994 . . . . . .0.4
    1995 . . . . . .0.1
    1996 . . . . . .0.2
    1997 . . . . . . 0.1

  15. Chris says:

    Jennifer, in an attempt to drag this back on topic, but only obliquely with an interesting mingling of science and history. Because it has to do with the connection between the Bubonic Plague and HIV/AIDS.
    Not everyone died from plague, some were able to survive and others were no even affected. This affected the immune system of the whole continent. As it turns out they have a specific mutation of their immune system called CCR5. What makes this interesting is that those who have this mutation are immune to HIV/AIDS. Isn’t that cool!?
    You can read about it from the notes of a PBS program called Secrets of the Dead: Mystery of the Black Death.

  16. lilady says:

    Back to the topic of this blog…
    Here’s an interesting paper from the Guttmacher Institute that provides current information about individual States’ education law regarding sex education in public schools:
    (Just so we all know what we are dealing with). Take a look at Jennifer’s home state of Idaho on page 3.
    IMO, ideally, sex education would be done within the family unit, starting from an early age…then augmented in the public school system.
    About 30 years ago, when my daughter was a preteen, I took her to her pediatrician for a school physical. At the end of the physical, which I and the doctor’s nurse were present for, her doctor requested that I leave the exam room so he could “speak privately” with her.
    She “volunteered” the substance of her private conversation…it was about sexual activity. Heavily stressed by her doctor were reassurances that she, and not mommy, was his patient and strict confidentiality would be maintained. He also impressed on her the need to protect herself from acquiring STDs and an unplanned pregnancy, should she start having sexual relations.
    I was so pleased that her doctor took the time to educate her and took the time to reassure her that the patient-doctor relationship would remain inviolate.

  17. Chris says:

    I found a short and clear timeline on the discovery of HPV, and developing the vaccine:

  18. ella says:

    I agree with Jennifer. I read the horrible account of Zeda Pingel’s reaction to the HPV vaccine in Vaccine Epidemic, and that was enough for me. Paralyzed, lost ability to talk and reason, fed through a feeding tube, breathes through a tracheotomy. Guess she’ll never have to worry about catching a sexually-transmitted disease now. My daughter will never get it. It was taken off the market in Spain and India because of the girls it killed there. I read Hilary Butler’s chapters on it in From One Prick to Another, and was shocked by all the facts proving that it is a dangerous vaccine whose effectiveness won’t be known for decades, while the other serotypes of HPV are even now moving into the space vacated by the targeted viruses. For other strands of the virus, the vaccine shows a negative efficacy rate, meaning more women are getting the other kinds of HPV virus if they have been vaccinated than if they have not.

  19. Lawrence says:

    @ella – would love to see the actual Science behind those “horror” stories. Also, other strains of HPV don’t cause cervical cancer, so your point is MOOT!

  20. ella says:

    That is not true, there are at least 200 strains of HPV, and some of them cause cancer that are not included in either Gardasil or Cervarix. That is why articles often say that girls may get a false feeling of security if they’ve gotten the vaccine, without realizing that they have to keep getting the Pap test anyway, in case they get cancer from a strain not included in the vaccine. Researchers have found at least fifteen cancer-causing HPV strains (and they’re identifying new strains of HPV every day, so there may be far more than this). (FDA. “Gardasil HPV Quadrivalent. Vaccine, May 18, 2006 VRBPAC Meeting.” Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee Background Document.)
    Many babies and small children have HPV, so it may be that they run the same risk as girls who have been exposed to HPV at the time they get the shot, that is, a fairly great risk of adverse reaction, and a higher chance of testing positive later for HPV than if they hadn’t gotten the vaccine. Kids aren’t usually screened before they get the shot to see if they have already been exposed to HPV.
    According to Dr. Diane Harper, director of the Gynecologic Cancer Prevention Research Group at the University of Missouri, “The rate of serious adverse events (from Gardasil) is greater than the incidence rate of cervical cancer.” Chitale, R. “CDC report stirs controversy for Merck’s Gardasil vaccine: cervical cancer vaccine linked to deaths, incidents of faiting and blood clots.” ABC News (August 19, 2009).
    At the website The Truth About Gardasil you can read accounts of horrific adverse reactions and see photos of a few of the young women who have suffered them or even died from Gardasil. There are e-mail addresses at the end of many of the accounts, for those who want to confirm the events recounted with the people involved.
    Virtually everyone who is sexually active contracts HPV by the time they are fifty, and virtually everyone recovers from it within two years, and then has immunity to that strain. Cancer is rare in those who contract the virus, there needs to be an additional factor such as smoking before cancer develops. The Pap test had already greatly reduced the incidence of cervical cancer in the U.S., and it is safe, unlike either Gardasil or Cervarix.

