Celebrity Mom Brings Attention to Global Vaccine Access
May 30, 2012

Amanda Peet helps launch the Shot@Life PSA, now airing in Times Square.  Photo compliments of Shot@Life.

Starting with the launch of the Shot@Life PSA in Times Square, actress and Every Child By Two Vaccine Ambassador, Amanda Peet has been busy bringing national exposure to the UN Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign by conducting dozens of television, magazine and radio interviews.As I listen to her interviews, I’m encouraged by her personal commitment to such a humanitarian mission.  After all, Amanda’s interest in this issue comes – not from being a celebrity – but from being a mother.  Like many other first time parents, Amanda was concerned when she encountered so much inaccurate vaccine information during her first pregnancy.  Although she had friends deciding not to vaccinte their children, Amanda’s concern about her daughter’s health had her inquiring about immunizations with an expert.  Fortunately, her brother-in-law works as an infectious disease specialist, and he took the time to explain the science behind vaccines.  While she was confident in her decision to vaccinate, she remained concerned about vaccine hesitant parents and the risk that unvaccinated children presented for her own daughter.  Ultimately, her concerns prompted her to reach out to Every Child By Two and become a spokesperson for their Vaccinate Your Baby campaign.
Now that Every Child By Two has partnered with the UN Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign, Amanda Peet is demonstrating her continued commitment to immunizations.  Only this time, her goals are even bigger.  While the Vaccinate Your Baby campaign was intended to educate parents here in the US about vaccines safety, her renewed efforts now focus on expanding global vaccine access to ensure that children all over the world are given a shot at a healthy life.
What I find most admirable about Amanda Peet is that she has been consistent in her message to parents:  when it comes to immunizations, we must look to the science, seek the guidance of experts and do what we know will save lives.  In several interviews she reiterates  her passion by saying,

“What moves me about this cause is the fact that we have a cure. We have the medicine—we just have to get it to the children.”

So while Amanda Peet’s celebrity status may be exactly why she has been able to secure interviews with CNN, ABC, Forbes and several other high-profile media outlets, we are hopeful that people will hear what she has to say about immunization issues, not because of who she is, but rather because of the sensible things she is saying.    In this interview with Forbes writer, Matthew Herper, she speaks openly about immunizations and the exciting possibilities they present in closing the door on such terrible diseases as polio.
Amanda Peet, may get face time as a well-known actress and celebrity, yet it is her humble perspective as a mother and concerned global citizen that has captured the media’s attention.  Hopefully, other parents will take her lead and do what they can to join the Shot@Life movement.

“If moms in the U.S. banded together, we could be on the right side of history. Let’s get it done. It’s not just about your kids, but about your neighbor’s kids, everyone’s kids.”

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18 responses to “Celebrity Mom Brings Attention to Global Vaccine Access”

  1. Kelly says:

    I like that Amanda Peet refers to the science. This is not her opinion and she isn’t saying “follow me because I’m a celebrity”. She is asking parents to look to accurate information and using her celebrity status to arise awareness.
    Thank you to Amanda for speaking out!

    • Snoozie says:

      I agree with you, Kelly. Amanda is a class act, and her respect for science makes me like her all the more.

  2. Th1Th2 says:

    Thanks to Science, pro-vax inanities have dwindled significantly in the comment section let alone put a rein on their manipulative and bullying behavior.

  3. Science-Loving Mother says:

    ” Like many other first time parents, Amanda was concerned when she encountered so much inaccurate vaccine information during her first pregnancy. Although she had friends deciding not to vaccinte their children, Amanda’s concern about her daughter’s health had her inquiring about immunizations with an expert.”
    I very much relate to Amanda on this point and I’m glad she advocated for the science and respects the overwhelming weight of expert opinion. Great article and great campaign.

  4. Nathan says:

    I’m impressed with how she has grown her advocacy from national to global issues. And I’m impressed by how many people are finding vaccinations worth standing up for, and rightly so.
    Thanks for your voice, Amanda.

  5. Lawrence says:

    Good work by a mother first, actress second.

  6. Lara Lohne says:

    I hope everyone is sharing this on their social networks. More people need to be aware of how life saving vaccines really are and the fact that they have a ‘celebrity spokeswoman’ will be good for everyone to know. I know that her reasons for getting involved is for the health of her children and the other children in her community and around the world. There is no glamor in science, like she said, it’s not sexy. But that makes her all the more respectable for her efforts and respect goes a long way further then sexy.

  7. cb says:

    I enjoy the part where she said her daughter was fully vaccinated yet still recieved a “vaccine preventable deadly disease”

    • Nathan says:

      Well, not exactly, she said that her daughter caught it between her second and third vaccines, which means she had not completed the series. And did you seriously just say that you enjoyed her getting a potentially fatal illness? Wowsers.

  8. YouKnowMe says:

    I would like to point out that her father in law who “spoke to her and pointed out the science” is Dr. Paul Offit. The creator and spokesman for the Rotavirus vaccine. He has a vested interested in making sure everyone is vaccinated. He also said he believes a baby could receive 10,000 shots in one sitting and be just fine. Sure. So glad she has him to look up to. Bwahahaha. I’m sure if Hitler had a daughter in law and brainwashed her into thinking he was right everyone would be cheering too. Yuck. If you believe what Offit and his little followers espouse, well, I have a bridge to sell ya. Baaaaaaaa!

