New Tool Helps Parents Keep Up-To-Date with Vaccinations
Aug 18, 2010

Launch Vaccinate Your Baby's new vaccination schedule tool on your computer or smart phone to receive immunization reminders for your child.

By Christine Vara
Unfortunately, one in four US children is not fully immunized.  That may not be because parents choose not to immunize, but rather because some children are not up- to- date on the recommended schedule.  Admittedly, as a parent of five children, it can be difficult to keep track of all the vaccines your child needs at different ages.   Consider that children may receive up to 24 vaccinations to protect them from up to 14 diseases by the time they’re 2 years of age and you can see what a challenge it can be for busy parents to keep it all straight. 
With the introduction of Vaccinate Your Baby’s new schedule tool, this problem has been solved.  You can now launch this new tool to operate right from your computer or smart phone.  The program will automatically generate a customized schedule, based on your child’s birth date, for children up to age 6.  The tool will then send you reminders when it’s time to schedule your child’s next doctor’s appointment.  How cool is that! 

There is also a bookmark and coloring book to download for your children.

So, in honor of National Immunization Awareness Month, please visit the Vaccinate Your Baby website and checkout this new tool today.  
There’s even a handy bookmark and coloring book that you can download for your kids that is full of important information. 
 Let’s face it….not keeping your child up to date with their recommended vaccines is like deciding to secure them in their seat belt halfway through the car ride…risky and dangerous. 
Use these simple tools, suggest them to others and let us know what you think by commenting below.

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