Laughter is the Best Medicine – Take Two
Aug 19, 2011

This week, I have had the pleasure to interview several immunization experts that will be volunteering their time to serve on the Every Child By Two Scientific Advisory Board.  I must admit that it has been a very humbling experience.  I’m not only amazed by their academic and professional achievements in the field of immunizations, I’m also impressed that they dedicate so much of their time to serving and educating others.
They are not out making slick videos to sell their cures on the internet.  Instead, they are out there sharing their knowledge with other medical professionals, scientists, researchers, parents and advocates and passing along years of first hand expertise.   Sure, they are paid a salary, and in some cases perhaps a very generous one.  But a great deal of their work  is done for free.  I am so in awe of their passion, committment and willingness to give so generously of themselves that I sit and wonder how they even find the time to serve on various immunization related boards and committees.  As I reflect on their education, expertise and devotion, I am inspired.
But then, moments later, I am back to work on the internet, witnessing others who are passing themselves off as immunization experts, using fear to sell their anti-vaccine misinformation and profiting from people who have fallen pry to their schemes.  To be honest, it is nothing short of sickening.
So this Friday – because I know I definitely need it – I am pouring up a big tall glass of laughter with this Xtranormal video in this week’s Laughter is the Best Medicine segment.
Sure – there are bound to be a few out there who may be offended by this.  But if they can’t swallow what I’m serving up, they can simply put in an order for some magic brain potion.  It’s just $129.95.
(See the video below for a detailed explanation.)

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