Washington Post on H1N1: Experts Say Pandemic Strain Could Reemerge
Feb 23, 2010

By Amy Pisani
It seems like we’ve been hearing less about H1N1 recently, but it’s important to be mindful of the uncertainty of this virus, and to continue to protect ourselves through vaccination. Experts are not willing to close the book on H1N1 just yet. According to today’s Washington Post, “Influenza transmission waxes and wanes, and outbreaks of novel pandemic strains occur in particularly unpredictable waves that depend on such variables as human behavior, atmospheric conditions and even competition from other microbes. That places them among the bigger mysteries of epidemiology, the science of disease outbreaks.”
 The Posts David Brown explains that, The ‘Spanish flu’ of 1918 had four waves of greatly differing deadliness, spread over two years. The “Asian flu” of 1957, like the current H1N1 strain, had a late-spring and a fall wave — followed by a third in late winter of 1958. It then took a year off before peaking again in 1960. The ‘Hong Kong flu’ of 1968 had more than a year hiatus between its two waves, with the second infecting nearly as many people as the first.”
Read the full article, here.

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  1. Parent says:

    H1N1 is a man made virus just as bird flu is. In 2009 ochester Unicersity was experimenting with the bird flu, payin students a hundred dollars to allow them to inject them with the virus. The vaccine killed more children than the actual illness did, if you bothered to visit the sites of each states health department you could do the numbers your self.Vaers had over and still has some 200 deaths per month caused by the vaccine NOT the illness. This is what you called forced killing. Please continue to vaccinate ypur child, cause God forbid your child dies, theres room for one more child. FOOL

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