USA Today Features Article About Celebrities Who Cross The Line With Their Medical Advice
Dec 23, 2009

Jennifer Zavolinsky
The December 22 edition of USA Today featured the article, “Are Celebrities Crossing the Line on Medical Advice?”  It discusses the celebrities who share personal medical stories  with the public and the concerns that many doctors have about those stars, such as Jenny McCarthy and Suzanne Somers, who promote questionable and/or dangerous medical advice.  The article contains information about Every Child By Two (ECBT) and its Vaccinate Your Baby campaign spokesperson Amanda Peet, and also includes quotes from ECBT’s Amy Pisani, CHOP’s Dr. Paul Offit and NNII’s Dr. Martin Myers.
Following is an excerpt from the online version of the article –  Doctors and public health groups say they struggle over the best way to respond to celebrity claims.  At Every Child By Two, an immunization campaign co-founded by former first lady Rosalynn Carter, board members were initially inclined to ignore celebrities who question vaccine safety, says executive director Amy Pisani. Now, the group spends 80% of its time explaining why vaccines are still critical.  “We were poised to start working in Africa,” Pisani says. “But we were forced to pull back just to re-educate people here in the United States.”
Check out the full article on the USA Today website by clicking here.

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