  21. Chris says:


    “The rate of serious adverse events (from Gardasil) is greater than the incidence rate of cervical cancer.”

    Citation required. Give us the title, journal and date of the Dr. Harper’s PubMed indexed paper where she said this. There have been issues with people misquoting her:

    “I did not say that Cervarix was as deadly as cervical cancer. I did not say that Cervarix could be riskier or more deadly than cervical cancer. I did not say that Cervarix was controversial, I stated that Cervarix is not a ‘controversial drug’. I did not ‘hit out’ – I was contacted by the press for facts. And this was not an exclusive interview.”

  22. lilady says:

    @ Ella: How many strains of HPV can infect the genital area of both men and women?
    “There are about 40 types of HPV that can infect the genital areas of men and women. Most HPV types cause no symptoms and go away on their own. But some types can cause cervical cancer in women and other less common cancers— like cancers of the anus, penis, vagina, and vulva and oropharynx (back of throat including base of tongue and tonsils). Other types of HPV can cause warts in the genital areas of men and women, called genital warts. Genital warts are not life-threatening. But they can cause emotional stress and their treatment can be very uncomfortable. Every year, about 12,000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer and 4,000 women die from this disease in the U.S. About 1% of sexually active adults in the U.S. have visible genital warts at any point in time.”
    And, effectiveness of the vaccine against the ~ 40 strains that can infect the genital area, rectums and oropharynx:
    “The vaccines do not protect against all HPV types— so they will not prevent all cases of cervical cancer. About 30% of cervical cancers will not be prevented by the vaccines, so it
    will be important for women to continue getting screened for cervical cancer (regular Pap tests). Also, the vaccines do not prevent other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). So it will still be important for sexually active persons to lower their risk for other STIs.”
    What were you saying about *vaccine injuries*?
    “How safe are the HPV vaccines?
    Both vaccines have been licensed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The CDC has approved these vaccines as safe and effective. Both vaccines were studied in thousands of people around the world, and these studies showed no serious safety concerns. Side effects reported in these studies were mild, including pain where the shot was given, fever, dizziness, and nausea. Vaccine safety continues to be monitored by CDC and the FDA. More than 46 million doses of HPV vaccine have been distributed in the United States as of June 2012.
    Fainting, which can occur after any medical procedure, has also been noted after HPV vaccination. Fainting after any vaccination is more common in adolescents. Because fainting can cause falls and injuries, adolescents and adults should be seated or lying down during HPV vaccination. Sitting or lying down for about 15 minutes after a vaccination can help prevent fainting and injuries.”
    Here’s a website about the safety of Gardisal
    Look under the analyses of the data on the VAERS reports and also the Vaccine Safety Datalink, to see the mild side effects after immunization…and the few instances of blood clot formation that were reported, sometime after the vaccine was administered (90% of the reported blood clots in patients had known risk factors for the formation of blood clots…not associated with the vaccine).

  23. Sammy says:

    Major Concerns have broken out regarding GARDISAL & other Vaccines – WARNING PLEASE THINK TWICE & Research more:

  24. Sammy says:

    Please research more!
    Many parents & health care workers around the world are NOW making an empowered choice to ‘Opt out’ of having there babies Vaccinated…why? hmm I wonder!
    Big Pharma = eradicate one or two diseases but spread another that is 10 times worse… CANCER!!
    From the monkey’s mouth – back where it all started, listen closely, would you give your baby something from this pharmaceutical manufacture?

