Second Dose of H1N1 Vaccine for Children Below Age Ten Should Not Be Missed
Dec 16, 2009

By Amy Pisani
Several batches of Sanofi Pasteur’s H1N1 vaccines have been voluntarily recalled after post delivery testing of the vaccines by the manufacturer revealed that they were less potent than the pre-specified limit.  These vaccines were distributed in pre-filled syringes and distributed to providers nationwide.  According to officials at the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the potency of these vaccines are high enough to stimulate an effective immune response to the virus.  Children below the age of ten must receive two doses of the H1N1 vaccine to be fully protected.  It is of utmost importance that all children receive the second dose, particularly those who may have received the batches in question.  Follow this link to learn more here.
 To learn more about H1N1 and seasonal influenza, check out the Vaccinate Your Baby flu page.

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