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Vaccine Exemptions Worry Minnesotans

By Amy Pisani

ECBT Spokesperson Brendalee Flint, whose daughter Julieanna contacted Hib during the 2008 outbreak in Minnesota was featured in a story by the Minnesota Pioneer Press regarding a study of 1,631 children conducted by local health officials and presented to the CDC last week. While the children tested in 2009 did not exhibit traces of Hib bacteria, officials were alarmed that 5 percent of the parents involved in the study had concerns about vaccines.  Eight percent of the families had not vaccinated their children using the CDC Recommended Immunization Schedule.  Two additional cases of Hib meningitis were reported in young children in 2009 and there is a fear that rising anti-vaccine sentiment may be weakening the community’s defense against diseases.  Brendalee, who is an outspoken advocate for vaccines after witnessing Julieanna’s suffering states “I’m totally open to listening to people — whatever choices they’re making” about refusing vaccines, she said, “but I also let them know, ‘I’m sorry, then your kids can’t play with my kids.’ “To read the full story click  here.

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