  25. Chris says:

    Sammy, videos and Dr.”Send me your money” Mercola are not verifiable sources of evidence.
    Now tell us again why we should care about your opinions? You really don’t seem to understand the science, nor on how to stay on topic. Hint: mumps is a completely different kind of disease than HPV. But you can redeem yourself and explain which of the following is the subject of Dr. “Buy my supplements” Mercola article: Leningrad-Zagreb, Rubini, Jeryl Lynn or Urabe.

  26. Sammy says:

    This is the link news warning & many others similar … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Zilsj-0WuY&feature=related

  27. Sammy says:

    Warnings about HPV … its not worth it! Dont trust anything from MERCK, they are fraudulent. See Merck scientist video above, he even confesses way back what they have been up to. Honestly they should be SHUT DOWN!

  28. Sammy says:

    Why hasn’t GARDASIL been taken off the market?! This should be withdrawn IMMEDIATELY & INVESTIGATED well over 9000 serious cases reported …so why on earth are you saying it is safe & effective! SHOCKING! MAKE EMPOWERED CHOICES PARENTS & INFORM YOUR CHILDREN TO DO THE SAME SO THE DOCTORS DO PRESSURE THEM.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7LH9TRCHuA&feature=related

    • Lara Lohne says:

      Please stop spamming YouTube videos and claiming them as evidence of anything. If you are only able to provide YouTube videos and news releases to back up your claims then please refrain from commenting. In most places, this kind of spamming will get you banned. Providing useful information is one thing, spamming is entirely different. It is disrespectful of anyone and everyone who may come here. In essence you are attempting to dominate the discussion by only allowing what you say to be heard. In a country that makes free speech one of its cornerstones, those tactics are not smiled upon. If you have real information to provide, which you can back by scientific data and research, by all means, share it, in a manner befitting a mature adult. If not, please remove yourself from this discussion as you are not adding anything but a feeling of hostility.

  29. Brett says:

    Thanks for the information Sammy. I thought the video on Dr. Hilleman was very insightful.

  30. Sammy says:

    Parents should be aware of both sides of the coin so they can make empowered & well informed choices.
    Doctors speak out…

  31. Sammy says:

    Thanks Lara will do! They speak volumes of truth for themselves… & intelligent people of course will cross reference & research everything!

    • Lara Lohne says:

      Sammy :
      Thanks Lara will do! They speak volumes of truth for themselves… & intelligent people of course will cross reference & research everything!

      They do not speak volumes of truth. They are not scientific evidence, they are YouTube videos and should not be taken as anything but a form of entertainment. If you have actual links to scientific data and research showing what you claim then please provide it. If you don’t please stop spamming these YouTube videos and take your hostility elsewhere.

  32. lilady says:

    (I can’t *resist* posting this YouTube video, in response)

  33. Brett says:

    @lilady…thanks! Very interesting about what is happening in TX.

  34. Sammy says:

    THANKS Lilady, not sure of your point there im not from US!
    No one can order you or your baby to take or do anything with out your Consent ‘mandatory or not’ ..Please know your rights parents & learn how you can ‘Opt Out’ & SAY NO to vaccines if you do not agree with what is in them or the bollocks research that Big Pharma releases & feeds the Doctors.
    ‘Opt out’ forms downloadable online. Know your rights!
    Good news is the many parents & health workers are now Opting Out world wide…why? Hmm!

  35. Chris says:

    Sammy, I thought you were leaving, but you seem to be back spamming us with off topic random links.
    By the way, My3sons spammed us with that link earlier. It is the one with seven links on thimerosal. So, I must ask you the same question I asked My3sons:
    Which vaccine on the present American pediatric schedule is available only with thimerosal? Please do not include influenza, since out of eight approved for children four are thimerosal free.

  36. Sammy says:

    Yes well you would know & there are still Vaccines that do contain Thimerosal, its alarming that they where given then ok to use it in the first place, beside its not the point.. Aluminium Adjutant ..which is in most shots, along with other ingredients are recognised & known to be as toxic, if not MORE toxic then Thimerosal – in any dose mind you.. so why is this madness continuing!?!
    Please just ‘Opt Out’! Don’t wait another few years for to find out!

