Week in Review: Pertussis cases in California
Jun 29, 2010

By Amy Pisani
The recent conference call hosted by Every Child By Two about preventing the spread of pertussis couldn’t have come at a better time.  Joined by Dr. Ari Brown, a pediatrician and author based in Austin, TX, and Danielle Romaguera, the mother of a child who lost her life to pertussis, we were able to have a pretty passionate discussion with some of the smartest child health advocates and bloggers that we know.  Recent cases of pertussis in California are further evidence that this disease presents a significant threat to children across our country.  It remains extremely important that parents understand ALL of the options at hand to protect their children–and themselves–from preventable diseases, like pertussis, that embody major risks to public health.  Recent articles that may interest you include:

  • “San Mateo County officials work to stem whooping cough,” San Jose Mercury News


  • “Vaccination role unclear in whooping cough outbreak,” CNN


  • “State’s whooping cough surge may be tied to lagging immunization rate,” Los Angeles Times


  • “Health Buzz: Whooping cough epidemic strikes California,” U.S. News & World Report

If you have thoughts on any of these articles, please leave us a comment.

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