Honoring Our Advocate Mothers on Mother's Day
May 07, 2010

By Christine Vara
As we prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend, mothers around the nation will be honored by their children.   Some will receive flowers; some breakfast in bed.  Some will treasure a handprint on a card or a homemade crafted flower pot.  However, the gift most treasured of all will be the gift of love and life – the gift of having a child and becoming a mother.
What amazes me the most about becoming a mother is the abundance of love that you feel for your child from the moment of birth.  It is immeasurable.  Indescribable.  And so remarkably powerful.  A mother wants nothing more than peace, health and happiness for their child – which is why it is so unimaginable for a mother to have to watch their child suffer from, and sometimes even lose their life to, vaccine preventable diseases.
This is the reality for Belinda Duvall, Katie Van Tornhout, Brendalee Flint, Frankie Milley, Denise Palmer, Danielle Romaguera and countless others.  Each of these mothers has a very different story to tell.  Yet, each of their stories involves pain, suffering and tragedy.
Fortunately, these mothers, as well as the Vaccinate Your Baby spokeswoman Amanda Peet, have the strength and courage to speak out to help educate others and spread the word that vaccines can save lives.  In honoring these special mothers, I hope you will take some time to read their stories here and express your gratitude in comments below.  Their actions will help prevent further loss and suffering and we want them to know how much we appreciate all that they do as mothers and advocates for vaccines.

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