H1N1 Vaccine: No “Golden Ticket”
Nov 10, 2009

By Amy Pisani
It’s early November and I’m no closer to attaining H1N1 vaccine for my nine year old. My pediatrician has basically given up and suggested I get my kids on the waiting list for the local health department for our five year old’s second shot and for both shots for our nine year old. It reminds me of the scenes in Willy Wonka as mass hysteria ensued worldwide to find those golden tickets. There was the rich girl, Veruca Salt whose dad ordered all the peanut shelling girls to tear through cases of chocolate Wonka bars and then there was the South American who tried to defraud everyone with a fake ticket. If only there was the potential of a tour of the mystical vaccine factory offered to eight lucky people who find the golden H1N1 vaccine! And, have you noticed that everywhere you go you hear the word vaccines now? Who would have thought that the boring issue of vaccines would be the subject of the news on a daily basis? It’s the conversation on the soccer fields, the hockey rinks, the grocery store..I’m not exaggerating. Literally every time I hear the word “vaccines,” my ears prick up like a dog wondering if it’s time for me to but in with my spiel about the importance of vaccinating.
Even Saturday Night Live had two hilarious skits on H1N1 this weekend. One was a spoof on “The View” that nearly had me pee my pants and the other was on the issue of Wall Street attaining H1N1 vaccine in front of pregnant women and babies. Amy Poehler came back to the show for the “Really??” segment on SNL’s Weekend Update with Seth Myers. Amy declares that Goldman Sachs might have noticed that they had a little public relations problem before they jumped in line for the vaccine. You gotta see this.

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