Watch Out, Southeast! H1N1 Is Back.
Apr 06, 2010

By Amy Pisani
H1N1 is back in the news as the Southeast is again reporting cases.  It seems no coincidence that the states reporting the lowest vaccination rates against H1N1 (Georgia only reported a 21% vaccination rate) are now suffering from outbreaks once again (yes I know it is also likely due to weather patterns, but it is shameful that the people who live in the Centers for Disease Control’s home state take diseases the least serious!). New England reported the highest rates of vaccination, with Rhode Island at the top of the pack (39% of the population was immunized), while the South reports the lowest coverage. 
Vaccines remain unused and will be destroyed if they reach their expiration dates.  With that in mind it would seem prudent to get vaccinated if you haven’t done so yet. While next year’s seasonal flu vaccine will include the H1N1 strain, it seems the virus does not plan to stay on the vaccine development timeline!
On a lighter note, here is a video whose humor truly gets to the point.  I’m voting it the best H1N1 video of the year!

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