From Avoiding Vaccines to Getting A Child Caught Up: Where To Start?
Jun 05, 2014

people-217251_640We often receive personal inquiries about immunizations, especially on our Vaccinate Your Family Facebook page. While people realize that it’s best to seek the advice of a licensed medical professional, and we always encourage them to do so, many parents also appreciate hearing from others who may have some relevant insight.  It helps to know that our parental concerns are reasonable and that others have successfully overcome the same obstacles that we are facing.

In the case of one particular family, their immunization questions center around a major shift in their philosophy.  They once actively avoided vaccinations, but have now decided to get their two young children caught up on the recommended vaccines.  However, they are overwhelmed by all the considerations this will require.

While there is a catch-up schedule designed to bring unvaccinated children up-to-date, they wonder if their plan should consider the fact that there are disease outbreaks in various parts of the country and they also have a new baby on the way.  Until their doctor is able to provide more specific guidance, they’ve reached out to our immunization community for words of wisdom, understanding and encouragement.

Please note that they are not looking to be convinced whether they should, or shouldn’t, vaccinate.  Rather, they’re looking for intelligent insight into how they should best get their children caught up.

Their inquiry reads as follows:

Hello!! I need some advice, and I’ve been following your page.

My husband and I have two children (age 5 and 3), and a baby on the way (due in November). We’ve navigated the vaccine controversy for 5 years, surrounded by a great many anti-vaccine families, and have actively avoided vaccinations due to an intense fear of side effects, and through everything have tried to keep an open mind. We’ve come to the decision (finally) that we are going to vaccinate. Better late than never.

I know our oldest has passed the age where certain vaccinations would have been administered. Our son is still young enough to get on track to a normal schedule. When asking our Family Physician which vaccinations are most important, his response was “all of them”, which may be the case, however I need help understanding what I should start with. Coming off of our vaccination phobia, we would be most comfortable spacing out the shots. What would be the very best to begin with, knowing that we have a baby on the way? Chicken Pox? MMR?

You have some very knowledgeable readers, and if at ALL possible, please understand that this has been a difficult path for us, and I’m eager for intelligent comments, not judgment or nastiness. Thanks SO much!!

If you have immunization-related questions of your own that you would like us to consider sharing for discussion in future blog posts, please explain your concerns via email to

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  1. I like your suggestion to teach our child how vaccinations help others so they have a reason to endure the pain. I want to find a pediatric care clinic in my area where I can start taking my son for vaccinations for peace of mind about his health. Thanks for teaching me these helpful tips and tricks for having a good conversation with my son about vaccinations.

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