Immunize Campaign is so "Good" it's Great
Mar 04, 2011

Unfortunately, bad news often overshadows the good.    As recent posts have focused on lawsuits, irresponsible celebrity doctors and measles outbreaks, I thought it might be time to focus on some positive immunization messages.   I’ll admit, this post is extremely overdue.  I have wanted to applaud the fabulous efforts of the Colorado Children’s Immunization Coalition for quite a while.  Their Immunize for Good website has proven to be a valuable resource, and I want to ensure that parents all over the country benefit from the excellent work they have done.  
In acknowledging that “Most Parents Are Doing It“, this site provides reassurance to parents who may be confused by the bombardment of anti-vaccine messaging.  It is clear that their direct, straightforward approach is an effective way to communicate to today’s savvy parents.  The site clearly outlines the importance of immunizations, while also thoroughly addressing common misconceptions about vaccines, how they are made, the way in which they work, their ingredients and the scientific studies that demonstrate their safety.  While there are certainly other sites that do the same, this particular campaign is very authentic, tackling tough concerns in a fresh new way that is both bold and sensitive.  One particular section that I find most helpful is the “Trusted Resources“.  While I had expected this to be a simple list of organizations, I was delighted to see that this section attempts to educate parents on how to identify a “trusted” resource.  Not only are the suggestions here relevant for parents who want to reference credible information, but by outlining specific steps, the suggestion is that parents must learn to decipher the validity of the information that they access online.  
Overall, this site is so much more than “good”.  It’s simply great!  My favorite take-away is this video, entitled The Bathroom Tango.  It highlights the everyday steps parents take to protect their children.  I must admit, I have mastered the bathroom tango myself, and I recall the days when I would do the dance with several children at the same time.  What parent can’t relate to this? 
So whether you live in Colorado or Iowa, Tennessee or Washington, be sure to check out the Immunize For Good website and spread the “good” word.

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