SELF Magazine Features Vaccinate Your Baby Spokesperson Amanda Peet
Nov 20, 2009

By Amy Pisani
Every Child By Two Spokeswoman Actress Amanda Peet is featured on the cover of this month’s Self Magazine including a story on her work with Every Child By Two and the Measles Initiative. Pick up a copy of the magazine at your newsstand today to read her full story.
Below is an excerpt from the online version – On her work with Every Child By Two (a nonprofit group that wants all kids vaccinated by age 2), the Measles Initiative, and standing up for how important it is that children be vaccinated, which Jenny McCarthy and groups like Autism United have reacted to strongly. “This is about children’s health. This is about the future of our children’s health. It’s about what happens when you become complacent and you’re not vigilant as a community. It’s about the fact that I don’t think parents feel like they’re part of a community anymore. We all have to make this barricade together and if anybody drops hands, it’s like…I always think of it as a door opening. With polio, they were able to eradicate it in this country, but if the door opens even just a little bit, our children are at risk and we are at risk.”
 Check out SELF’s exclusive behind the scenes info with Amanda Peet here.
ECBT is also highlighted in Self’s online site under the “Charities We Like” section here




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