    • YouKnowMe says:

      Sorry, She is the NEICE of Dr. Offit

    • Lawrence says:

      And the anti-vaxer brings Hitler/Nazis into the argument……

      • Oliver says:

        Lawrence, I believe they call that “Godwin’s Law” — yes??? Typical. And, quite frankly, I don’t know why it matters whose daughter-in-law, or niece she is– because, the science is what matters, …and, it supports her position, as well as Dr. Paul Offit. Maybe you should stick to the science YKM, and show that you have some understanding related to vaccines, before laughing your head off at your own stupidity? Just a thought. And, yes, I know you. You are an anonymous AV’er, who can’t be distinguished from any of the other AV’ers… you say the same inaccurate, bogus, crap all over the web. I certainly do “know you.” Just out of curiosity, do you even have a scientific understanding when Dr. Offit referred to how many vaccines a baby theoretically COULD receive and why they’d be just fine? You do know that Dr. Offit was never suggesting that a baby be given that many vaccines (as it’s not part of the recommended schedule). So, maybe you just don’t understand his point, because you don’t have that level of intellect??? Hmmmm…. Yep. I do think so.

    • Thomas says:

      Isn’t it great how pro-children blogs like this one let the opposition post freely? It’s because pro-children bloggers know that when truth and lies freely compete, the lies will be defeated.
      Why do the antivaccine blogs boast that they censor all opposing views? It’s because the antivaxxers know that when truth and lies compete the lies will be defeated – which terrifies them.

  9. YouKnowMe says:

    I’m not an anti vaxer I just find it strange that they don’t mention her ties with the vaccine industry. I have had all my boosters, even as an adult. Have you? If you are ‘pro vaccine’ and truly want to make everyone vaccinate their children to protect the heard, I sincerely hope you are current on all of your boosters. Anyone who fails to disclose a conflict of interest while promoting something which will make them rich is shady in my book. If she was do proud of her family, why hasn’t she disclosed this family tie openly? Politics, that’s why. I feel vaccines are important when used correctly. If we were able to trim down the schedule and take out things like varicella, rotavirus, and MMR-which are easily treatable and don’t often cause issues, and save our immune systems for truly terrible diseases, I would be much more comfortable. If people would quit referencing the eradication of polio and look into the renaming of paralytic disease (i.e. acute flaccid paralysis) and see that these things were NEVER eradicated, I would feel more comfortable. If the medical “professionals” would cop to the fact that vaccine damage does occur and start research to develop testing for predisposition and dosing instead of blindly dosing en masse, I’d feel more comfortable with it.

    • Lara Lohne says:

      I believe this is what is known as a strawman, pointing out what you see as a flaw in the messenger when the point she is making is valid. Who her father in law is or her uncle or anything like that is irrelevant because either way the science is the same, and that most likely is why it wasn’t pointed out; it has no baring on the science behind vaccines. I thought she said it was her brother who talked to her about it, him being an infectious disease specialist for his state? Either way, what is important is that she is speaking out in support of vaccination because the science is what is important and what matters.
      By the way, if you are not anti-vax, why are you making the same points that they would make? If you have all your boosters as an adult, then you know the importance of vaccines and why it is vital for children to get them too. Why are you being antagonistic toward something you use yourself rather then speaking out in support of it? The alternate schedule ruse is very commonly used by anti vaccine activists, and since most of them are not infectious disease specialists, or immunologists or even doctors, how can they say what vaccines are important, which diseases as more dangerous or less dangerous and who should have the alternate schedule and who can have the normal one? The bottom line is these diseases are far more dangerous than any vaccine, including chicken pox, particularly to children and the elderly and also those who can’t be vaccinated and rely on herd immunity to keep them safe. This is science that cannot be refuted. We are all well aware that there is a small risk to vaccines, and those risks are clearly disclosed in the paperwork each doctor is required to give with each vaccine given. I even got one when I got my DTaP booster a couple years ago, although for me it wasn’t a booster, it was the first of it’s kind I had received because I grew up in an anti-vax household so I am not fully vaxxed myself, but all my children are and once I am able to find a doctor that will listen to my concerns, I will get myself fully vaxxed as well.
      Basically, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. You can’t insist that vaccines be given as you see them as important, because you can’t know the risk of each disease to your own child. There isn’t any way that anyone could tell you what that risk is, but they can guarantee it’s much more risky to get the disease then the vaccine that can prevent it. The damage that people are claiming is caused from vaccines just doesn’t happen. I would be more inclined to believe it’s a severe allergic reaction to food they ate rather then vaccine damage, otherwise why would we only start seeing this ‘damage’ now?
      The anti-vax movement isn’t even new, it’s been around since inoculations against small pox were done during the Revolutionary War. The excuses for being anti-vax have changed only slightly over the years, especially when science started showing that vaccines were highly effective and not nearly as risky as the diseases they prevent. So you say you aren’t anti-vax, yet you use all their classic arguments against vaccines which makes me doubt your stated position. It sounds to me like you are anti-vax, you do sound just like them.

    • Lawrence says:

      @YKM – how exactly will Amanda’s advocacy of an international vaccine program supposed to make her rich? Also, Dr. Offit (despite the hue and cry of the anti-vaccine crowd) isn’t receiving on-going payments for his vaccine patent, it was a one-time deal – very publicly disclosed.
      Please name the “truly terrible” diseases that you would have us save our immune systems for – and also, the side-effects for those “mild” diseases you list can actually be quite severe (including death), not to mention the fact that rubella causes birth defects, including autism (scientifically proven, unlike the supposed autism-vaccine link).
      You can’t claim to be pro-vaccine & come out with the standard trope of anti-vaccine messages….

  10. […] who are at the greatest risk for vaccine preventable diseases.  This prompted her to become the Every Child By Two Ambassador to the United Nations Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign and extend her interest in immunizations in order to promote improved global […]

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