    • Lara Lohne says:

      From your use of the word ‘bollocks’ I’ll take it that you are in the UK. With all those people ‘opting out’ of vaccines, which you claim is a good thing, I need to ask you, of those who have opted out, how many have been hospitalized or died from measles due to non-vaccination? Why is there an epidemic in your country and other neighboring countries from a disease that is the most contagious on the planet, but also easily prevented with vaccine? We were on the verge of wiping out measles, it is no longer endemic in the US, but thanks to Wakefield and his cronies and their fraudulent claims linking MMR to autism, measles is back and killing people again. Think about that when spreading your spam.

  37. Brett says:

    @Sammy…yes I heard that about aluminium…suppose to be very very bad for you.
    @Chris….so thimerosal is still in the flu vaccines? If it is known to be harmful why is it still in any vaccines?
    This is great information…thanks to all on here!

  38. Lara Lohne says:

    @Chris….so thimerosal is still in the flu vaccines? If it is known to be harmful why is it still in any vaccines?

    Thimerosal is not known to be harmful, there is no evidence at all showing any harm caused by thimerosal in the amounts that used to be used in vaccines. Again, perhaps you need to read a little closer, Chris stated that of the 8 flu vaccines approved for children, 4 of them do not contain thimerosal, for those parents who are still frightened by unfounded and false claims about thimerosal. It was not removed because it was found to be harmful, it was removed due to ignorant (which is not the same as stupid) parents who refused to actually research the science behind it and took the word of anti-vaccine activists who claimed it was harmful without any proof to back up their claims.

  39. Brett says:

    @Lara… Thank you for that information! Somebody told me that thimerosal is different then mercury. Any thoughts?

    • Lara Lohne says:

      Thimerosal is VERY different from mercury. Thimerosal is a brand name of a preservative that contains a metabolite called ethylmercury, whose nearest chemical cousin is methylmercury, which is an industrial waste product and can sometimes be found in canned tuna, and other fish, etc. These two substances are not anywhere near close to the same, and when testing was done for safety relating to use of thimerosal as a preservative in vaccines, they could only use methylmercury as a comparison as it was the closest in composition. While methylmercury is toxic in large amounts on a chronic basis, ethylmercury is flushed out of the body in a relatively short period of time.
      Unlike methylmercury, ethylmercury does not bioaccumulate, meaning it gets flushed out of the system rather then integrated into tissues in the body. The half life of methylmercury is 1.5 months, as opposed to the half life of ethylmercury which is less then one week. Ethylmercury has not been well studied itself, but it is significantly less neurotoxic then methylmercury, that much is known. If you are interested, this is an article provided by the FDA regarding ethylmercury and it’s use in thimerosal preservative in vaccines as well as other biological and drug products:
      I hope you find the information helpful and informative.

  40. Chris says:


    @Chris….so thimerosal is still in the flu vaccines? If it is known to be harmful why is it still in any vaccines?

    Four of the influenza vaccines approved for children do not have thimerosal. Do you understand? And it was never shown to be harmful.
    Let me try again: Look at this table of pediatric vaccines and tell me which ones are only available with thimerosal.
    And if you scroll up that page and read all of it, you will learn about thimerosal, which if it is not clear: has not been an issue for American pediatric vaccines for more than a decade. Which is why the link that Sammy was spamming on this article of off topic.
    Sammy, I see you did not even bother answering the question. Well, then just answer this one: what is the most common metal element on this planet’s crust?

  41. Brett says:

    @Lara…thanks so much!!

  42. Lawrence says:

    Sammy – check the dates. This was noted and corrected more than 50 years ago.

  43. Sammy says:

    Moral of the story …is do some more research before you subject your babies to Vaccines!
    I know your fav..

  44. Lawrence says:

    @Sammy – for a variety of reasons, Mercola is not a reliable source.

