What Makes an Immunization Champion?
May 02, 2011

This past weekend concluded National Infant Immunization Week (NIIW), during which time various events have been held, both across the country and throughout the world, to educate people about the importance of immunizing children.   There was also a great effort to reach out directly to parents, to answer their immunization questions and provide vaccinations to those in need.
To mark the occasion, Every Child By Two Executive Director, Amy Pisani, was  invited to participate in an NBC interview to further spread the message about NIIW.  This interview, offered for national syndication through NBC local affiliates, was one small way we see vaccine advocates out on the front lines.
However, in recognition of NIIW and the continuing efforts we make each day to educate parents, we would like to applaud the many other vaccine advocates that we have come to know.  You won’t see them on a national broadcast.  We may never even know where they live or where they work.  But they are out there.  Over 18,000 supporters on our Vaccinate Your Baby Facebook page.  And many on this very blog.  All working to dispel the dangerous anti-vaccine myths that scare parents into rejecting vaccinations.  Vaccinations that help ensure our public health and the health of our children.
Interestingly enough, since last Friday, we have received over  650 comments on this blog.  I can’t say they were all positive.  In fact, most were not.  However, this is why we applaud our supporters.
Despite a small group of people who have purposely tried to over-run this blog with anti-vaccine sentiment, our supporters have remained firm.  They have received a great deal of criticism, yet it is obvious that our supporters possess a great deal of knowledge and a critical appreciation for scientific reasoning.  They continue to persevere by pointing out the inconsistencies in information and the misrepresentation of the data that is presented by those who oppose vaccines.  They are not enraged with emotion and they do not play to parental fear.  Rather they have continued to challenge people to document reputable sources and cite sound scientific studies.
They are the true immunization champions! 
Unfortunately, for a few who had intended to over-run this blog, their tactics have created their own communication barriers.  Lengthy, duplicate and often repetitive comments received  in quick succession with far too many links, have systematically been identified as spam.  No moderation necessary there.
Please note that at Shot of Prevention, we have always welcomed commentary from all perspectives, as is clearly evident from past posts.  However, in light of the tone that has been demonstrated by a handful of recent commenters, we intend to adhere more strictly to our comment policy.
We appreciate your understanding and continued participation, and we look forward to more robust, yet respectful, conversations.

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