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60 Minutes Gives First-Ever Glimpse of the H1N1 Vaccine Production Plant

By Amy Pisani

Yesterday, CBS’ 60 Minutes gave us a peek into the United States’ only H1N1 flu vaccine production facility in Swiftwater, Pennsylvania – allowing the public to see for the first time where and how the vaccine is made.  It’s a very fascinating video and I highly recommend watching it. It really sheds light on why there have been such long lines in areas around the country in which the demand for H1N1 vaccine outpaces the supply. The complex and rigorous manufacturing process, testing and quality control should instill some confidence in people, and will hopefully help them understand why these vaccines take so long to produce. 

Still, it’s important for folks to be patient. The good news is that the CDC is reporting that more H1N1 vaccine doses are becoming available every day and over the next several weeks the vaccine should be easier to find. I think that this piece does a great job of showing that while there are some bumps in the road in terms of supply issues, it’s worth the wait for those who are at the highest risk of flu complications, and that unfortunately includes young people.  CBS  reported on 15 year old Luke Duvall who almost lost his life to H1N1 this October. Luke was hooked up to a ventilator, of which he is now rid of, but he is still being fed through a tube in his nose and has a long way to go before he is back to his old self. While most people can recover from the flu after a week or so, why would you risk you or your child being the exception?

Take a few minutes and check out the video here: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2009/10/29/60minutes/main5451803.shtml?tag=contentMain;cbsCarousel

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