  45. Sammy says:

    Lawrence ..& for a variety of reasons YOU & this site is not a reliable source!
    Surely nearly 5000 parents cant be wrong thats just in one place. Just admit it at least something is fishy then i will leave you all alone! Please stop this one side bullshite! “In the U.S., nearly 5,000 families blame the MMR jab for causing their children’s autism — despite continuing protests from the medical and scientific world that there is little evidence.”
    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2160054/MMR-A-mothers-victory-The-vast-majority-doctors-say-link-triple-jab-autism-Italian-court-case-reignite-controversial-debate.html#ixzz21v9SSQDI

  46. Lawrence says:

    @sammy – how many vaccines are administered per year?
    Please cite one credible study that links the MMR vaccine to autism.
    Please cite one population study that links vaccines to autism.
    What would have happened to Hannah Poling if she had gotten a high fever from catching the flu?
    What is the standard of evidence used by the vaccine court vs. civil courts?
    Please explain why it might be important when surveys of adult populations in the UK show a prevalence of autism of around 1%.
    Which current anti-vaccine leader was instrumental in creating VAERS and the Vaccine Court?
    Why do any number of anti-vaccine parents who frequent this site refuse to file claims in the Vaccine Court, despite believing their children are vaccine injured?
    Can these same parents also file suit in Civil Court as well?
    As part of Dr.Walker-Smith defense in his appeal of the GMC decision, did he state that the Science behind the “autism-vaccine link” was settled, and that his only responsibility was treating Wakefield’s patients and not research?
    I would love to see your answers, since they are easily found.

  47. Chris says:


    Surely nearly 5000 parents cant be wrong thats just in one place.

    What does that have to do with the HPV vaccine? And why were almost 4000 dismissed if they were correct?
    As far as the Daily Mail article, if you think that an Italian legal decision can reverse over a decade of scientific research (and the UK General Medical Council), then the next time you are injured do not go to a medical clinic. Instead haul yourself to a legal office and have a lawyer tend to your wounds. Tell them that since you feel that lawyers know more than medical doctors and researchers, you trust them more.

  48. lilady says:

    @ Chris: The Rimini magistrate’s decision on behalf of the plaintiff’s who alleged measles vaccine caused autism, has been roundly criticized within the science community and within the legal community…worldwide. The decision is being appealed and the decision will be overturned.
    The mother of the child testified, under oath, that her child received measles vaccine at seven months of age. Then, still under oath, stated that her child received the measles vaccine at fifteen months of age.
    I’m still chuckling over the YouTube video with Michele Bachmann claiming a parent told her, that her daughter received the HPV vaccine “and thereafter became mentally retarded”. I’d love to see that VAERS report. If such a VAERS report exists it might even *surplant* the VAERS report stating a post vaccine event when the vaccine recipient “thereafter became the Incredible Hulk”.

  49. Michael Polidori says:

    I cannot believe anything this person posted. It is simply a fearmongering campaign to scare people into getting the useles gardasil or cervarix vaccines. It is also an attack piece on anyone who is opposed to this vaccine on rational science-based-evidence grounds. This person tries to lump anyone who is opposed to this vaccination with people she claims are ignorant religious zealots.
    HPV are a common infection and over 95% of us clear ALL types of HPV without doctors, drugs or vaccines.
    The CDC/FDA/Merck admit only a small percentage of women get a chronic HPV infection and a TINY portion of those chronically infected go on to develop cervical cancer.
    In addition if you review Pubmed studies at the Hational Institutes of Health about HPV found in cervical cancer you will see that EVERY study shows cervical cancers that do not have any trace of HPV infection.
    What is needed for HPV to become chronic is a woman’s immune system has to be impaired. Our immune systems fight tissue infections like HPV and cancer is also fought by the same part of the immune system.
    It is called Cell Medicated Immunity or CMI. If CMI is impaired HPV can become chronic. If the impairment is severe and cervical cancer starts sometimes that cancer will grow to a dignosable stage.
    It is not the HPV virus that causes the cancer. Cervical cancer is very rare and HPV are very common. They are together by coincidence only

  50. Michael Polidori says:

    Additional comment to ensure notification of follow-up comments

  51. Chris says:

    Mr. Polidori: “Hational Institutes of Health”
    Huh? Where is that country?
    “Cervical cancer is very rare and HPV are very common.”
    Citation needed.

  52. novalox says:

    @michael polidori
    [citation needed], since your claims fly in the face of actual scientific evidence.

  53. Francine says:

    Thank you for the excellent information Michael!

  54. novalox says:

    So, do you have any evidence, since michael conveniently hasn’t posted any?

  55. dingo199 says:

    Michael Polidori :
    HPV are a common infection and over 95% of us clear ALL types of HPV without doctors, drugs or vaccines.

