Welcome to Shot of Prevention from Danielle Romaguera
Oct 20, 2009

By Danielle Romaguera
Hello and welcome to Shot of Prevention! As co-editor, I am very excited to be launching this blog, and am looking forward to the conversations we will be having.  I hope that by having these important discussions that more parents can engage with doctors, nurses and other parents to learn the facts about vaccines and make informed decisions to help protect the life of their child and the lives of many other children.
Today parents have so many decisions to make, and I hope that through this blog, the decision about vaccinating themselves and their children can be made easier for them.  My daughter Brie had not yet reached the age to be vaccinated for pertussis (whooping cough).  Because she was exposed to the disease before she could be vaccinated, it ultimately took her life when she was just 52 days old.  I wish that I had had the opportunity to make the decision to protect Brie and have already informed friends and family that only those who have themselves been vaccinated for influenza and pertussis may visit our pending precious newborn.  I take heart in knowing that I have the opportunity to facilitate the important discussions about vaccines with others through Shot of Prevention.

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0 responses to “Welcome to Shot of Prevention from Danielle Romaguera”

  1. Thanks so much for speaking out for vaccines in this format. I am a pediatrician who routinely advises new moms and dads to get all the teens and adults in their families immunized with Tdap if they haven’t already been immunized, but I wish there were some way to get more obstetricians to incorporate this vaccine into the pregnancy-planning visits an to encourage everyone besides mom to get it during the pregnancy. we do offer it at the birthing hospital to the moms, at least.

  2. Heather says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter, but I want to thank you for creating this blog. I actually know two moms in my playgroup that won’t vaccinate their kids. It is scary, not only that their kids might get some horrible disease, but that it also puts my (vaccinated) kid at risk.

  3. Danielle Romaguera says:

    Thanks for all of your support and comments. Heather that is the biggest fight I think many of us have as moms. I still have a few friends that refuse to vaccinate their children, even after they saw how our daughter suffered. Many of them have the stance that it is their child and their choice. My response to that is that when your choices affect the health and life of my child it becomes my concern. Good luck with that.

  4. Momx2 says:

    Danielle, I don’t vaccinate my son because of family history of vaccine injury. However, I am so sorry for your loss and completely understand your position. I applaud you for getting involved. I wanted you to know that I it is heartbreaking to read your story. My aunt and uncle lost their youngest boy to the MMR vaccine when Jeremy died suddenly after the shot…and it was heart-wrenching to bury a child. I was young, but I remember my mother and the family being destroyed by the loss and the pain remains raw. There are no words, but I wanted you to know I am heartbroken to hear your story.

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