Actress Amanda Peet Encourages Parents to Vaccinate Kids
Jul 15, 2011

There is one thing that is for sure.  Diseases don’t discriminate based on a person’s popularity, fame or fortune. Which is why actress, and Every Child By Two spokeswoman, Amanda Peet, continues to speak out about the importance of vaccines.
In a recent interview with WebMD, Amanda explains how her 10-month-old daughter, Molly contracted pertussis last year.  Unfortunately, Molly was too young to have received all the doses in the pertussis vaccine series, and came down with a terrible cough.  After four visits to the doctor, she was finally diagnosed with pertussis.  In this article, Amanda explains how concerned she was during that time.  As a vaccine advocate, Amanda was well aware of the risks associated with this contagious disease and this experience simply reinforced why her work with Every Child By Two is so important.
My favorite quote from this article is when Amanda addresses parents who may have concerns about vaccines, encouraging them to research and talk with their physician about the benefits of immunization.

 “Don’t listen to me,” she says. “Listen to the science.”

If only celebrities like Jenny McCarthy had the sense to say the same, perhaps more parents wouldn’t be so misinformed regarding vaccine safety.
The truth is that people need to recognize that vaccines protect more than just the person being vaccinated.  They help protect the entire community.  That is why Every Child By Two and Amanda Peet are encouraging pertussis boosters for adults and adolescents, so that we can collectively “cocoon” young children like Molly, who have not been fully immunized.
Remember, diseases like pertussis may not discriminate, so be sure to vaccinate.

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