Sometimes Silliness Beats Seriousness in Spreading Messages
Sep 27, 2011

While disease prevention is serious stuff, sometimes a little fun can go a long way.  Especially if you are trying to get your point across in an impactful way.
Take for instance the Orange Nose Day initiative.  Sure, an orange nose may, at first glance, resemble a silly clown nose.  But it’s not.  It’s ORANGE!
Why orange?” you ask.
Think of it as the color of health! It makes the suggestion to get out and exercise in the bright orange glow of the sun.  It reminds us of colorful, healthy foods that we should be eating, like oranges and carrots.   And it’s one gloriously happy color.
However, the intent of wearing an orange nose (either a foam one, or a virtual one) is not just to make people smile, but to help communicate five important health messages.
Let’s face it.  Staying healthy requires more than just immunization.  It’s also dependent on eating healthy, exercising, maintaining good hygiene by washing your hands and protecting ourselves from body fluids.
So in an effort to spread the word, we hope you will consider joining in the fun!
Here’s how:
First, visit the Orange Nose Day website for lots of great information about the key health messages we hope to share and how you do your part.
Then, get yourself an orange nose and wear it on October 5th.
That’s right!…Wear it!……………In public!  
Whether you are a nurse, physician, healthcare professional, public health educator, or work in any type of medical setting, wearing an orange nose is sure to attract attention.  Then, when people are wondering why you choose to look so silly, you can explain that in a world of serious public health messages, your bright orange nose is just a fun way for you to share important health messages with everyone you come in contact with.
You may even want to alter your Facebook profile picture to include a photo of yourself with an orange nose, or set up an Orange Nose Day Facebook event online.  (It’s easy to do.  Simply visit the Orange Nose Day website to upload a photo, add your own orange nose and find out how you can help make a difference.)
Of course, we want to hear what messages you will share when you wear your orange nose on October 5th.  Send us your ideas or share them on the Orange Nose Day Facebook page.  And remember, have fun with it!

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6 responses to “Sometimes Silliness Beats Seriousness in Spreading Messages”

  1. Laura says:

    Immunizations do NOT promote good health. And immunization is a misnomer… You do NOT gain immunity from vaccinations. You have an immune response created by the use of adjuvants which irritate the immune system. This does however promote auto immune diseases as your over-stimulated immune system can no longer turn itself off and begins to attack itself. You are entitled to your own opinion, but NOT your own FACTS!!

  2. Nathan says:

    “You are entitled to your own opinion, but NOT your own FACTS!!”
    This appears to be the only sentence in your comment that is accurate.

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