A Mother’s Trials and Tribulations With Flu
Oct 28, 2009

By Amy Pisani
I just read a good friend’s personal story  on how she practically knocked over an old lady in a walker (of course I exaggerate) to get into an elevator that would bring her closer to the maze of offices where her youngest daughter could get her H1N1 vaccine.  Why the urgency?  She has seen the bad side of vaccine preventable diseases in her line of work as director of Parents of Kids with Infectious Diseases (known to us vaccine advocate geeks as PKIDs).  To make her passion greater, her oldest contracted our latest virus invader…H1N1…and suffer she did! 
I could feel my friend’s anxiety as a mom who recently got her four year old the H1N1 and seasonal vaccines (yes, he turned five six days later and they were considering not prioritizing him, until I made it clear he was four years old, not five as he kept insisting!).  Now I am patiently waiting in the line for the recommendations to open up so that my nine year old can be protected too. I know he is no longer in the priority group, but after watching him suffer hospitalization as an infant from regular flu, I won’t rest until he gets his two sniffs of H1N1 too.  Yes, he did get his seasonal already (thank goodness)…and as we waited in the doctor’s office the receptionist came out with her printed sign “sorry, we are out of influenza vaccine supply, please call the office next week for an appointment”…next week has come and gone and they still don’t have any vaccine and the priority groups are still the very young.
Read the full post at PKIDs and please share your own stories about getting the H1N1 vaccine by posting a comment, below.

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