Celebrity Mom Brings Attention to Global Vaccine Access
May 30, 2012

Amanda Peet helps launch the Shot@Life PSA, now airing in Times Square.  Photo compliments of Shot@Life.

Starting with the launch of the Shot@Life PSA in Times Square, actress and Every Child By Two Vaccine Ambassador, Amanda Peet has been busy bringing national exposure to the UN Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign by conducting dozens of television, magazine and radio interviews.As I listen to her interviews, I’m encouraged by her personal commitment to such a humanitarian mission.  After all, Amanda’s interest in this issue comes – not from being a celebrity – but from being a mother.  Like many other first time parents, Amanda was concerned when she encountered so much inaccurate vaccine information during her first pregnancy.  Although she had friends deciding not to vaccinte their children, Amanda’s concern about her daughter’s health had her inquiring about immunizations with an expert.  Fortunately, her brother-in-law works as an infectious disease specialist, and he took the time to explain the science behind vaccines.  While she was confident in her decision to vaccinate, she remained concerned about vaccine hesitant parents and the risk that unvaccinated children presented for her own daughter.  Ultimately, her concerns prompted her to reach out to Every Child By Two and become a spokesperson for their Vaccinate Your Baby campaign.
Now that Every Child By Two has partnered with the UN Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign, Amanda Peet is demonstrating her continued commitment to immunizations.  Only this time, her goals are even bigger.  While the Vaccinate Your Baby campaign was intended to educate parents here in the US about vaccines safety, her renewed efforts now focus on expanding global vaccine access to ensure that children all over the world are given a shot at a healthy life.
What I find most admirable about Amanda Peet is that she has been consistent in her message to parents:  when it comes to immunizations, we must look to the science, seek the guidance of experts and do what we know will save lives.  In several interviews she reiterates  her passion by saying,

“What moves me about this cause is the fact that we have a cure. We have the medicine—we just have to get it to the children.”

So while Amanda Peet’s celebrity status may be exactly why she has been able to secure interviews with CNN, ABC, Forbes and several other high-profile media outlets, we are hopeful that people will hear what she has to say about immunization issues, not because of who she is, but rather because of the sensible things she is saying.    In this interview with Forbes writer, Matthew Herper, she speaks openly about immunizations and the exciting possibilities they present in closing the door on such terrible diseases as polio.
Amanda Peet, may get face time as a well-known actress and celebrity, yet it is her humble perspective as a mother and concerned global citizen that has captured the media’s attention.  Hopefully, other parents will take her lead and do what they can to join the Shot@Life movement.

“If moms in the U.S. banded together, we could be on the right side of history. Let’s get it done. It’s not just about your kids, but about your neighbor’s kids, everyone’s kids.”

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