When You Want it "So Bad" it's Good
Mar 11, 2011

Last Friday, I was excited to refer readers to the “Immunize for Good” campaign.  This week there is something else we need “So Bad”; an entertaining way to get people’s attention and educate them about immunizations.  
While I realize that many of our readers may have already seen this video, along with over 14,000 viewers on YouTube, I wanted to add it as a permanent fixture on this blog.  I had received a link to this funny ZDoggMD video via email over a week ago, and I have seen many of our Vaccinate Your Baby Facebook friends discussing it.  It certainly has caught the attention of immunization advocates.  But what would those not as intimately connected with immunizations think of this? 
Well, I decided to find out with a small test group – my own five children.  Since my kids already enjoy watching various song paradoies on YouTube, and they are familiar with the original “Millionare” song, I was curious to see their reactions.   What I didn’t expect was their convictions that we MUST switch doctors.  But yo, who wouldn’t want ZDoggMD to give them their shots and protect them from diseases? 
It was interesting to see what parts made my kids laugh (the ninja, the squirts, and the one-armed pullups).  While my teenager simply chuckled and walked away,I later heard her singing the jingle to herself as she rustled through the fridge.  She even poked her head out and declared, “We should make a video like that Mom.” My youngest child, at age five, was quick to declare that “shots make you stronger” in the fight against disease.  I even chuckled when my 12 year old budding scientist asked, “What doctor has time to make a video?” 
While it’s a valid question, I realized how grateful I am that there are doctors out there who recognize the need for education.  If they are willing to take the put this together, then I would venture to guess they are also willing to take time to talk to their patients about the importance of vaccinations.  And what a good thing that is, because if they didn’t, we’d be left with those on the talk show circuit, and sadly they haven’t asked ZDoggMD to appear on Oprah- YET!

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