Laughter is the Best Medicine – Take Two
Aug 19, 2011

This week, I have had the pleasure to interview several immunization experts that will be volunteering their time to serve on the Every Child By Two Scientific Advisory Board.  I must admit that it has been a very humbling experience.  I’m not only amazed by their academic and professional achievements in the field of immunizations, I’m also impressed that they dedicate so much of their time to serving and educating others.
They are not out making slick videos to sell their cures on the internet.  Instead, they are out there sharing their knowledge with other medical professionals, scientists, researchers, parents and advocates and passing along years of first hand expertise.   Sure, they are paid a salary, and in some cases perhaps a very generous one.  But a great deal of their work  is done for free.  I am so in awe of their passion, committment and willingness to give so generously of themselves that I sit and wonder how they even find the time to serve on various immunization related boards and committees.  As I reflect on their education, expertise and devotion, I am inspired.
But then, moments later, I am back to work on the internet, witnessing others who are passing themselves off as immunization experts, using fear to sell their anti-vaccine misinformation and profiting from people who have fallen pry to their schemes.  To be honest, it is nothing short of sickening.
So this Friday – because I know I definitely need it – I am pouring up a big tall glass of laughter with this Xtranormal video in this week’s Laughter is the Best Medicine segment.
Sure – there are bound to be a few out there who may be offended by this.  But if they can’t swallow what I’m serving up, they can simply put in an order for some magic brain potion.  It’s just $129.95.
(See the video below for a detailed explanation.)

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19 responses to “Laughter is the Best Medicine – Take Two”

  1. Snake Eyes says:

    We’re happy to have provided this medicinally humorous video. Our facebook page analyzing certain antivaccine “experts” may not be as professional in tone as this excellent blog, but it’s a fun place to examine the logic (or lack thereof) and financial motives of such questionable professionals.

  2. Chelsea says:

    The content that you and your fellow admins create on your Facebook page makes me laugh. The things you quote from Tenpenny just make me want to cry. I love your page!
    And thanks, SoP, for featuring this video!

  3. Twyla says:

    Wow, I wonder why the mom in the above video is standing on the street corner chatting while her baby has whooping cough. What is wrong with her?
    This program where you can make your own cartoon videos is cool. Reminds me of this one, which is one of my favs:
    Street Corner Autism Debate

  4. Chris says:

    In a perfect world the baby would not get whooping cough because all of the adults and teenagers the child would encounter would have had a Tdap vaccine and the younger ones would have had their DTaP.
    And as far as we know, no thirty year old has suddenly become autistic due to getting a Tdap vaccine.

  5. gattarian says:

    “What is wrong with her?”
    Really, Twylla? The answer seems simple enough. She is willing to trust the information gleaned from a random stranger over that compiled from millions of hours of rigorous scientific investigation. I would have thought you of all people were capable of understanding that motivation.

  6. Snake Eyes says:

    Yeah, what is wrong with her? I’ll tell you what’s wrong with her – she’s a fictional character in a satirical cartoon.
    What I wanna know, is what’s wrong with this real life guy?
    Don’t vaccinate, and if you did, by my formula to fix your brain! Okay sure, buddy…

  7. Chris says:

    Also, Twyla’s video is pretty funny in that it repeats every myth and falsehood that has been discussed on this and other blogs that respect science. Like the primate study where some of the animals disappeared! Very funny for a parody.
    Especially for the bit about a “vax/unvax” study, which is pretty funny in that it would never pass an Independent Review Board (IRB) which is required for any study involving humans, especially children.
    Oh, wait. One of their latest NYU/PACE studies was done without an IRB… Plus it was done by lawyers and law students. Really, shouldn’t lawyers know how to follow the rules? Perhaps ethics gets a back seat to anything they can do to win lawsuits.

  8. Twyla says:

    Well, that shows you don’t know me, gattarian. If my baby had whooping cough I would be holding my baby in my arms either at home if not in imminent danger, at the doctor’s office, or at the hospital.

  9. Twyla says:

    Really? She’s a fictional character? Oooooh, no wonder her head is so round and her eyes are taller than they are wide.

  10. Twyla says:

    No, this video does not repeat any myths or falsehoods; it speaks truth.

  11. Twyla says:

    In a perfect world the DTaP would be more effective than it is these days. We keep hearing that the increase in pertussis is due to people not being vaccinated, but actually a lot of the people who are coming down with pertussis are vaccinated.
    In a perfect world adverse reactions to vaccines would be studied so that we would have a better idea of how to prevent and treat these reactions, instead of adverse reactions being cavalierly and summarily dismissed as “coincidence” and parental reports as “anecdotal”.

  12. Twyla says:

    Yes, we have not heard of any thirty year olds becoming autistic due to a vaccine. Trying to figure out the point of this comment.

  13. Twyla says:

    I am not against people getting vaccinated against whooping cough, tetanus, and diptheria. I am against people with vaccine safety concerns being blamed for the increase in pertussis. And I am against failure to look at vaccine problems. That failure cannot be rationalized based on diseases being dangerous.

  14. Chris says:

    I did not blame the anti-vax people for the increase in pertussis because that would not be the whole story. The problem is that the DTaP vaccine provides immunity for only a few years.
    But guess what! So does getting pertussis! Even getting a bacterial disease like pertussis, tetanus and diphtheria does provide lifetime immunity. Sometimes it can be as little as five years.
    For example, there is no immunity from a bacterial strep infection after the child recovers. Which is why a person can get it over and over again. That is one reason why there is no vaccine for strep throat. Pertussis, diphtheria and tetanus are similar, though there is some immunity for a set amount of time.
    It is unreasonable to expect a vaccine to provide better immunity than getting the actual disease. The best way to prevent an infant from pertussis is to make sure as many as the people the child is exposed to have had their immunity boosted by receiving all of the recommended DTaP doses and getting their Tdap boosters as teenagers and older.
    Is your tetanus booster up to date? Because, as you know, there is no herd immunity for that soil born infection. It is especially important if you do any gardening. Be sure to check your records and get the Tdap if it has been more than ten years.

  15. Chris says:

    Aagh, left out an important word: “Even getting a bacterial disease like pertussis, tetanus and diphtheria does not provide lifetime immunity.”

  16. Chris says:

    Actually it does. You should follow the links provided.
    Why are you not appalled that Mary Holland did not follow proper research procedure for using human subjects (even if it is filling out a survey) by getting IRB approval?
    What would be helpful if you listed the papers mentioned, and make sure none have been withdrawn (like one by Hewitson, who had a conflict of interest).

  17. Snake Eyes says:

    Yes, that’s it! That is an excellent clue! And here’s some associated trivia: one thing you might not have known about fictional characters is that they do things that you would not do in real life!
    Sometimes they make it obvious, like if they say “But your demeanor seems knowledgable and kind, and is quite disarming. I will take a moment to chat with you even though this is usually not recommended in my situation”. Look for those kinds of clues.
    Another excellent clue that things are not what they seem is if someone wants you to not vaccinate, but instead, they want you to buy their DVD or book or supplements or Brain Repair Formula or Lupron protocol or spinal manipulations or magic water or all of the above.
    Look for those clues! Now you know, and knowing is half the battle! YO JOE!!!

  18. Snake Eyes says:

    BTW the Banarama reject in that video you posted is standing IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET for the entire ten minutes of mind-melting boredom while she rattles off her half-truths.
    What is wrong with her, huh?

  19. Snake Eyes says:

    “Bananarama.” Still recovering from the mind melt!
    A “Banarama” would be an Eric Bana festival, I would guess. She might be rejected from one of those as well; it’s hard to say!

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