Training Offered To Educate Nurses on Vaccines
Dec 08, 2010

By Christine Vara
There has been quite a bit of commentary lately about mandatory vaccinations for healthcare workers.  Many medical establishments are moving in that direction and for good reason.  Studies indicate that in vaccinating the health care providers there are a host of wide spread benefits. 
Take for instance the fact that health care workers have contact with a large number of people – many who already suffer with health complications.  Then there’s the self-protecting concept that vaccination can help protect health workers from catching the illnesses from the people they treat.  Therefore, vaccination can be effective in preventing the further spread of disease.  It can even help keep providers from missing work (or more importantly, working while they are sick, like some people admittedly do).
I have to say that as a parent I have always just assumed the doctors, nurses and anyone who is in regular contact with patients would automatically assume the responsibility in getting themselves vaccinated.  I realize this is a “lead by example” expectation, but I don’t think that is too much to ask of someone who is expected to promote good health.    
Unfortunately, as with every policy change, those medical institutions that are enforcing mandatory vaccination of their employees are feeling a bit of backlash.  No one wants to be told what to do and more importantly, no one wants to feel as though their rights to personal choice are being over-ruled. 
However, what if we were to take the approach of educating those who initially oppose the policy?  What if we could demonstrate just how logical this would be for any health care worker?  Or what if we were to empower various medical providers with information that help them positively impact vaccinations for our entire community?
In discussing vaccinations with various medical personnel, it is clear that they must often spend a great deal of time addressing vaccination misconceptions from parents.  Parents have questions, fears and doubts.  We witness this almost daily on this blog and on our Vaccinate Your Baby Facebook page.  Which is why it is totally understandable for parents to then  direct these questions towards the nurses who are often tasked with administering the vaccinations. 
Fortunately, there is a new continuing education course being offered by Every Child By Two, the Colorado Foundation for Medical Care and the American Nurses Foundation titled “Bringing Immunity to Every Community.”  They have created a webinar that is designed to address misconceptions that nurses may have about vaccines, as well as to teach vaccine safety and a method to address parent misconceptions.  The course attempts to cover such important topics as:

  • The scientific findings regarding the safety of vaccines.
  •  The systems in place to ensure ongoing safety of vaccines and adverse event reporting requirements.
  •  Commonly expressed concerns over vaccine safety and appropriate responses to alleviate parental reluctance.
  •  Methods to eliminate the spread of vaccine-preventable diseases, such as influenza and pertussis, including vaccination of adults and, in particular, healthcare workers.

This is just one effort being made to offer further education on the subject of vaccines, but one that will hopefully be a great resource to the nurses who participate. Help us to spread the word and let us know your experiences “on the job”.

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12 responses to “Training Offered To Educate Nurses on Vaccines”

  1. You are extremely irresponsible for writing an article promoting the forced vaccination of health care works, babies, etc.
    The eugenics movement via the Rockefeller Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are funding and promoting vaccines as one method to cull the population.
    These people are evil! They believe the world is overpopulated; Vaccines cause infertility, miscarriage (forced abortion), and neurological damage.
    Yet, the propaganda prostitutes, such as yourself, keep promoting vaccines as safe.
    I encourage everyone to do their own research before receiving a death shot.
    Consider the following:

  2. Chris says:

    Mark, science is not decided in courtrooms. Will you please answer my questions: What is Eileen Dannemann’s educational background? Has she ever taken a statistics class?
    I do need to correct this one statement of yours:

    The eugenics movement via the Rockefeller Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are funding and promoting vaccines as one method to cull the population.

    Actually history shows that when more children are able to live to adulthood, then family sizes become smaller. A couple no longer needs to have six children with the hope that two will grow up and provide when they are older.
    Look at some famous people from history. Mary Shelley had at least four children, and only one became an adult. William Shakespeare had at least three, and only one outlived him (and the loss of his son deeply affected him). Mozart had at least six children, and only two lived to adulthood.
    And even in the twentieth century losing children was too common. My grandmother was from a family of five kids, but only three made it to adulthood (one brother died less than a year old, and the other when he was six years old).
    Why do you want us to repeat history?

