From Infants to Elderly: Immunizations Span a Lifetime
Aug 03, 2010

By Christine Vara
August is National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM) and the intent is to issue a rally cry not only to vaccine advocates, but to the public in general.  The goal is to increase awareness about immunizations across the life span; from infants to the elderly.  Of course, with parents enrolling children in school, students entering college, and healthcare workers preparing for the upcoming flu season, August is the perfect time to be mindful of vaccinations. 
To commemorate National Immunization Awareness Month, Shot of Prevention will be asking our supporters to take some initiative.  We are encouraging you to:
(1)    Be more proactive about sharing vaccine related news, such as the articles posted on, or recommended by, Shot of Prevention.  You can even follow us on Twitter at ShotofPrev. 
(2)    Talk with your doctor and pediatrician to inquire about vaccines and/or boosters you should be getting to protect yourself and others. 
(3)    Suggest your friends visit the Vaccinate Your Baby website to learn more about vaccine safety and effectiveness.
(4)    Encourage others to friend the Vaccinate Your Baby Facebook page so that they will be part of the online vaccine dialogue. 
Shot of Prevention will be working in conjunction with Every Child By Two to sponsor several events on the Vaccinate Your Baby Facebook page this month.  There will be recognition and prizes awarded and we would like to encourage you to help others and get involved.   Let us know how you plan to use NIAM to help the cause.  Share with us in the comment section below.

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