    Exactly…it is common, which means that the 5% who go on to get problems such as cancer comprise a significantly large number, one that amounts to 12,000 women each year for cervical cancer. That is sufficient for us to be very concerned and to try and do something to prevent.

    It is called Cell Medicated Immunity or CMI. If CMI is impaired HPV can become chronic. If the impairment is severe and cervical cancer starts sometimes that cancer will grow to a dignosable stage.
    It is not the HPV virus that causes the cancer. Cervical cancer is very rare and HPV are very common. They are together by coincidence only

    All medical authorities agree that HPV causes cancer. You are whistling up a gum tree, mate.
    And by the way CMI is Cell Mediated Immunity, not “medicated”.
    Before you pretend to know something about a topic and try and discuss it with people who actually do know something about it, please do your homework and get the terms correct. This is like trying to debate evolution with someone who calls “natural selection” natural “section”, demonstrating they haven’t got a clue what they are on about.
    Embarrassing for you. Stop now before it gets worse, please.

  56. michael0156 says:

    So we have spell checkers and others who want citations and others who say my “claims fly in the face of actual scientific evidence”… but novalox doesn’t post any evidence which I am flying in the face of.
    Neither did anyone else post evidence, who was critical of what I said.
    If anything I posted is wrong, please post the contradicting evidence. I simply stated obvious facts and drew a logical conclusion, HPV is not proved to cause cancer of any type.
    I took that further. Because I have extensively read about HPV and cervical and have seen the conflicts and the mountains of money motivating the fraud, I have concluded that HPV DOESN’T cause cancer of ANY type.
    If you dare to try to quote science-based evidence, please don’t quote Walboomers et al, That study claimed HPV was found in “virtually all” cervical cancers. I don’t need a degree to show he fraudulently increased the percent of cervical cancer with HPV by eliminating negative samples from a previous study by Bosch based on them “not looking right”. Bosch found 7% of cervical cancer without HPV). Then Walboomers subjected only Bosch’s negative samples to a series of three PCRs, counting as positive a single positive result and rejecting any sample having an ambiguous result. Positive samples were not similarly retested… not a single positive sample was subjected to the three PCR criteria to verify they were positive for HPV (despite known false positives and negatives for PCR tests).
    I don’t need a degree to find and read the immense conflict of Walboomers’ sponsor, who owns a patent on an HPV test kit and is trying to replace PAP smears as the diagnostic test of choice. In order for that to happen ALL cervical cancer must be caused by HPV. So obviously Walboomers had an agenda.
    So folks, let’s see the proof that HPV causes cervical cancer… or ANY cancer.
    And dingo, please don’t try to extrapolate a typo into some mental deficiency youa re pretending I have. Try thinking, posting some evidence and stop your zombie-like parroting.

  57. novalox says:

    So, resorting to using sockpuppets, as well as necromancing, since you conveniently haven’t posted any actual evidence.
    Also, since you were the person making the extraordinary claims, you have to be the one to provide evidence.
    And so far, you haven’t posted anything close to evidence, so why should anyone believe you?

  58. Chris says:

    Actually, Novalox. He really only posts with two ‘nyms. It is not a secret that he is the same person in Comment #60. He typically posts and runs, and will not answer follow-up questions.
    Even though he is not a typical sock puppet, he still refuses to post real evidence. He thinks of himself as an “expert.” Apparently in his world that means we are supposed to believe him without evidence.

  59. Narad says:

    michael0156 :
    If anything I posted is wrong, please post the contradicting evidence. I simply stated obvious facts and drew a logical conclusion, HPV is not proved to cause cancer of any type.

    If you dare to try to quote science-based evidence, please don’t quote Walboomers et al, That study claimed HPV was found in “virtually all” cervical cancers. I don’t need a degree to show he fraudulently increased the percent of cervical cancer with HPV by eliminating negative samples from a previous study by Bosch based on them “not looking right”. Bosch found 7% of cervical cancer without HPV).

    You’d better let Bosch et al. know about this grievous mishandling, as they seem to have remained under the impression that “the causal role of human papillomavirus infections in cervical cancer has been documented beyond reasonable doubt.”

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