  3. Michelle says:

    As part of our recent retreat, we discussed why parents and others are not willing to look at the science about vaccines. It really goes to trying to change a belief system that is very strong but not necessarily based on facts. All medicines including vaccines have some risks but you have to weigh the risks vs. benefits. Vaccines are considered by scientists, physicians and others with vast knowledge to be one of the greatest public health measures. We simply do not see most vaccine preventable diseases much in the US so now parents are afraid of the vaccines themselves, rather than the diseases. As mentioned by Chris, I too had an Aunt and Uncle I never met because they died as children from pertussis and diphtheria many years ago. I urge all parents to do their own research looking at the science, rather than misinformation that is so prevalent.

  4. Soap Box says:

    You come close with that needle to anyone in my family and you’ll loose some blood.

  5. Lizz says:

    Seriously. I am a mother of an 8 month old that I refuse to vaccinate. She is a pillar of health. Compared to ALL the children I see on the regular that have been vaccinated she is much more vibrant and healthy. To claim Parents such as myself have not done my research is complete garbage. I also have a pediatrician completely backing my decisions.
    Putting an article like this out is ridiculous. Where is your proof that vaccines do more harm than good? Where is the proof that if a dr or nurse gets a flu vaccine they come to work sick and they can’t pass it to me or my child?
    I out mine and my child’s health to the test everyday. I am in play groups, colleges, restaurants, hospitals, stores, malls, car pools. Not once has me or my child gotten any illness or sickness from anyone. The one year I did receive a flu shot I got the flu. Have not had one since and wow big shocker have not had the flu.
    I am so certain about the reality of vaccines doing more harm than good I bet my life and my child’s life on it. That being said I have multiple families with children in their 20’s that have traveled all over the world. Countries that are considered to be breeding grounds for disease. These children were never vaccinated and are totally fine and healthy.
    When it is proven time and time again that the whole medical industry is a sham I can not believe you people still have the balls to post this type of writing and still think you are a credible source of info.
    We shall see whose family is still standing in the end!!!!

  6. Jackie says:

    Liz, I couldn’t help but to “laugh” at the FB page, vaccinate your baby because all these parents are discussing the holidays and keeping their “protected” (vaccinated) baby away from all the “germs” and especially their unvaccinated families! If vaccines work so well why are they concerned about it? 2 of my 3 children are vaccinated and 2 of my 3 have much more sickness then the other one, wanna guess which ones are sick? Yep, the vaccinated ones! They can debate the science all day long, but my kids are proof and furthermore you won’t find me sitting at home afraid of getting sick, since ditching the pediatrician years ago we no longer NEED ONE! Imagine that!

  7. Don Hurlbert says:

    Drs. KNOW better than to get vaccinated, your article is a JOKE, How screwed up are we when we have let them convince us , that it’s a good idea to inject all sorts of toxins into our loved one’s bodies, insanity, bypassing our real methods of the immune system. vaccines are a complete sham, the only thing vaccines prevent is good health and quality of life, and money in our pockets. All one has to do is look at our Health Statistics in our country, and quit believing the lies made by the ones who are profiting.

    • Chris says:

      What survey are you using to support your statement: “Drs. KNOW better than to get vaccinated,”? Because this survey seems to disagree:

      Ninety-three percent of the surveyed physicians agree with the current official vaccination recommendations and would apply them to their own children.

      Also, what toxins in the DTaP are worse than the toxins created by the corynebacterium diphtheriae (diphtheria toxin), bacterium bordetella pertussis (pertussis toxin),and clostridium tetani (tetanolysin and tetanospasmin)? Be specific and provide supporting documentation comparing the danger of the toxins, especially since at least one on the list is causing great harm. Thank you.

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