Introducing our Distinguished Scientific Advisory Board
Aug 16, 2011

“Knowledge and ability must be combined with ambition as well as with a sense of honesty and a severe conscience.” 
Carl Remigius Fresenius – German analytical chemist

This past week, I’ve spent a great deal of time reflecting on both my personal and professional development.  Most likely it’s because I’m anticipating big changes for my family as we prepare for my husband’s latest military assignment.  I know that I’m fortunate to have found such great pleasure in my various professional endeavors, and I’m grateful for the enormous personal growth that I have experienced as a result.  I believe my satisfaction comes from my passion to help others.  Whether it has been through my contributions as a military family advocate, or my efforts as a vaccine advocate, compassion is what consistently drives me to use my unique talents and capabilities to try to positively impact the lives of those around me.
Fortunately, I am not alone.  There are countless others whom I have met that are also driven by a vocation to serve.
In fact, during the course of the past 16 months that I have been contributing to this blog, I have had the sincere pleasure to get to know many innovative, intelligent and dedicated people.  People who are praised as experts in their field.  People who have committed their lives to preventing disease and helping to ensure that others remain healthy.  People who are passionate about children, immunization and public health.
When this blog was initially launched by Every Child By Two (ECBT), the goal was to create a community where various voices could come together to share their perspectives on vaccines and discuss current events regarding immunizations.  Through their integrated internet platform, the ECBT audience continues to grow through the Vaccinate Your Baby website, Shot of Prevention blog, Vaccinate Your Baby Facebook page and EveryChildBy2 and ShotofPrev Twitter accounts. During this period of immense growth, we’ve heard from people who are unfamiliar with immunization research, development, and safety.  We’ve realized that some people don’t fully understand how immunization practices and policies are influenced by immunization experts.  And unfortunately, we have recognized that some people question the motives of these experts.
While we constantly refer our readers to scientifically based web links for detailed vaccine information, we also feel it would be helpful if medical experts were available to respond to specific immunization discussions that occur both on the blog and Facebook page.  Therefore, we are pleased to announce our newly established Scientific Advisory Board, and we are grateful to the dedicated immunization experts who have generously offered to serve in this capacity.  As we mark August as  National Immunization Awareness Month, we plan to begin introducing the members to you – our readers – through their own dedicated blog posts.
By profiling each of the distinguished members of this new Scientific Advisory Board, we want to offer readers some unique insight into the specific roles that immunization experts play in advancing immunization research, policy and practices.  We want people to realize that immunization experts are highly motivated by a strong passion to make a positive impact on children and public health. We hope these profiles will give our readers a glimpse beyond credentials, and help them to understand the personal experiences that have made these professionals so passionate about immunizations.  Ultimately, we want people to gain confidence in taking vaccine recommendations from the numerous immunizations experts that are represented – both on this blog and within the immunization community.
We hope that you will enjoy the upcoming posts over the course of the next several weeks, and we thank all the medical professionals who are already actively engaged in our online conversations.   Your efforts have helped provide accurate information to countless readers of our blog and Facebook page, and we need your continued participation in this ongoing dialogue.  Thanks to all of you who work so hard to keep my family and my community free from disease.

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