A Comeback for Whooping Cough
Jul 28, 2010

By Christine Vara
NBC News Chief Medical Editor, Dr. Nancy Snyderman, appeared this morning on NBC’s Today Show to discuss the current “comeback” of whooping cough.  As California is now facing the worse epidemic in 50 years, other states are also seeing an increase in infection and the numbers are expected to climb over the next few months.  Dr. Snyderman explains that we are witnessing a  tipping point that is contributing to the return of diseases like whooping cough and measles, and that can be attributed to a growing number of children who remain purposely unvaccinated.  Check out the video segment to hear Dr. Snyderman’s explanation of how individual’s are trumping the needs of the general populous by opting out of vaccinations.  She also explains how you can protect yourself, and the children in your life, by ensuring your family (adults and children alike) are keeping up with your vaccinations.

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