Small Change Making a Big Difference to Autism Research
Jun 23, 2011

It’s no surprise that the vaccine conversation often involves the word autism. While numerous studies have failed to show a casual link between vaccines and autism, there is still so much to learn about Autism Spectrum Disorders.
So today I’m excited that one of my favorite non-profits, the Autism Science Foundation (ASF), is being featured on Philanthroper has been described as the “Groupon” of the nonprofit world. Each day they raise funds $1 at a time for a selected nonprofit and today that’s ASF!!
Philanthroper is about group giving. If everyone gives a little bit it will add up to help fund another critical piece of autism research. All dollars raised through this project will  go directly to research.  hat’s great is that the Autism Science Foundation is dedicated to funding the freshest, most exciting ideas to track down the causes of autism and develop evidence-based treatments. And they’re really good at leveraging small grants to young, driven researchers – even pre-doctoral and doctoralstudents – to explore promising new ideas.  Their work is very exciting and I’m happy to do my part to help.
So please gather up your change and donate $1 today.  Then be sure to SHARE the news with all your friends on Facebook, Twitter and through email so we can get even
more support for ASF’s work.  You can only donate TODAY so be sure to help me get the message out.  Giving a little change in our pockets is like giving hope of big changes in autism research so be sure to visit now.

Use These Updates to Help Spread the Word

Facebook Update: I just gave $1 to support the Autism Science Foundation on!
You can only donate today so please join me in giving a little change in your pockets for the hope of big changes for autism research! (Help spread the hope by reposting this
to your Facebook status after you donate)
Twitter Update: I just gave $1 to @AutismScienceFd featured on @philanthropr.  Pls donate (today only!) & help fund autism research
Email Update: I just gave $1 to support the Autism Science Foundation on! Please join me! You can only donate today, so please take a moment and give a little hope to help fund autism research!

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